Monday, June 7, 2010


The waves glisten
under the morning sun
Beads of perspiration sparkle
Competing with the waves.

of the warm sun
of the striking waves
of the smooth sand.

to the rhythm of the ocean
to the sway of palms
to the melody of the breeze.

Singing in chorus
Against the rhythm
Hands working together
All eyes on the treasure.

To grab the prize
Come what may.

PS : This picture was captured by Naidu sir. He wanted me to describe the scene and what I thought about it. Thanks a lot sir for sharing this picture with me and wanting to know my expressions. Truly amazing, captures the essence of life. I dedicate this to you and Gautam :-) 

PPS: Gautam, I know you read my posts even with your hectic schedule. I miss you. :-) Take care and God bless.


  1. Mindblowing..the poem & the photo. The words truly capture the essence of the photo. Loved it Bindu!! :-)

  2. epo irunthu vairamuthu thangchi aninga? :)

  3. awesome nd d pic is lovely too :)

    u r a poet and i dint even know it

  4. the picture indeed is beautiful and the words even more enchanting... beautifully complimenting the picture :)

  5. The poem and pic go so well together. The poem is so very good.

  6. Beautiful poem a beautiful picture excellent

  7. Nice poem.. Beautifully complements the pic..:)

  8. such a vivid description..I loved the did full justice to it..Naidu Sir will really be proud of you :)

    PS: Gautam, even I miss pinging and disturbing you :P

  9. Life has to go on ! With its pulls and pressures to put food on the table and keep up with the newborns babble !

    Life has to go on you see !

  10. hey first timer here..ive seen u on so many blogs..harybikram..{common ones i mean]..did not know u wre a tamilian...saw it right now on hary's comment page.
    thought ill chip in..:0 nicely written..suited the picture but must say,the pic is breathtaking..:)

    P.S I am followin u..:) Hoping to get to kow more!

  11. The pic can't have a better deescription. You have a magic with words. Good Job, Insignia.

  12. nice poem
    for beautiful pic

  13. lostworld,

    Thank you. The picture enabled the thoughts. :-)
    I am so glad you liked it

  14. Hary,

    Innum aagala. In the process :-P

  15. ZB,

    Thanks. The credit goes to the photo :-)

  16. Gayathri,

    thanks a ton. No No!! I am no poet. Those words doesnt even qualify to be called a poem :-)

  17. Rajlakshmi,

    Thank you. But I envy you for your amazing shape poetry :-)

  18. Harini,

    Tried my best to describe the picture. Glad you liked it.

  19. sushobhan,

    Thank you. Tried my best :-)

  20. Neha,

    Thank you. The picture so captures the everyday ordeal of life.
    I tried my best and yes Naidu sir loved it a lot :-) too miss him..Hmmm..he should get back soon!! :-D

  21. Kavi,

    True...Life has to go on no matter what! :-)

  22. Madhu,

    Welcome to B Log. :-) Glad you recognize me. I am Tamil...:-)

    I am glad you liked the post. Yes, no doubt, the picture is awesome.

    Keep visiting :-) Sure, we shall know each other eventually :-)

  23. Holy Lama,

    Thank you. Glad you liked it. Oh my!! thats a compliment. I tried my best to get close to what the picture actually wants to convey :-)

  24. sm,

    thanks, glad you liked it

  25. Very well described.
    I am unable to reach Mr Naidu's blog?Why?

  26. Brilliantly described. The photo looks mystical and has an ethereal beauty to it. Very nicely described :)

  27. how insignificant we are when compared to the ocean:)
    Yet some find livelihood there!
    I find it ironic. Nice one. poetic vein eh?:P

  28. Chowla sir,

    Thank you. Mr. Naidu does not blog. He just reads my blog. :-)

  29. ajay,

    Thank you. Absolutely, there is something about the photo...

  30. kish,

    Hahahahaha..yeah! Not at all going the poetic way!! Just tried. :-)

  31. the pic is awesome, so is poetry , but cant say anything about poet though :P

  32. hey insignia,
    I've submitted my previous post on Indiblogger for 'Jiyo Life Moments Blogger Contest'. I'd appreciate it if you can help promote it:P

    P.S-It'll be nice to move to Chennai with a brand new tv:P

  33. Mr Happy,

    Thank you. Glad you liked the pic and the poem. Now how can you say anything about the poet. You dont know her :-P

  34. As Ms. Neha said, I am really very proud of you Insignia. What a description on my photo. Nice that it has come to a correct person like you for a beautiful poetic description.

    My special thanks to all the viewers for liking this picture which had a real life when it comes through Insignia.

    "Sankamlo posthene neeru theerdham avuthundhi". This is a telugu proverb. Meaning, when water filled up in a Sankam (big shell used in temples) then the water becomes Theerdham. Like wise, my picture got its real value after Insignia's description.

    Thank U, Thank U Insignia.

  35. Naidu sir,

    Thank you so very much. I was apprehensive if you would like it, but now I am glad you liked it a lot.

    Your picture inspired to come up with those words sir, the picture is really brilliant.

    I am honored sir.

    Thanks much

  36. This is one of my favorite photos of all time. My daddy has just worked magic with his camera as usual. The poem is so crisp and took me to the very shore, and I felt like I was one amongst them. Thanks Insignia for this wonderful poem.

    I fell in love with what you said daddy, water turns into theertham or holy water when put in a conch. Got goosebumps when I read this line because it clearly portrayed my impression on Insignia who is the conch that made my dad's work into theertham (holy water) with her magic. You are just awesome dear.

    I am so sorry that I did not ping you and Neha. :-( I was on a trip to Utah recently. :-p and was out of the loop for a bit. I am now working part time as an embedded engineer but am still trying to look for a full time job here in USA. For this I have to study a hell lot of material, and also concentrate on my current job. Things got a little messed up with 3-4 hours of sleep for the last few months. I will try to get settled fast and jump back to form soon guys. Miss you so much. :-(

  37. Gautam,

    Yes indeed! It seems an ordinary scene but the picture is just breath-taking. It requires an eye to find beauty even in the ordinary of things and your dad has that.

    As I told, now I know where you got your talent from. And thanks much sweets, I am really glad you liked my lines. I wanted to put in my best to give full justice to the picture. Im honored to be receiving these appreciation from you and dad.

    Oh no issues. Me and Neha would wait. Take care and take time..:-)

  38. Capturing the essence of the pic and expressing it so beautifully in words!! Damn good! :)

  39. Shilpa,

    Im so glad you liked both the picture and my words. Thanks for your comments.

  40. captured the essence of pic very well. realiked the pic and the poem... keep them coming...


  41. Hi Tavish,

    Welcome to B Log. Glad you liked the words. Tried my best to capture the idea of the picture. Thank you for the comments. Keep visiting. :-)

  42. Oh I just dropped by between my exams and theeere's a poem! :)
    So u do write nice. And the pic, just adds to my love for the beach!!

  43. et,

    Oh exams!!!! All the very best!

    Thank you, glad you liked it. Beach!! how I miss it :-(


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