Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking a Lift?

Warning to SG, Gautam, Neha and AS. You have already read this post. I am re-posting it; becuase I am too busy to be writing anything new; and I genuinely feel there's no harm reading it second time; and above all, I want as many people to read this and enjoy!!
So go ahead :-)

Call them lifts or elevators; we cant do without them in our daily lives. Office lifts have rich tales to tell, only if they had the ability to yell!
Alas! NO.

An office goer would use the lifts at least 4 times a day. The lifts are silent spectators of human embarrassment and an apt place for research on human behaviors. How does one initiate a conversation with someone who is going to share that tiny space with you for not more than 1 minute? How do you stand in the tiny confinement of cramped space and yet not invade the private space of others? How do you develop the art of staring into space?

Most people would prefer to have the lift all by themselves. Yeah me too! I revel in excitement when I get into a lift and there's no one around. I can make a phone call and talk loud. I can look at my reflection on the polished walls of the lift and make sure I am presentable. I can relax, lean against the wall....hum my favorite tune, take the entire space and practice dance moves, curse someone.....

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But that's not the case always. More often than not; we happen to share this cramped heavenly space with number of others. Lift experiences have always been annoying to me.

Most of us would have been part of few of the annoying situations more often - either by being the VICTIM or the CULPRIT. Lets find that out.

1. People tend to shout loud speaking on the phone while on the lift. Yelling improves the network signal, is it? Why are they not considerate enough to hold the call unless they leave the lift.

2. Another obsessive attitude of folks is to stand right in front of the control panel even when the lift is empty! What are you trying to do? Its understandable if the lift is crowded and you would want to stay as away as possible. That's the proper etiquette; but protecting the panel such that no one else can use it.....argh!!

3. I would like to occupy any one of the four corners of the lift space to let people come in and go out of the lift with ease. If the corners by chance are the front ones, it doesn't mean I AM THE LIFT OPERATOR!. I would definitely offer to press the buttons and hold the floor. But no, I ain't getting paid for it Mr. Where has the courtesy of "Please" and "Thank you" gone when one offers to press the buttons?

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4. Its coldly amusing to be confronted by people just right in front of the lift door as it opens. They want to rush inside the lift even before the people trying to get out of the lift. Its a feeling of getting slapped hard on your cheeks. Guys! wake up. The lift is all yours but only for 60 seconds. Why do you barge in? Whats in store? Nothing interesting, just few boring and frustrated folks. Likewise, don't ever assume people have supernatural powers to pass through you to exit the lift if you hijack the only exit available.

5. Conversing aloud when inside the lift. Its so annoying to hear people complain about their work and their bosses in the lifts. Keep your drudgery conversations to yourself guys.

6. LADIES! LADIES! Its not your rest room to give yourself a makeover, highlight hair and clean your nails! Its very embarrassing for others who is on the lift with you. And please no.. no.. no.. gossips. Get that...huh?

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7. What do you call people who get a sadistic pleasure out of pressing all the buttons on the control panel just before they get out at the ground floor? The lift stops at each floor, 10 seconds to open the door, 30 seconds waiting and 10 seconds to close the door and start all over again.....

8. The lift is full, why do you want to try squeezing in and delay others?

9. If your office is in 1st or 2nd floor, whats the harm in taking stairs? People using the lift to travel less than 3 floors must be PROSECUTED!

10. Another thing that could drive you barmy is when someone holds the lift and the whole bunch of folks doing a ramp walk to get in. Least considerations to people already in the lift. Or when someone holds the lift and has a conversation with a person outside the lift not wishing to get in. What the heck! Disembark! Finish off your lovely CHANGE THE WORLD conversation , there's always the next lift..

11. Pressing the lift button continuously does not speed up the lift to go faster. Yet, people tend to do it. the lift is no Cow or Horse, lash it out and it runs faster buddy!

12. The DISGUSTING of them all...Breaking wind! Please don't do it. Don't even try it silently. Your face will give away.

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You are on the lift, you are about to close the lift and notice someone running for the lift, please be kind enough to hold the door so that they can get in. This exact thing happened to me last week. A lady was on a lift, she saw me running towards the lift and phut! she pressed the button and the door slammed shut on my face. She looked exalted and in high spirits with her success as if she was on a high after guzzling down a couple of beers!. I wanted to punch on her lovely face!

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Folks, I tell you there is nothing worse than seeing the lift open as one tries to get in and the lift door slams shut in the face. At least try to put up a sorry sad face and not an amused one!

Hoping for better experiences...

And yes, before signing off, the most stupid question people ask...


People, look at the panel; which direction is the arrow blinking? Why do you waste 10 seconds of my precious time?


  1. wow....i mean this was too good...people talk about table manners, telephone etiquette but this is the first time i have come across elevator etiquette :)

    with ur permission i would like to mail this stuff 2 my friends...some of them need to know this....

  2. Hehehehe, elevator etiquette. Lots of them isn't it? Thank you, hope you enjoyed reading it and related to few of them :-)

    Sure Gayathri, please go ahead and mail. You don't have to ask me :-)

  3. Hi Insignia!

    Truly, a very interesting piece! And, I would say interesting observations, too.

    Not to to forget, funny and sarcastic this piece was, mildly (or majorly, how would I know? /:) ) anguished, too! :)

    I too have observed these things, though coincidentally haven't required to travel by lift in like six months!

    But anyway, very honestly, you'd have been satisfied with me as a lift co-passenger on all the counts, except for of course, I wouldn't know how to make a small talk. :)

    I am not sure, if you've not thought about it or would not like to publicize your view, but these patterns of behavior though seemingly part of etiquette, are actually very much based on character of a person.

    Most people feel etiquette are to be reserved only for known people or for someone on who they're going to depend for something.

    Whereas, on an examination of etiquette, one would realize most of them are based on giving consideration to others' existence and presence. They facilitate amicable coexistence.

    Etiquette do not always require grooming. I've observed, people who are more likely to help, be faithful and trustworthy ('good-hearted people') tend to observe courteous etiquette in their dealing with absolute strangers, too.

    So in summary I feel, 'untrained' etiquette best indicate what kind of person one is. :)

    For instance, I feel that lady who let the doors shut in your face and smiled at it, would take perverse pleasure in others' miseries, otherwise, too!...

  4. ...I mean, if she felt that sadistic pleasure seeing a total stranger's inconvenience, what would be her attitude towards someone she knows and actually dislikes? Many of the people who know me, ask me to not extrapolate human behavior to this great extent. But honestly, I've realized, such observations have helped me understand people a lot better through only subtle indicators. [For instance, also what comments people make on whose post, in what context! ;) ] What is your take on this kind of extrapolation?

    Okay highly philosophical rant that was, coming from me. But very honestly, do let me know if you do not approve of it. :) I'll desist from making such comments in the future.

    I am linking here, one of the 'heavier' posts here. Heaviness is in its boredom-quotient, I warn beforehand! ;)

    My morality (click)

    And thanks for bringing forth this post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :)


  5. Phew! Such an analysis! :D
    Though I've observed such things, I'd never thought in this sense.
    I'm guilty of 13th point. But that was a long time ago when I was a little kid. I was alone in the lift and a pretty girl was running towards the lift, and I slammed the door shut and grinned like a devil. I still remember her expression. :P
    I wouldn't do such things now as I've grown up you see. I'd aaaalwaaaays allow a pretty girl to share the space. he he he hee..:D :D

    Well, this was really nice. Very funny indeed. Enjoyed reading it to the core. :-)

  6. Hi Ketan,

    Thanks much :-) Observations...minutest of them. These are the things that I get to observe day in and day out. And trust me, it really gets onto my nerves. You may ask if I don't do any of these? Well, I can say NO with pride. I am so conscious and take pain to behave. :-) Maybe that's why I could observe so much.

    I suck big time in small talks too. So I don't do it; but just give a pleasant smile to the co-passenger.

    I very much agree with your thoughts. Behaviors such as these don't require any grooming, etiquette is just a glamorous word attached. A person with a teeny weeny bit of consideration for others would behave well in any situation. They very much define the personality of the individual. Saying thus, I would also like to add that whatever maybe; certain amount of consideration and humanity is necessary for peaceful co-existence.

    As you say; we dont need to be groomed explicitly; isn't it? All it needs is an iota of respect for others and some consideration.

  7. Wooo..I never really thought about the lady later. But what you say makes complete sense. If she can harbor a dislike and take a sadistic pleasure at some unknown person, what would be her behavior towards a person whom she dislikes???

    Talking about inferences made based on behaviors, most times, impulses turn out to be true. I would not say extrapolating is wrong; I mean I do that all the time. Maybe hypersensitive mind?? You are a doctor, you tell me.

    I always analyze and infer, which in most cases turns out true. Observations, analysis and inference is what my brain does always. I am with you :-)

    I shall read the post you have mentioned. :-)

    Thanks again for sharing your views.

  8. Hi Karthik,

    Thanks. And what did you say? Did you really do that? What a devil you were huh? Maybe the girl felt the same way as I felt.

  9. Nice one, and I agree to most of the points, specially 11th and 13th:)..but i must be prosecuted:)because I dont walk two floors, me living on first floor and I never use lift, but for two floors, I am a lazy one:)

    I never want to be alone in the lift..feel scared.

  10. Yes, I have read it before here. This is very humarous post. Loved reading it again. Thanks for reposting.

  11. Hey Bindu,......ore siripu post...cud relate it to my real life experiences in lift easily....most of them..especially ladies makeup...aparama, people yelling on the fone...o and one more thing...hav seen when we even before hav popped out of the lift when it stops, ppl come rushing in, pushing us inside...sometime i had to get down next floor...hayo hayo..comedy potos:D..sorry ore busy lately


  12. Peopel should really know lift manners... specially talking on phone... most of the points has not occredwith me... guess my office colleagues are a lot well mannered :P but ya these should be notted...

    loved the cartoons too :P

  13. amazing post...loved it...can read it again and again...i also have many incidences to mention, but forgot them all after reading the comments..

    btw Insignia, i m confused at ur reply to one of the comments to Ketan...when you say you are bad at small talks, then how come you can come up with long comments? you know me, as my mind is always so curious and hopeless that i tend to come up with such stupid questions. you are free not to answer it though..

  14. humorous post
    supported by good pics.

  15. Hello Neha!

    Since your observation of Insignia's inability to make small talk, yet coming up with long comments would apply equally well to me also, except for one difference that you didn't ask me, I'll try to answer it. ;)

    1. I love to talk as would be apparent by my venturing out to answer a question that was never directed at me. ;)

    2. I do not possess skill of maintaining brevity in what I mean to state. So, I take each occasion to talk as an opportunity to improve my communication skill by acquiring some brevity through practice. In fact being the go-getter that I am, sometimes I find occasions where there would be none to begin with. ;) And then, excessive belief in practice makes a man perfect, would make me talk even more. Ah, the irony. :(

    So, whatever you see here are actually my attempts at small talk! And the comment you're reading is actually 'micro'-talk.

    Now, let's see what has Insignia to say in this regard. If she offers you somewhat original and different reasons, or if she totally agrees with me as she did in her above two comments. :P

    Take care.

  16. Hello Neha!

    Since your observation of Insignia's inability to make small talk, yet coming up with long comments would apply equally well to me also, except for one difference that you didn't ask me, I'll try to answer it. ;)

    1. I love to talk as would be apparent by my venturing out to answer a question that was never directed at me. ;)

    2. I do not possess skill of maintaining brevity in what I mean to state. So, I take each occasion to talk as an opportunity to improve my communication skill by acquiring some brevity through practice. In fact being the go-getter that I am, sometimes I find occasions where there would be none to begin with. ;) And then, excessive belief in practice makes a man perfect, would make me talk even more. Ah, the irony. :(

    So, whatever you see here are actually my attempts at small talk! And the comment you're reading is actually 'micro'-talk.

    Now, let's see what has Insignia to say in this regard. If she offers you somewhat original and different reasons, or if she totally agrees with me as she did in her above two comments. :P

    Take care.

  17. The duplicated comment above is unrelated to my verbosity. :(

  18. Hey sphere with diameter zero,......ore siripu post!

    So, you see? Not exactly my fault that I'm getting to learn a new language, without know which one is it! Is it Kannada or Malayalam? And I believe, 'ore' means 'very'. Am I right? 'Siripu' might mean 'nice', but not sure.

    Anyway, was surprised by your total agreement with my ideas! Seriously! It was a different kind of TTUM! ;) Hardly ever someone has agreed with me on the net so emphatically, that too with your kind of sincerity.

    Yes, I did realize you tend to observe very minute things. As I said earlier I was very impressed with your observation that lunch tends to be the most leisurely and socializing meal of the day.

    I did not respond back there; sorry about it. I was taken aback (and impressed, again) by your total honesty in admitting that you probably didn't want to acknowledge that a phase of your life was probably past you.

    Anyway, returning to this post and your comment above, I too used to get very irritated at observing that kind of behavior. Obviously, just like you for the fact that, that act itself would be irritating. But I would get even more anguished at the deeper implications that would come to my mind about the possible nature of that person.

    But since long, I've realized it's best to learn to be apathetic towards such things if one is to maintain one's peace of mind. Especially as, somehow fundamental nature and tendencies of people are very difficult to change!

    Yes of course, writing humorous posts about improper behavior could be the best way to vent one's frustration.

    Wish to see you get more frustrated err... write such humorous and interesting posts! ;)


  19. @ Ketan,

    thank u for your comment...well you replied to my question as you are new here...insignia and I keep throwing such questions at each other, as we are competing...we wanna know who masters the art of sarcasm. It's a game very close to us, and so far i am leading.

    @ Insignia, I am waiting for your answer...:)

  20. Now I am really afraid to be in an elevator with you. If my facial expression changes for any reason, you might conclude i am into number 12 of your post. Thank God we are in different cities and working for different companies.

  21. Hi Antarman,

    Hahahaha. Its ok for you to take lift for 2 floors I guess. :-P

  22. Hi Hary,

    Thanks, yeah it happens to most of us :-D
    Recently, a group made a catwalk entry, making everyone else in the lift wait and they were repeatedly opening the lift door that was about to close to let their friends in. It was so irritating.

    Hmm, you do work once in a while I guess :-P Its ok, no issues :-)

  23. Hi Rajlakshmi,

    Wow, great! Most of the things has not happened with you. People around you really are considerate. Lucky you!!

    Thanks, got hold of some apt cartoons :-)

  24. Hi Neha,

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. that's your inquisitive mind at work again huh...

    OK, I really cant initiate a small talk. To add, small talk that dont lead nowhere. I definitely dont believe in a fake and shallow "Hi, how are you" Maybe that's why I am bad at small talks.

    Now coming to my long comment, well :-) what do I say. I got smitten by Ketan's long comment habit. Well, the real reason is this.

    I tend to acknowledge each point that the readers mention in the comment section. Being that, acknowledging each view of Ketan and in turn talking about what I think regarding the same has resulted in conversations as these :-D

    Blame Dr.Ketan :-P

  25. Hi Ketan,

    "Ore sirippu post" means "One laughable post" And Its Tamil.

    You are really good at mastering new languages without knowing which one it is :-P

    Well, I hope you are happy that someone agreed with your viewpoints on the net; or is that confusing you because I agreed to what you thought? I agreed because thats what I believe in :-)

    Coming back to the post, I tend to get irritated a lot by such behaviors and it happens quite frequently. But I dont retaliate; because people who are so inconsiderate will anyways never understand why you are confronting them; such dull heads they are.

    So the best way is to vent out your frustrations by writing such sarcastic post. :-) Trust me, it helps. I have more of such. One more here for you in case you want to read -

  26. Hi sm,

    Thank you, Glad you liked it

  27. Hi SG,

    Hahahahahaha. You know what? To tell you the truth, I dont look at anyone's face when I am in lift. Just put my head down and wait for my floor. Hehehehe, you need not have to worry, now that you mentioned; I wont conclude :-P

  28. Hey Ketan or Hey Kaitan or Hey Saitan,

    You are Soooo boring with your looong comments. Just get off this blog and get lost. If others are polite, don't mistake this as every reader likes what you say. Only two words. GET LOST.

  29. I Second you Rajan theGreatNovember 7, 2009 at 12:59 PM

    My name says it all

  30. @Neha:

    Thanks for letting me know. I dare not come between two warring ladies! :P What's your scoring system like, if I may know?


    From whatever I could gather of Neha's response to my comment, I thought she was expecting you to be sarcastic. Or did I miss your sarcasm somewhere? ;)

    And regarding language, well, now it is really embarrassing. :)

    It is unethical to talk of personal experiences on your posts, but here I go. :P

    For first 2 years of my life my family had been living south of Chennai. And my mom tells me, Tamil was the first and only language I'd learned there! It's a different matter, now that I only know, 'tanni', 'vedamma', 'ille', and 'paal'. And in one of your comments, you'd said 'illa' instead of 'ille', so I thought it was Malayalam! :P

    Okay, so 'ore' means 'one'! Since, it was used as adjective before 'busy' and 'siripu', I automatically assumed it had to mean 'very'. LOL. What shortsightedness!

    Yes, I'll definitely go through that post! The url itself looks so delicious! ;)

    @Rajan TheGreat and I Second you Rajan TheGreat:

    Well actually, I Third you Rajan TheGreat! ;)

    Your comments have only served to reinforce what I used to think about myself, my comments and others. So, thanks!

    But then, it is not obligatory to be entertaining or interesting, and much worse, I'm not being even paid for it! :( So I'll continue to comment here the way my impulsive and disordered brain directs me to, whenever I wish, except for of course, if Insignia objects to it as it is her blog. So till that time comes, please device your own strategies to tackle World problems like my comments. A tip I could offer is to use 'search on page'-function of your browser, usually the keyboard shortcut is ctrl+F. You can then search for 'Rajan' on the page, and except for this comment of mine, you'll automatically ignore all my comments.

    Oops, did I just type you a long comment! You see, I just can't help it. :( Or probably, it was my overpowering empathy for your grave problem.

    And did you notice, you've used significantly more than "only 2 words"?

    But anyway, I empathize with your sentiments.

    Hail representative democracy!

  31. How did your blog get so famous?:P
    When i started following, you had 7 followers:o

    p:s- Remember, with fame comes responsibility.

  32. Hi Ketan,

    You didn;t miss the sarcasm in my response to Neha, cause there was no sarcasm, it was plain reply. Expect the unexpected :-P
    And yes, I give one more chance for Neha to take lead :-) generous of me. Let me teeat myself to Baskin Robbins "Rum punch with strawberry toppings" :-P Yuummmmmyyy

    Yeah thats fine, as Dravidian languages almost sound same. For eg "illa" is used in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada too. But with different meanings. And when we type vernacluars in English, its confusing to know the meaning unless you know the language. I am referring to "ille" or "illa". There is nothing like 'right' spelling.

    Thank you :-)

  33. Hey kish,

    I really dont know how it got famous for God's sake.

    Now you are scaring me...:-S
    I am responsible, did you see something stupid going on around in my blog?? Please feel free to bring it to my attention.


  34. @ Insignia, I know you are very generous...and i took a lead with this post only na :D :D

  35. Hi Neha,

    My pleasure to have offered you the opportunity to be so :-)

    Always welcome :-P

  36. Interesting read...and most of it happens to me too :)

    Btw on #11, there's an interesting theory that states that the "close door" button doesn't really do anything and isn't even wired to anything on most elevators (doors close automatically after the set timeout) - its just there to give people a sense of being in control when they're really NOT.

  37. Aha..the comments section here seems to be quite interesting :) "People using the lift to travel less than 3 floors must be PROSECUTED!" Yep..I agree 100% on that. Next time, try to small talk and teh best way to do that is just ask "did you feel that?" to the next person. It works and when teh doors close, just announce "its ok ..don't panic will open again"

  38. Sheesh. Cribby Aunty mode these days?
    First the comments post, now this. Wait, this is a repost. So Cribby Aunty must be a recurring mode eh?

    1. This fun, provided one is not feeling jittery due to lack of sleep the previous night. In fact it becomes more

    fun if you touch your earlobe on the side of that person every now and then. Of course, make it look as if its just

    an involuntary action or habit, while still giving a mild vibe to the person that its not ;)

    Done it few times. One time person reduced the amplitude. Other times I had a suppressed grin by the end of lift

    journey. Still other time I didn't even touch the earlobe. It was g/f fighting with b/f, and one time it was a lady

    boss giving some punching to an employee who called to inform about "I am sick ma'am. Won't come." It ended with

    the lady boss saying in a stern dhamki voice "I'll want a doctor's certificate!"

    Great Morning Show entertainment I would say!

    2 & 3. You have problem with both the sides of the coin????
    If the person is obstructing the panel, just say "5th floor ->please<-!" or something link that. Either the person

    will move away, or press the button for you. Smooth either way! I do this. And when I am near the panel, I simply

    ask. Either person tells or stretches in that direction and I move away. I do not expect a big THANK YOU for it.

    Sheesh! Its a simple act done in spirit of solidarity of fellow passengers of the same lift. "Please" and "thank

    you" in this context are just stupid insignificant sounds. Anyways, in Hindi it might even sound awkward beginning

    like a railway platform announcement "Kripaya (please?) dhyan dijiye...mujhe n manjil par jana hai. A dhanyawad

    after that also sounds a bit like nautanki in imagining. Besides, why would the person even think of thanking you?

    There are other things on the mind. Also might be irritated that you are obstructing the panel. Just like you are

    in point 2 (except that here lift has so many ppl,while pt 2 talked of empty lift. But emotional processing isn't

    totally logical and tends to be a little on the negative side when at work especially if getting late in the

    morning. Don't agree? Just relook at the post to see negative feelings you yourself have gathered about inane


    4. They probably hoped for an empty lift and so were standing close and instinctively barged in. Did they later not

    move away when they saw you coming out? Besides if you saw some people standing away from the lift, little closer

    to the middle of corridor, I guess some other Cribby Aunty would think "Itna beech mein khada rehne ki kya zaroorat


    Enjoy the daily fun aunty!

    5. Morning/Afternoon entertainment show!

    6. If they are not embarrassed, why are you? Good time utilization &management I would say!

    7. Now thats one valid point. Lot of electricity wasted too!

    8. This does irritate me. Once I got into the lift at the basement (parking lot) (-1). One other person entered

    the lift and pressed G (one floor above!). Since there was no one else, I didn't mind embarrassing him.

    "G floor jana hai?"
    "ek hi floor upar hai."
    *awkward silence*
    "Lift sey jaoge?!"
    "Woh seedi se itna..'um..uh.urgrr..."
    *Big semi sarcactic semi jolly grin by Stupidosaur*
    That kinda made my day instead of making me feel cribby. Don't know what happened to the other person though after

    he got down at G ;)

  39. 9. Happens to me too often. Dealt with it just last week. A guy stood right in middle of the door and started

    calling his friend who was standing a little afar and not much incline to join. I looked staright at this fellow

    with a disapproving look and both hands flung at side in question mark "What is this?!!" gesture. The guy had a

    somewhat sheepish look and mumbled something like apology, but still held the door. I didn't mind though. If all go

    at the same time even though with delay of few unprecious seconds, we save precious energy (lift-pooling?).

    Anyways, since I had conveyed my disapproval, I felt quite breezy instead of cribby afterwards.

    11. In our office lift, a major irritation is when you want to go say 7th to G, and lift stops to take/drop people

    on many floors 6,4,3,2 and such. We also have a 'Non Stop' button in the lift. It never lights up when presses, the

    reason is that the button is opaque unlike other plastic transcluscent buttons which light up when pressed. So

    people have various theories. Some say lift goes non stop after we press it and leave. Some say lift goes non stop

    as long as we keep it continuously pressed. Still others believe you should keep preesing-leaving-pressing it (like

    fire button of a shooting video game) to make it work. So its very amusing. When lift stops we never know whether

    it did because we were using wrong option out of the three ways. When lift does not stop, we cannot figure out if

    it is because we used the correct 'Non Stop' technique or because no one outside called for the lift on

    intermediate floors! I personally suspect the button is not enabled at all ;)

    I guess your office lift must not be providing 'Non Stop Fun' like this. But still if others want to keep pressing

    buttons, why not simply enjoy the ridiculousness rather than crib?

    12 Something we might have to just live with other person has gastric problems that 'control nahin hota!'
    //Don't even try it silently.
    Wow! Can that be voluntarily silenced? How? Can someone teach me? 'Sounds' useful technique!

    13 That lady really needs a thwack on the head, if only with the rolled up morning newspaper and nothing else!

    I guess she is like you too
    //Yeah me too! I revel in excitement when I get into a lift and there's no one around.
    But more aggressive kind who knows how to "get what she wants" and does whatever it takes :P

    I had one question. How far were you from the lift door when they closed? If you were within reach of lift button,

    pressing the button quickly before lift starts moving reopens the automatic sliding doors in most lifts.

    Plan sweet revenge on the lady:
    If you know at what time she usually uses the lift all alone, wait for her in the lift at that time. Courteously

    hold the door open for her as you see her coming (quite unlike what she did ;) ). Give her a big Munnabhai

    Gandhigiri smile as she comes in. Stand obstucting the button panel, Look at her in the eyes and ask very politely

    for her floor. Press it and pretend youjust remembered something and bolt out! Sweet Revenge!

    Now how would this be a revenge? Because when you had seen her coming, you had pressed all the floor buttons before

    dutifully holding the door open. The reason for obstucting the panel and holding her gaze before the final moment

  40. LOL, Stupidosaur @ the last comment! ;)

    Did you really ask that guy who wanted to travel from -1 to G?

    That makes me see you in an entirely new (bright) light! :)

  41. I meant the last suggestion, and not last comment.

    And your comment was like your taking up a tag, and doing a post on it, except for of course, your doing it on someone else's blog, and without actually being tagged! :P

    But I believe, that's mostly because of your rather free spirit, which you either consume, or alternatively, get consumed by! ;) And I envy both of them. ;)

  42. Hi A.R.N

    Welcome to B Log :-) Glad you liked the write up.

    Oh yeah?? A sense of control always makes people superior. :-)

    But in my office, the control is wired and its functional :-) Thank heavens

  43. Hi Rohit,

    Yup, the comments are getting interesting :-D. Thanks to a couple of nice people :-P

    Small talk; errr..I dare not do such talks. That requires some guts isn't it? which I dont possess. :-)

    By the way have you tried?

  44. @Ketan
    Yes I asked him.
    What is meant by 'consuming free spirit' or 'consumed by free spirit'?

    Anyways aisa 'free spirit' pitwa bhi sakta hai kabhi ;)

  45. Hi Stupido Granndpa,


    Not cribbing, but venting out frustration. At least a couple of the incidents I mentioned happen with me each day in and day out. What to do? People lack consideration and manners!!!


    And yeah;

    2. Its about people who dont let you press the button but stand still and would not even offer to help.

    3. Is about people who are manner-less. What the heck if they have other things on mind? Even I have it too, but where's the basic manners gone; that has been taught at school?

    4. No, they didnt move away

    6. Good time management you say? Huh!!!!

    13. I dont know who that lady is. And even then, I dont think I can resort to anything of this sort you suggested. :-) I am too good a person you see Grandpa. :-P

    And yeah, thanks a lot for taking this post and writing one more new post on my comment section.

    Thank you :-)

  46. Thanks Insignia for the note on Dravidian languages. I always used to think the distinction between Malayalam and Tamil was 'a' and 'e' after 'ill'. So, now I know better that I do not anything about Dravidian languages! :)


    If you know that "aisa 'free spirit' pitwa bhi sakta hai kabhi", then that's all that is to be known about 'consuming free(ly available) spirit' or 'getting consumed by free spirit'. :) But I guess, you anyway knew what I meant! ;)

    Why spoil the poetic beauty of my beautiful comment by trying to barge into its meaning without letting the beauty come out first? Where are your manners? :P

    And I know, lizards mostly do not consume alcohol, but then their spirit must be some other compound, which always keeps them on a high (for instance, the ceiling of a room)! Hai, na? ;)

    And as I promised in my earlier comment, now I am seeing you in a new (bright) light! :)


  47. yeah..At times ..depending on who's in the lift;)

  48. Hi Ketan,

    Welcome. Yeah even though technically it is!! but you can tweak it..:-)

  49. Hi Rohit,

    Great!! I get it ;-) I shall try sometime too :-)

  50. Come on, you're doing fine. I was just being plain evil:P

  51. Phew!! Thank you. With all sorts of interesting things happening, I was apprehensive :-)

  52. hilarious.. looks like u dont need to do a ph.d on human psychology.. jus apply to a university and show them these posts.. they'll directly give u the degree..

  53. :-) Thats a huge compliment. No harm if I get one more extra degree

  54. :)

    Lifted Spirits..ofcourse...

    Keep Lifting.:)

  55. Makk,

    Im glad. thanks much :-)


I'd love to know what you thought :-) Please shoot!