Thursday, June 3, 2010

Of Calories and Weights

Note : Had written this as a guest post for one of my blogger friend. Thought why not share with readers here :-)

How many of you have been elated reading your weight and satisfied with your kgs? Raise your hands....No cheating!! Be honest. 

Not many eh? Is it not each one's secret desire to lose weight? I guess the most hated machinery in this world would be the poor little weighing machine.It is a technological marvel. Why not? That poor little machine can earn the wrath of so many people, it could witness jubilation or it could get cursed. Now which other machine has this privilege?

Almost everyone has that intense desire to shed some flab, lose weight. What with the fashion world claiming size zero is the in-thing!! But there's a slim chance, or should I say a FAT chance that most of us would reach the desire body weight!! But hey!! what is the harm in trying?

Talking about the emotions that arises, you could see all types and forms of expressions. There's some qualm always before stepping onto the weighing machine. Nervous, you close your eyes with hope and silently pray that the needle points to the number you want it to. And then you reluctantly look down to read the scale, first there is denial!! How can it be!! Then despair, anger and frustration. And abuses and curses to the weighing machine first.

You question its precision and genuineness and then realization pours in. You then start cursing the devil in you which taunted you to gorge on those cheesy snacks and those chocolate cakes. All the while, the poor weighing machine earnestly looks for some appreciation for being honest. But what it gets is a stare!!

And most times, we believe that the machine is not right, so we tend to calibrate it manually by slightly adjusting ourselves until the needle reads to what we desire. And very rare is the jubilation and excitement of having achieved what we wanted. Oh yeah!! its short lived though. Weight is like a boomerang, it always comes back to you!!

Sometimes the machine adds few kilos as a compliment and sometimes it gives you discount. Discount is what is preferred here. I recently came across a joke where the lady in question removes everything from her shoes until she is almost nude to get her weight right. You see; the shoes, the dress are all 'accessories' which hinders you from getting your correct reading.

Few of my friends step onto the weighing machine and protect the secret magic number so much so that you feel that the number is a secret code to an enormous amount of wealth. Few people believe that weight changes with season, so they tend to weigh themselves in their favorable season. Few others believe counting your calorie intake might keep check on your weight. Fine!! but if it is only yours its fine; but why others' as well for heaven's sake; even if they didn't want to?

This is what happened at a recent birthday celebration of two of my team members. One of them had lost 26 kilos by hook or by crook. There were cakes cut and this man instead of gorging on his cake, kept commenting about how much calorie would each piece of cake have. It was really disturbing, couldn't gorge on those cakes.But the sin factor was short lived, we later ignored and started committing the sin :-P

None giving a thought about the weights or the calories :-)


  1. Both hands up!!! :) I wanna lose 2 kgs to be precise. I don't think I look plump but I always feel I should be 52 kgs. Somehow its a good number to me. And yeah, I also had friends who would start taking off shoes, jackets etc before stepping on the weighing machine!;-D

  2. Now i know its the MACHINE.. all machines fault ..

    I have given up on weight management now .. SO what i do now is try to maintain what i have .. i eat drink what i want to then I moan why i did that .. then i run a extra mile JOB DONE... easy peasy

  3. I confess to be the types that takes off almost everything before stepping on the scales..

    Sad thing that i've never been happy with my body though people around me keep telling me i look just right!

    There's always this wish to lose another kg.


  4. apadiye antha blogger friend yaru nu mention panalam ? :)!

  5. my hands are up and dancing in the air..i am very happy with my weight..high metabolism and thin frame - I don't need anything else in life :P

    but yeah, weight is an issue almost everywhere MIL eats cake on one side and decides what time to go to gym on the other..after coming back, she will say - oh my, I gain 2 kgs I dunno how..I have not been over eating also :P

  6. LOL.. :) Ya the weight machine is the most undeserved machine on this planet for the enormous amount of work that it does each day.. Enjoyed reading it..

    I am kinda on the other side of the fence.. Want to increase my weight but looks like it is a distant dream..:)

  7. nice article.
    i have commented on other .
    thanks for sharing.
    sharing is caring.

  8. Ha! Smart me. It's been a looooooooooong time since I stood on the weighing machine. So don't know how many kgs to lose. :D I prefer to keep it that way. :P
    By the way, have you tried homemade chocolates of Kodaikenal? They are yummy, I tell you. Mmmmmm.... :D

  9. MY weighing machine has been complaining," Why do love number 75? You want to see it again and again"

  10. I step on the weighing scale very often I am one of those fortunate few who does not gain weight that easily.
    I personally think it is not weight which is important, it is how healthy you are ...if you are healthy and happy, how does it matter if you are a bit over weight?

  11. lostworld,

    :-D It happens with each of us right? I am the right shape and weight. Yet I always feel I need to lose. Maybe thats what motivates us to not put on further :-D

  12. Bik,

    Yeah right!!! Exactly, thats the right thing. Maintain what you have. :-)

  13. Gymnast,

    Lol!!! Most of us are in the same group, not at all happy. :-)sa

  14. Hary,

    Oh yes, I was not sure if it would be appropriate. Adhaan :-)

  15. Neha,

    Most of them would envy you. Fortunately, I dont put on weight that easily. Feels nice. I can gorge on whatever I want. :-D

    Pity your MIL :-)

  16. sushobhan,

    Glad you liked it. Oh yeah, I know many folks like you who desperately want to put on weight!! :-)

  17. sm,

    Thank you. I recall your comment there. :-)

  18. Karthik,

    Hahahaha what you are doing is best. Now that its been a while, dont try it anytime because what you would see is definitely going to give you a shock :-D

    Aww..forget the home made chocos from Kodaikkanal. Each time I travel to USA, I get not less than 15 kgs of chocolates and I eat them alone :-P

  19. Holy Lama,

    Lol!! You may want to rest the weighing machine for a while.

  20. Aparna,

    You are fortunate. Yeah, thats right. But everyone wants to jump into the bandwagon of being slim you see :-)

  21. So, what weighing machine do you use to weigh your chocolates? Do you strip them off their clothing before weighing them? Or you must be standing along with them while weighing! :P

    Initially, I felt you were digressing in your writing a lot. But later, I felt why have a fixed agenda in what we talk! I started enjoying your various tangents. :)

    On a serious note, I worry about my weight, not so much for looks, but the health hazards of obesity! :O

    Your post got me thinking about a story after a long, & I ended up with 'Corrosion' (click). :)

    Really enjoyed reading. :)

    Thanks & take care.

  22. This post inspires me to write on the investments that we all make !

    We need to make..keep looking at my page. Perhaps in the next couple of posts !

    Thanks ! Enjooyed this post !

  23. hopefully your outfits are not crying for help..

    :)...hahahhahahahahhahahhahha :)

  24. That's a topic which weighs a lot on my mind!!
    I lose weight soon but then a few days of skipping exercise, and lo, its back!! :(
    Nice interesting post! :)

  25. Ketan,

    I dont weigh them.. Why should I? :-P
    And they are with their clothes on until I strip them off to pop it in my mouth.

    I do digress, I dont want to be stereotyped and stick to one style of writing, or choose only serious topics. I do want to write about all that I observe, sometimes light, sometimes serious.

    Why have a fixed style and topic? I am glad you are enjoying my deviation :-)

    Oh yes, weight must be of concern due to health reasons and not for the sake of looks.

    And I did read your post. It was awesome. Your take on the weighing machine's situation was awesome. Enjoyed reading it.

    Thanks and take care :-)

  26. Kavi,

    Wow!! I am glad this post inspired you to write something.
    Will be waiting for the post. :-)

    Thank you.

  27. Choco,

    :-D Have seen so many doing that. Its best when you make peace instead of fighting :-)

  28. Makk,

    Your outfits you mean? I never crib about my weight :-)

  29. Shilpa,

    :-) As I said weight never goes away, it comes back like a boomerang.
    Glad you liked it.

  30. I belong to the tribe who shuns the weighing machine like plague. Ignorance is bliss... I put on weight even by drinking, nay smelling, water.

  31. Weight, is the least of my concerns :D
    Even though people keeps telling me I should GAIN some, its still the least of my worries.
    Worry another day!

  32. Ah! i am yet to see a machine which would give my weight right.All machines are faulty and I am happy about it.

  33. Having read some of the comments, I would say I am very happy. My weight is under control.
    I could lend my machine

  34. Nice article full of humor and wits. On the contrary, everybody keeps telling me that I need to gain a few kilos. So I don't fear standing on the machine. I'd be happy if it shows few extra kilos than I actually am :)

  35. I'm going to the gym regularly now. need i say more? ;)

    and hey, i have got a bit busy with studies, so blog time restricted for sundays. so wont be able to comment much on ur blog.i read the blogs i follow on my phone when i take breaks at the library, but my phone ka internet doesn allow commenting. so plz don mind if u don't get a comment from me on ur blogs. im still readin it :) cheers

  36. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And I didn't have to starve, workout or anything of that sort! Ain't I the lucky one!

    And I've got friends who just have to look at high-calorie food and they bloat up.

    Such is life! Heavy, uh?

  37. RGB,

    Wonderful!! Not many would be as lucky as you. I know many struggling with their post pregnancy weight.

    Hahahaha, poor friends. :-) they must be envying you.

  38. Mr Happy,

    Welcome to B Log. Hahahaha..most of them want to lose than gain. This is one thing people wanna lose than acquiring :-P

    Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting. :-)


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