Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Its raining!! Its raining!! The weather is sexy since the past week and I cant help but sing and jump with joy!!

Bangalore is cozy at 21 Celsius. Nah!! not the usual hot pakoras or chai!!

The real fun is

- To wear stark white pants and walk in the slush and challenge yourself how white the pants are by the time you reach home

- To enjoy yummylicious ice cream while walking in the light drizzle.

- To walk getting wet when its pouring and everyone running away looking for cover while giving you an awkward stare that you have gone insane.

- To sway the branches and the leaves and feel the chill water drops on your face

- When the rain stops, hear the birds chirp and the cuckoo sing, the squirrel scampering :-)

The earth, barren and wretched
The grass, yellow and dry
Waiting to forget the pain
Waiting to feel the drops of rain
The first drops fall, they start to cry
Tears, dripping from the leaves
Tears, running down from the mountains
The dark rain clouds, start to crumble
The lighting thunder, start to gleam
The heaven opens, the tears roll down
Is God crying? So that we can smile?
See the rain coming down
Rain touching my face
Smell the fresh wet soil
Feel the damp grass now lush
Dancing across the fields
Bringing joys to life
Tapping against the window panes
Pitter-patter on the roof tops
Come dance in the rain
Slosh the puddles
sway the greens
Feel no sorrow, feel no pain
Feel complete in the rain.
Soothing the soul
Caressing the heart
Inviting the spirit
To feel peace and rest.

One of my favorite picture during rains :-)


  1. Thanks for passing the mood on to me yaar. :-) Love it. The other it was sunny here and it was raining. There were two rainbows, and how can I explain my ecstasy when I was looking at the rain trying to follow each droplet to see how perfect a sphere it formed. As each of those droplets splashed on my cheek, I could see the splatter shine under the sun. A heavenly feeling indeed. :-) Thanks for reminding me of many such wonderful days. :-)

  2. Oh yes...rains are just amazing!!
    White pants in rains... what's your recipe...Surf Excel or Vanish or Tide??
    Oh yes, the staring part (getting those weird looks) is fun!! :P
    And that smell of rains everywhere...Ah, we need rains here!! :)

  3. Very lovely picture. Very nice angle. What a force of rain water in the stream and lovely surrounding green fields and mountains full of clouds. Nice scene.

  4. You captured the mood and is it your own poem? If so, you write wonderful. Nice pic.

  5. loved the verses..it's come out beautiful..whites and go out? I will spoil them the moment i wil take my first step..i spoil whites without rains too re :D

    @ Shilpa, surf excels n tides don't work in real life :P :P

    lovely post and the image - masha allah!!

  6. I love the rainy season. See ,it has helped you to create a a nice poem . thanks for sharing.

  7. I so love the rains. And the poem! OMG!! It's so so beautiful. Really, I was immersed in it's beauty while reading it. Truly awesome. Keep coming up with more such poems :-)

  8. i sooo love the rains... but sadly its back to scorching and burning... the humidity has increased after the rain...
    you poem reminded me of my childhood... very joyful write :) beautifully written...

  9. lovely poem! I think the rains bring out the poet in all of us :)
    And yeah, rains are definitely awesome! I love Mumbai rains above everything else!

  10. hi bindu , nice to see the rainy mood.please write the 2nd para of the poem i.e the other face of rain .that is cough,cold,fever,vicks,doctor,medical shop,bad roads,potholes,amruthanjan,drench,wet clothes,etc.......heheeeeee.......

  11. Full poetry mood:P Maja maadu. I feel it's easiest to write poetry about the rain or clouds:)

  12. Gautam,

    Pleasure is mine :-) 2 rainbows?? Where are the pics? Didnt capture? Glad you enjoyed. Its indeed a heavenly feeling. :-)

  13. Shilpa,

    They are!! Recipe is just challenge yourself not to soil the pant. Aww..those powders dont work in real life as Neha said :-D

    Wish you get the rains there sooner :-)

  14. Naidu sir,

    Thanks a lot sir. I clicked it while sitting in my car as it was raining and hence not safe to take camera outside in rains.

    I so loved that scene, especially the fog covering the hills. :-)

  15. Holy Lama,

    Thank you. Haan ji, my very own poem. Thanks for your appreciation :-)

  16. Neha,

    Thanks much. yeah!! Its fun to wear whites during rains. Try it!!
    Glad you liked the image. It felt as if heaven that day.

  17. chitra,

    Yes, yes we all do. :-) Thank you.

  18. ajay,

    Oh yes!! me too me too!! Thanks much. So glad you liked the poem.
    Thanks for your lovely words and encouragement. I shall surely try coming out with more such things. :-)

  19. Rajlakshmi,

    :-) Oh thats sad. Hope it rains and temperature goes down soon.
    :-) Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

  20. Shaunak,

    Thank you. Rains yes!! do bring out the best and we turn poets :-)

  21. Velu,

    Thanks!! I was all dreamy and romantic. You brought me back to reality. :-|
    But yeah, how can we forget the after effects :-)

  22. kish,

    Howdu :-) En maadodhu...weather haagidhe.. Full maja ne :-P

    Oh yeah!! I havent tried writing about clouds, maybe it should be easy!!

  23. nice poem
    its raining weather is beautiful
    thanks for this post.
    Just remembered song Garva when i saw the pic.

  24. Very nice description of rain...rain after hot summer feels so good.

  25. Its raining in hyd too..so can i YIY with u? Nevermind here i go! YAAIIYY! *Ahem*

    Its awesome when it rins..and yeah,battling those white clothes give me a i-have-just-won-an-oscar feeling...and in hyd power cut happen so often at nights during rains,and thats when the moonlight dinner and candlelight dinners crop up..:)
    P.S listening to let te rain come down by hilary duff..:P

  26. sm,

    Thank you. Yeah the weather is awesome :-)

  27. A,

    Thanks much. Its a welcome shower after summers

  28. Madhu,

    Yaaaeeeeeeeeeeyyy!!! Why not?

    Oh yeah!! The challenge taken wearing whites is fun.. :-)

  29. lovely jubley .. I remember in india whenever the weather was like that.. clouds .. cool.. drizzle we wud get together to go for a UPHILL gedi.. just a few of us get out bikes and off we went.. there is a Back route to a hill station called kasauli.. single track.. wud take that.. and it was heaven.. CLEAR air as the rain has got rid of a lot of pollution.. then at one point there was this brooke.. gushing water .. park the bikes nad jump in there.. WOWOWOW
    the usual drinks and food..

    hmmmmmmmmmm hope you are enjoying this weather to it utmost

    and white pants nooooooooo my mum wud have killed me then.. and now another killer around he he he if you know whati mean.. I guess women can get away with it dirtying clothes not men boo hooo :)

    Sorry i am sooooo late this time...

  30. barish insaan ko kaviyatri bana deta hain :)

  31. Bik,

    Oh that would have been so awesome na. Dont get to do all those wild things now a days. Its nice to remember such beautiful incidents.

    I am enjoying the weather a lot. White pants yaay!! My mom also scold me..but I dont listen :-D

    Aaww never mind, you have a genuine reason to be late here

  32. raining? u make me jealous ya..come here n feel the desert heat...bahhh:) hey thanks ya...

  33. G3,

    Waah, shudh hindi bhasha mein bol rahi hai aap. Rajneeti dekh liye kya? wajah wahi hoga :-P

  34. Ramesh,

    Yes yes!! Its raining!! its raining!! Awww I dont want to feel the heat. I am hale and hearty here :-P

    Thank you.

  35. Its raining here in kolkata too.. I really drenched myself and that was absolute bliss.. :) Nothing can come close to the aroma of that rain soaked earth.. :)

    Wonderful post.. :)

  36. Mausum is awesome here too....beautiful rains !Lovely lines.Enjoy the weather ,keep writing beautiful post.Have a nice day.

  37. sushobhan,

    Yaaayyy!!! Enjoy! Bliss you said? Oh yeah!! right! heavenly bliss :-)

    Thanks, glad you liked the post.

  38. kavita,

    Nice :-) I am glad you liked it. I will enjoy it to the full extent.

    You too, enjoy the weather and the rains :-)

  39. Whoaaaa! High five! :D
    Same here too. And I'm getting drenched (deliberately) almost daily. I'm loving it. More than everything else, I like the smell of it. :)
    And man! Combination of that poem and picture - it's delicious. :))

  40. Enjoy the rains while it lasts.
    And then it's back to the sultry hot weather down here.

    The rains can sure lift the spirits with the pitter-patter. Enjoyed it through your blog - nice pic and poem :)

  41. Rain has made some one a poet..:)
    What a write..:)
    I miss Pakoras in rains.
    It rained here also..:)
    It rained when I was born and it rained when I started writing..:)



  42. Karthik,

    Thank you :-)
    Awesome!! drench but take care, dont catch virus or cold.

    The aroma is a bliss. Glad you liked the poem and the picture :-)

  43. RGB,

    Yes!! thats the thing. Dont remind me of heat now!!
    Yes they do life the spirits and how?? by transforming everyone to poets and artists. :-)

  44. Nipun,

    Hehehehe yes!
    Glad you liked it. Thanks a lot. Let it rain each time you smile too
    And did you kiss in the rain yet??


  45. I think everyone, wel most of them, can very well *feel* this post; its raining everywhere! And its FUN. :D
    And, all rainy day photos are just awesome. Greenery, muddy river and cloudy sky. Great contrast that is. The angle makes it look like a snap out of the train window.

  46. et,

    Oh yes!!! If not everyone, you should definitely FEEL it. Kannur might be getting awesome rains na? I so want to be near the sea shore along the St. Angel's fort!!!

    Oh yes!! Did you observe the fog as well? The picture was clicked out of the car window. Stopped the car, and clicked it :-) Anything for nature's beauty you see :-)

  47. Lovely...

    - To enjoy yummylicious ice cream while walking in the light drizzle.

    - To walk getting wet when its pouring and everyone running away looking for cover while giving you an awkward stare that you have gone insane.

    - To sway the branches and the leaves and feel the chill water drops on your face

    Well looks like we have a lot in common ;-)

  48. Meety,

    :-) Really?? Thats fantastic :-)

  49. Yeah and when I sway those braches for the extra chill waters.. my friends curse me under their breaths and call me insane ;-)

  50. Meety,

    :-) Your friends are missing the pleasure. You can call them ignorant :-P


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