Thursday, October 15, 2009

My perfect companion

Today, yet again, I spent some considerable time admiring him. He is my current favorite; for about 1.5 years or so. I could say I am obsessed with him. He is always there for me, when everyone else have abandoned me. He never lets me down. When all hell breaks loose, he is there lending his support, with patience; confident that I will go to him ultimately. And then, he caresses me, making me so comfortable, my most perfect companion.

Prior to that, my favorite was a different hunk. I let go of him when I found my latest one. You know, this guy was dashing, the old one lost his charm. Obviously, I am no saint!!! So I ditched the old one and went along with this new dude. He was cool, fresh and interesting.

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He is my ever perfect, ever fitting pair of denim trousers. :-P :-D

I have mentioned about it a couple of times earlier in my posts. Mostly in tags with question - what are you wearing. Whats special about this chap? To begin with, I have about 2 dozens of denim pants or Jeans as we call it. But each time, my heart and my soul goes to this one particular piece that I bought for a steal.

A pair of well fitted jeans is the most comfortable, ever ready, piece of clothing. You team it up with a sober shirt and you are ready to go to work, compliment it with a flashy top, you are all set to rock at the party!!

Somehow, it seems to be the most worn apparel anywhere in the world; now with work place accepting them without any hoopla. Why not? Its so convenient, fit for all climatic conditions, goes boom if accessorized well at work or at party. And what more? It comes in all shapes and sizes, to fit people of all shapes and sizes. Its a "in" thing even if its faded, worn out, unwashed for ages!! Aaah..its so versatile.

Ask anyone - "what are you comfortable in?" Most would say "My pair of jeans".

I have worn them since I was a child. Then it was just a pair of them, with elastics at the hip; ill fitting. It didn't matter then. But as I grew, I got to know what sort must be worn and what not. If not chosen a proper one, they can make you look funnier than a clown. What with the companies now designing them for all types and all kinds. So if you are broad at the hip and want to camouflage it, you have the fit for that. If you are tall and skinny, you have the carrot stick leg type, the list is endless. So one need not fret and fume that you cant get a fitting pair to suit your looks, its all there. So each one can find a pair for ourselves as if they were designed with us having in mind.

Yeah! coming back to my favorite pair currently. Its a stone cold wash skinny ultra low hip pair of jeans. Its soft, and sticks to the skin, giving a feeling as if it doesn't exist. Even though its skinny, its so comfortable, well fitted at the waist. Pair it up with a nice top, its as elegant as it gets. No skin, no vulgarity, just sheer elegance, pure comfort and audacity. That's why I just adore it.

I picked it up one day in a mall, at about 9:30 PM, when the store was about to be closed, and all lights already switched off. I just ran to the shelf which I knew had my size, groped one of them and pulled it out; hurriedly went to the fitting room, tried it on and it felt comfortable, and I bought it without much thought. This was very different of me; because I do spend considerable time in picking up a denim trouser as I am hell bent on fitting and perfection. But somehow, I didn't give much thought to this particular piece and I was confident about it. Well boy!! he never let me down, did he?

Its been about 1.5 years now, each passing day, I feel more comfortable with this pair. And more often, I find myself snugging in into this pair of favorites. So much so that, the other 2 dozen pairs that I have feel unwanted, considering each one's far more expensive than this. I wear them extensively, to office, to movies, to see off a friend, at home......

Oh yeah! at least one of you who have been reading the post attentively might ask "If you cant live without this pair, why did you ditch the older one?" I am entitled to answer. I was as obsessed with that as I am obsessed with this. But somehow as days go by, the perfect fit becomes the perfect misfit. You don't find it snazzy anymore, you start looking sloppy; that's the time to ditch your sweetheart and find a new one!!!


Oh yeah!! Happy and a Prosperous Diwali to you all :-)


  1. ah I exactly know what u mean...I also wanna share my story about my denim...I have this levis denim...I bought it few months usual, ran short of denims, went to a mall, n gotta know it was the first day of sale...tried this one, amazing fit, very comfortable and 1899 denim pe flat 50% I bought few more tops alongwith :P

    my friend also bought a similar fit different colour denim...we go to the billing counter, pay the money, though we are surprised as we paid less money...nevertheless, due to the long queue we didn't recheck and left that my friend checked the bill few days later for some reason, and the denim price there was 475/-

    of course some billing mistake, but i am gonna treasure this pair for my entire life, a levis for 475? wow :D :D :D

  2. Denim is everbody's fav...initially when i started reading your post...i was like huh? u got bored of him and blah, was only after u revealed who the identity of 'he' that I started laughing like anything.

    @neha...levis@ 475...WOW...I hope I witness something similar soon ;-)

  3. Nice post. I am glad you are able to get a “pefect fit” every time. It proves you are in perfect shape. I can speak for men’s jeans only. It is not always easy to find a perfect men’s pair of jeans. We have to make sure legs and waist areas are not too tight. Make sure it looks good on all angles (including from behind). Oh one more thing. Men’s jeans tend to shrink. So, when buying, we have to make sure not to buy a perfect length…a little longer length is fine. Make sure the color of the jeans and shoes matches.

  4. hii

    ya i too have a pair of blue denims (marks& spencers)...and thats one of my fav piece of clothing. it fits so beautifully yaar! its old and worn out and i love love wearing it but these days i have gained a few kilos so my dearest jeans is kept in my closet :P

  5. 475/- for a pair of Levis?? Oh my god, thats a steal Neha. You should treasure this denim at least for this reason :-)

  6. Hahahahaha Gayathri, were you in for a shock? I wonder what you were thinking about me when you read those lines :-P

    I wanted a twist in my narration, hence...

  7. Hi SG,

    Thanks for your comments. Its the same with a Ladies Jeans too, the length, the waist fit...if its loose, it would be does require a special knack to choose a fitting pair :-)

  8. Hi AS,

    Worn out and loose jeans are further an in thing. I hope you lose some weight so that the jeans fits you :-)

  9. I was sitting on the edge of my chair at the beginning of the blog. Though I was eagerly waiting for a twist in the narrative, I was wishing the suspense continued as long as possible. Laughed out Loud!

    Interesting that you make Jeans masculine. Are they masculine or feminine?

    Jeans surely are so versatile. I miss some of my pairs I have back home. I am going through a stage in my life when I am don't have a perfect fitted jeans. The average price I would shell out for jeans would be Rs 600. And I find this average hiked up due to that Rs. 1500 Armani Rajesh forced me to buy. I am currently using that along with a couple of other decent ones. Though I get ooohs, aaahs, and wows for the fit and brand name, etc., I don't like the fact that there are three wide spaced buttons in a place where there should have been a zip. :-p But that is ok, as long as they serve their basic purpose, I am fine with them.

  10. Jeans are feminine.. I have very valid reasons though I would not like to share them here.. you know why! :P

    Have an awesome diwali!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. great you found perfect fit.
    happy diwali.

  13. ah, we checked the bill quite late...otherwise I would have treasured around 10 of them :P

    @ gayathri vishvanathan, I will pray for u... :D

  14. Hey Gautam,

    You wanted the suspense to continue for some more time? Hmm...maybe you read the lines too fast :-)

    I made only this particular pair masculine. Anything that cuddles up and caresses me and the one that I adore would be transformed to masculine, I am straight :-P

    Coming to your jeans story, 1500 Rs for an Armani is a nominal rate. My jeans are all on average 3500-4000 Rs :-)

    Rajesh has chosen an ultra fashionable pair for you, such fly which has no zip but only buttons - button fly; is the in thing in male jeans :-)

  15. Hey Abhi,

    For you, jeans are feminine, for me they are masculine. Ohh..that's sad that you cant share the reasons, but a couple of them wont do any harm :-)

    Thank you, wish you a great diwali too :-)

  16. Thank you sm. Happy Diwali to you too

  17. Neha,

    Hehehehe, mistakes just happens once :-P

  18. Heya ... thats some steal u've got for yourself !!

    Its so true to have one pair of jeans that fits you no matter what are u teaming it up with and how many years its been. Have a pair my self and i feel at ease with that!!

    abstractly written.. with a nice twist at the end!! .. witty construction.. all in all a kool piece!! very different and innovative!! this one is a sure zipper!!

    well done buddy!!!

    P.S: Happy Diwali to you and to all others!! have a safe one!!

    P.P.S : If you are thinking about my next post - I'm in the process!! Just trying to get out of my writer's block! - Bear with me !!


  19. was wondering...whaaa? then i realised indeed!! i stil hav my companion..but unfortunately maranthutu UK vanthuten:(...its waiting safely back home!Happy diwali

  20. You pay almost $90.00 for jeans in India? You must be very very rich. Is this the average price of jeans in India? Or, do you always go for a high society fashion jeans. Here a fashionable jeans would cost anywhere between $29.99 to $59.99. Sometimes they go on sale. Of course, there are jeans that cost more than $400 but that is not for ordinary common folks.

  21. Yea,Jeans is the most versatile and comfortable clothing in this planet:-)

  22. Hey Rammy,

    Thanks much for your comments :-) Glad you enjoyed reading it. Yeah, wanted to have a twist :D

    Hope you had a great Diwali!! Yeah waiting for your next post. Soon!! :-)

  23. Hi Hary,

    :-) They are truly your companion isn't it? Leaving your favorite pair back is the saddest thing that can happen!

  24. Hi SG,

    I am not rich :-) But I am very particular about my jeans. A very comfortable cotton, well fitted jeans does cost around 70-90$ here. Its all about comfort and feeling good factor.

    I would rather buy 1 pair of such jeans than buy 2-3 pairs of jeans costing 20-30$ and then crib later about the fitting especially :)

  25. Hi Novice Writer,

    Hehehehe. thanks for being with me :-) They are sure so versatile

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