Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The I tag :-)

You know how trainings can be boring!! And if its a core technical training; with some theory and lab exercises where you go dig and mutilate the servers, products; its still boring. Especially when you are interested from an engineering point of view, but the scope of the training is only administrative.

OK, what I want to say is. I am in this boring training for 4 full days. I cant sit; I cant laugh; I cant make fun of my colleague cant laugh; cant comment. I am fed up; waiting for the last day; that's tomorrow. You might ask me why am I putting up with it? That's because its a Certification course and my organization has paid 40K for me to get trained; so don't want to waste the org's money!! I am a goody goody girl..:-D

At the end of it all, I would have learnt something new!! Yeah, so to beat the boredom, I shamelessly asked Neha to tag me. That she would a bit later; but asked me to take up a tag for now; but I was told to take up the tag with the letter "I"; instead of the starting letter of my name. what? I shall. So here it is.

1. What is your name: I :-P
2. A four Letter Word: init - (Its the first process in a UNIX system which spawns all other processes). I told ya that I was in a training!!! Can't help!!
3. A boy's Name: Ishant
4. A girl's Name: Ina
5. An occupation: Ichthyology...hmm Investment Banking is lucrative, or is it anymore?
6. A color: Indigo
7. Something you wear: ID badge
8. A food: Ice cream!!!
9. Something found in the bathroom: Instant Facial Masque
10. A place: Iceland
11. A reason for being late: I missed the bus!!
12. Something you shout: Idiot!!!
13. A movie title: Inglorious Bastards
14. Something you drink: Iced Tea
15. A musical group: Iron Maiden
16. An animal: Impala
17. A street name: Infantry Road in Bangalore
18. A type of car: Infiniti
19. Something scary: Ice caps melting in the polar region due to global warming :-(
20. Ice cream flavor: Icing on the Cake by Baskin Robbins...Yummyyy..

PS : A couple of stuffs beginning with 'I' was tough. But I made it!!!...yeeeeaaayyy!!!


  1. that was very well answered I...for you it was really difficult as I being slightly an odd letter for things name mentioned in the tag...7 and 9 are very innovative..damn good ya :))))

  2. no wonder yur status msg always say "in training" immediately i thought oru mokai podalam nu...seri pavam nu i spared yu :D .. anyways , tag kalakal I I i ORE i mayam :)

  3. Interesting Information In Insignia's Inscription.

  4. ennaku innum kooda unga peru theriyadhu.. tag layum maricha enna dan panradhu..
    n iron maiden ah?? i think u had commented tht u dont listen to metal.. lemme chk..
    lol@ inglorious bastards n baskin robbins..

  5. Hi Neha,

    Thanks for saving me from my boredom during training. I just hope my boss doesnt read this post. He wont nominate me for any training henceforth

    I was tough, but it was challenging. I enjoyed raking my brain. And yeah the ID badge one, was tough, very tough. Then I remembered it was so obvious, I do wear my ID at work!!!

    9 was equally tough too. But at last...:-D

  6. Hi Hary,

    In training status is just for show-off. You can always trouble me :-D

  7. Hi SG,

    Innovative Interpretation :-D

  8. Hi Vishnu,

    :-P It was Neha's decision. If she had not insisted on me taking up 'I', I would have revealed my name.

    But I cant break the rules of the tag illa? So that didn't give me a chance to reveal my name. Hope there's an opportunity

    I don't listen to metal much, but I sure do know about Iron Maiden.

    Baskin Robbins is my favorite ice cream hangout and Inglorious Bastards..yeah..seen it?

  9. Hello, Insignia!

    So, finally it was here:

    i LOG


    I'd have taken some time to name an animal with 'i'.

    I think the movie makers have employed a wrong spelling of 'bastards'. Even I've not watched it! :)

    And what a bland tag was this! :P

    Tags should give readers something to gossip heavily about. >:D

    See, how short my comment is, and I'm already fearing the sleepless night I would get ahead because of it. :(

    Anyway, TC.

  10. Hi Ketan,

    :-D As you said, i Log is finally here.
    I need to salute you for your importance to comments. I really mean it. I mean, I really feel so lazy to convert some part of phrase to bold, italic or to give a hyperlink.

    But you do it most times. Kudos.

    Yeah its 'Inglorious Bastards' in the USA and 'Inglourious Basterds' elsewhere. :)

    I know quite some animal name with 'I'- impala, ibex, iguana....

    Your shortest comment I guess :-P My comment seems to be longer than yours. Bland tag yeah? No gossips, thank heavens. I want it that way, I hate gossips.

    Thank you :-) Maybe you might just get hold of some juicy gossips. Watch out

  11. Hi SG,

    I am imbibed in informal informational interchange :-P :-P :-P

  12. Heyyia Gayathri,

    Hehehehe...I I I thank you :)

  13. What an idea sir ji err madam ji so beat the boredom :) By the time I reach the I abt you, I was already laughing and yes those trainings are pathetically boring, if it is only theoretical and there are enough participants, you can sit behind and sleep :)

  14. Hi Mustaf,

    Oh yeah!! It worked out :-D
    Oh there were no enough participants. It was jut 12 members and I had no chance to sleep even with my eyes open!!!!

    But it got over today..Yiieeepppiieee!!

  15. Hi! There's a new post I have done, where I would like your comments.

    Direct Democracy in India: a Possibility? (click)


    Take care.

  16. Good one. Read and passed on my views.

  17. Thats something that all of us wear. The id !


    Thanks for popping in. YOu have a very interesting place here


  18. hehee..I feel ur pain...but hey, here you have proved that boredom is truly sign of unused potential..this was a pretty tough one ..coming to think of it.

  19. Hi Kavi,

    Welcome to B Log :-)

    Oh yes, but I had to rake my brain a bit you know. We sometimes forget the obvious isn't it?

    Thank you.

  20. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks pal. You know what it is to be tied down 8+ hours a week!!!

    Hehehehehe...oh yeah I was so bored that I wanted to indulge in something and it worked.

  21. There is a name called Ina also? I wonder what's its meaning! :P
    Crazy tag! :D

  22. Yes Ina is a first name given to women. The meaning of the name Ina is Diminutive Form Of Names Ending In -ina

    It was crazy really; had to rake my brain


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