Monday, November 16, 2009


2 days of being at home on a weekend makes one lethargic. And if pretty obnoxious event accompanies it; its blunder all the way.

Having slept late the previous day after much frowning and fuming; an angel out of the blue wakes up just on time on a Monday morning. You notice that you have turned off the alarm!! Darn you!! But when? how? why? Awww, final thing is that your alarm was turned off instead of snoozing. Yeah, last night being a colder one; and you had your fan at high and was lazy enough to not get up in between your sleep to slow the speed!!

Anyways, waking up just on time, and as you sleepily grope the cot to walk towards the bathroom, your little finger of your foot hits the corner of the cot; oohhhhhh the pain just propagates harshly aggravated by the cold temperature.
You curse the cot and move forward only to stumble on the door mat and hurt your toe a tad too fast.

Finally reach the bathroom and feel that the tap is flowing out air!! Curse again!! Agonize yourself and switch on the motor. The geyser has some water; and as you thank heaven silently; you realise you were a bit too fast; thanks followed too quickly by another curse; the water is way too hot than normal; burn your fingers.

Fling the clothes around as you don't find what you are looking for; in a hurry, use the iron and feel the hot iron too close to your thighs. A burn mark; but no time for the darn burn mark; scamper around for your pair of trousers. As you dance around trying to push your legs into that skinny thing; you knock off the perfume bottle.

Curse yourself for breaking up a bottle of expensive perfume, half -clothed; run around to clean up the mess; assemble the glass pieces and one of them cuts your finger. Awwww what more? Clean up the mess and mop the place dry. Put on your trousers finally.

And you realize you had the milk on the stove; which now has oozed out of the vessel and the kitchen slab is a mess. Lift up the hot pan and throw it into the sink, half clean the mess and leave home for work. Walking a few steps; you doubt if you have switched off the iron box. Run back and confirm everything is switched off and is in place.

Hire an auto rickshaw and on the way; the auto breaks down; in a desolated place. Wait for few minutes before you can hire another auto. Go to work well past morning breakfast time. At least opt for a beverage and you find the vending machine is under maintenance. Too lazy to walk to some other floor for the coffee; get back to start your work. Few analysis here and there and you realize that all the efforts that were put on weekend is all shoddy waste as you have picked up invalid piece of code for your work. Everything invalidated.

And when your friend comes online and expresses the disappointment over not responding well. "Kabhi dekhoon kam pe lage rahti ho!! Tumhare dost ko bhool gaye ho!! Badal gayi ho tum!!"
By the time you respond, the friend goes offline.

All hungry; go for an early lunch and find the food unpalatable. All you can do is

Sulk!! :-(
Sulk!! :-(
Sulk!! :-(

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  1. sulkignia...

    SG inspired me to give u a new name at the given opportunity each time, so blame him for this name ok, and not me :P

    my my, such a bad day, completely opposite to the day I had...I was all happy happy and you were all sad sad...I won't say - don't worry my friend, i am there, as I don't wanna add another misery to your already pathetic day...

    tc girl, bad time is gotta end :)

  2. dont tell me all that happened to you really!!?? and all in one day?? oh you poor thing... tell you what, go treat yourself to a splendid dinner with friends to make it all up...

  3. i gues u r sufferng frm monday blues, reds, greens, yellows etc etc...even i had to literally drag myself to work

  4. I hate Murphy too! He made sure i didn't sleep one afternoon:)
    Nicely written. A blog post is a nice vent eh

  5. yeah..all mornings be it a Monday or a Tuesday are always complicated..I mean, things would have been so much easier if you had slept till noon ...

  6. hate to hav a day like this! aiyo pavam!

  7. You knocked off a perfume bottle?!!
    Ooohhh! You must have felt sick to your stomach.
    But nicely expressed. :-)

  8. Natural flow of words saying hello to the alphabets of randomness, responses and reactions.

  9. Nice post. But really you did not have a bad day. You are having a bad day only when you put both contacts in the same eye.

    Did your friend just go offline suddenly? When you are having a bad day, please don't it out on someone you like. ha ha ha.

  10. oh my dear. poor you...
    hope you get back to form soon. :-(

  11. Hahahaha...Neha, what a name!!! :-D
    Yeah my day yesterday was totally opposite to yours. But glad its over :-D

  12. Hi Tanmaya,

    Yes it did :-( But the second half was fine. After conking off a little more; I thought the best was to stay idle. So sat idle at office and went home and finished some work. :-)

  13. Hi Gayathri,

    Oh yeah, I seem to have suffered from green, blue,red, yellows of Monday. But instead of a rainbow, it was a mess.
    that's why I slept as much as I wanted today :-D

  14. Kish,

    Murphy, hope I could get my hands on him!!
    Post was indeed a nice way to vent out

  15. Hi Rohit,

    Exactly; with this cold weather.
    I did sleep extra hour today :-) and I am fine!!!

  16. Hary,

    It does occur sometimes like these

  17. Yes Karthik, darn!!
    It was my favorite and very expensive - 4500/- :-( :-(

  18. Hi Mahesh,

    Welcome to B Log. Glad you liked my write up. Keep visiting!!

  19. Hi SG,

    Yes, it was a pathetic first half. During such days, I feel better if I am left alone. And I am fine now

  20. Hey Gautam,

    Long time no see. come sometimes on chat. Whats keeping you so busy these days?
    Thanks dear, I am fine now. :-)

  21. Thanks Insignia. There is a simple solution. You think you are better if you are left alone? There is a saying that if you tell about your happiness to others your happiness will be doubled. If you talk about your depression to your close friend, your depression will be reduced to nothing. Your friend will just listen and not advice or give opinion. Friends are there to help you. So don't be shy. Thanks for listening to my "preaching".

  22. Also, please give me the translation for your Hindi mushaira. I have no idea what mushaira means. Some one told me if somebody tells something unrecognizable, it is called a "mushaira".

  23. Hi SG,

    True. I agree. But I have always solved it myself. Audacity that I can handle it :-)

    My friend is from Ayodhya, UP. He speaks in Awadhi Hindi; though I haven't mentioned his exact words here.

    It means "You are always busy with work. You have forgotten your friend. You have changed".

  24. everything is in mind
    i like the lionking picture.

  25. Hi sm,

    True. Murphy's Law :-)
    I loved that pic too, hence put it up.

  26. hheheheh! nice article, yups! some days go like this, all we do is sulking :P

  27. Hi AS,

    :-D I know, we cant do anything but sulk

  28. "Accident prone kilometre. Drive slow." Insignia getting ready for office on Monday.LOLs

  29. hahahahahaha ! nice comment by holy lama


    what say sis?

  30. The Holy Lama,

    Hahahaha. Thats a nice one. I was zooming past!!

  31. Yeah sista...thats a nice statement

  32. sulkingnia... lol.. basically there are 3 rules..
    1. once bad things start they dont leave you till the day..
    2. once good things start they too dont leave you till the day..
    3.if u are feeling way too damn good.. something has gotta go wrong and vice versa..

  33. How very true Vishnu....
    Thats the way it is!!!

  34. I will burst in laughter if I imagine you..that day ...

    Poor gal...tch tch..hahahhaah

    Koi gal ni yara hota jata hai ...Keep smiling.

  35. Makk,

    It was disastrous and you want to laugh at me!!! How rude :-P


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