Friday, June 18, 2010

Whackiest and Weirdest

This was not the idea of my next post, definitely not!! Especially after the ever so lovely words on Rains.

Out of the blue, I just got reminded of these following lines while watching the soccer match between Mexico and France.

Mere daddu pehne diaper
Chasme par unke wiper
Daddy ki, tooti haddi
Jab khele woh kabaddi.....

Now don't ask me what made me recall these lines while watching a soccer match!! Nothing related happened, but its not simply told Our Mind is a Monkey!!

So the monkey mind got reminded of the lines and put it up on Facebook. Me and Neha started a fierce exchange of such funny and wacky songs from our beloved Hindi cinema.

Hindi cinema, our constant and never ending source of entertainment,  has innumerable songs with such weird lyrics. Sample this - Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tera rahunga oh meri shaalu.

Few days back I saw on TV, samosa being made with beetroot filling. Ab Shalu ka kya hoga???? Bechaari!!

And this - main laila laila chillaunga, kurta phad ke.........Poor thing Laila!! She has to put up with a mad man,

Govinda's songs are as unforgetable as his flashy outfits.

Teri naani mari tho mein kya karun......

Meri pant bhi sexy...meri shirt bhi sexy....Now how can Mr.Govinda assume his attires are sexy???

Meri marzi...mein chahe yeh karun, mein chahe woh karun.....Phew!!!! OK Your marzi but spare us!!

Kisi disco mein jaaye.....kisi hotel mein khaye....Haaayeeeee dayya!!!!

What is mobile number? What is your smile number?? - Ab mera number kab aayega???

Maine paidal se ja raha tha unhe cycle se aa rahi thi...kiya ting ting ka ishare mujhe badnam kiya na.........well....I dont have anything to say here.

sarkaile o takia jaada lage  - NO COMMENTS

There are couple of Sallu Bhai's songs as well...

Unchi hai building, lift teri bandh hai..............What????

Jungle hai aadhi raat hai, lagne laga hai darr................Don't you folks think that the CHINKARAS should have sung this?

And this classic one - Amma dekh ...aa dekh..tera munda bhigda jaaye.... Amma kya karti??
Recent ones that has got my mind trying to break the code a la Da Vinci are these two

Dil Dance Maare..Dance Maare Dil Yeh Daance Maare.....Can someone tell me how Dil Dance Marega??

And this one - I wanna chiggy wiggy with you boy....What is chiggy wiggy??? and how do you chiggy wiggy with your boy?

:-S Am I the only one having these doubts??

My personal worst - Aao sikhao tumhe ande ka funda....yeh nahi pyaare koi mamooli bandaa

Total monkey-tainment isn't it?? :-P


  1. ROFLMAO..this is so so so superb.. :P

    abhi to bahot saare gaane baaki hai..

    sarkai le o takia, amma dekh - hahahahaahahha..ande ka funda - hahahahaahha

    all are hilarious :D loved the post :P :D

  2. OMG!! They are truly whacky and weird!! Unchi hai building... wah! kya lyrics hai!!?? :D
    Recently heard, "Aslam Bhai...
    Dubai ka chashma cheen ki chaddi aur Irani chai. :P

  3. Aaza meri gari mein baith za'

    Angana mein baba,kiwade pe maa,

    Baba Sehgals Thanda Thanda Pani,

    Tan tanna tan tan tan tara,chalti hai kya nau se barah,

    Ek garam chai ki pyali hooooo

    Thanks for this fun and fun post.

  4. The list could be endless, especially those of Govinda.
    Frankly, my compilation doesn't have such great songs

  5. I loved this post! Superb observation...:)

  6. Wonder how these lyricists come up with such weird lyrics. A bathroom singer would do better! Guess, the bottom line of writing lyrics for film songs is to keep listeners entertained (or should I say, amused!).

  7. This is too funny yaar. Got reminded of all those funny chats we had a while back regarding these songs.

  8. you seriously have lots of time on your hands to remember all these songs but WOWOW.. Now that I remember them they were funny .. Made you laugh more like

    especially Govinda songs when he was doing film after film with the kapoor girl...

    you got to listen to some punjabi numbers some day they are qually hilarious ...

    a few I remember

    1. London ki ladki naa naa, Amrican gori naa naa, Hong Kong ki chori naa naa, Paris ki
    gori naa naa. India aahaaa Nothing official about it. Yaha.n ki ladki whaa whaa, Badan pe
    saari whaa whaa

    2. Main tujhko bhaga laya hoon tere ghar se Main tujhko bhaga laya hoon tere ghar se Tere baap ke
    darr se

    3. Maine paidal se ja raha tha unhe cycle se aa rahi thi Kiya ting ting ka ishaara mujhe

    This all has reminded me of something hopefully will write on it :) nice one

  9. You always bring something interesting to read and helps relax a lot.

  10. Long list. Hey why don't you post links of youtube...

  11. hey ama ya...real dharma sangadam...and thanks ya for staying in touch..wishes always..:)

  12. awesome...

    Govinda is my fav and his songs were my fav too :P

  13. Neha,

    Thank you :-)
    Yeah lot many songs.. We need to compile it once again :-P

  14. Shilpa,

    Hehehehe arent they? Oh yes, I have heard the Aslam Bhai stuff too :-)
    And yeah the Hey Ganpat chal daru la...:-P Cant forget that as well.

  15. Kavita,

    Lol!!! Oh yes the Baba Sehgal ones.
    I am glad you liked the post. There are so many songs right?
    Funny ones.

  16. Chowla sir,

    Yeah, you are right. Great songs you said? Hahaha, I get your sarcasm.

  17. RGB,

    :-) Yeah heights!! You are right, ultimately entertain audience by hook or by crook.

  18. Megha,

    Thank you. Glad you liked it.

  19. Gautam,

    Yes!! remember we sang the whole of 'Stop that'. :-P

  20. Bik,

    Nah multi-tasking. I do have work!! :-P
    Mind ends up thinking funny.

    Oh yes!! maine paidal se ja raha thaa.....this one is hilarious!!

    You should compile a list of punjabi songs soon :-)

  21. chitra,

    I am very glad. I am happy that my posts relaxes you and you find them interesting :-)

  22. A,

    Long yes, because there is no dearth of such wacky songs in hindi cinema.
    Posting links of youtube is lotta work and unnecessary.

    One could always log on to youtube and search for these.

  23. Gayathri,

    Yes yes!! I do remember how much you like Govinda :-P

  24. epadinga ithuyelam.... room potu yosipingalo.. :)..

  25. my tummy's hurtin coz i laughed so much!! hahahah :)

  26. punjabi compile kar to doon.. but log bhaag jayenge sun ke .. most of them are
    I will kill you
    pick up rifles blahdy blahdy blah but funny ...

    lets see I might just pick a few and you can laugh your head off :)

  27. superaaa irukku...
    can u also tell me what is oo podu? :P

  28. Honestly I'm not getting the core of the hindi song wordplay :/
    I know its the national language. But.. but.. :/
    I'll look into improving the situation, that's all for now.

  29. Hary,

    Thaana varudu :-P
    I do end up getting reminded of songs such as these. Even earlier too, I and my friend Gautam have had a lengthy funny discussion on such songs :-)

  30. Chandana,

    Very glad :-) Take care of your tummy!! :-P

  31. Madhu,

    Thank you. Oo podu means "Yell with rhythm" :-P

  32. et,

    Yeah I do understand :-/
    I am so sorry that you couldnt get much out of this post.

    Thats ok, India is so rich and vast that one cant expect to learn everything :-)

  33. Bik,

    Thats ok!! Compile kijiye aap..Thoda mujhe bhi sikhna hai na!!

  34. ROFL..:) weird songs indeed ..:)

    Bollywood has its own charm nonetheless..:)

  35. And I forgot my personal fav: mirchi o mirchi kamal kar gayi...dhoti ko fadke rumaal kar gayi :P

  36. excellent collection
    Teri naani mari tho mein kya karun
    What is mobile number? What is your smile number?? - Ab mera number kab aayega???

  37. ROFL...

    Ok, how did the lyrics for the anda song go..

    oh yeah,

    Aao Sikhao Tume Ande Ka Funda
    Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule Banda
    Is Mein Chhupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
    Ande Mein Anda Anda Funde Mein Funda Anda
    Ande Ka Anda Anda Funde Ka Funda Anda
    Aao Sikhao Tume Ande Ka Funda

    and now i will keep singing this until i find something as lame as this :P

  38. G3,

    :-P Hahahaha..You were trying to recall huh? :-P

  39. Harini,

    Yes Yes!! Thats how the song goes. And happy humming!! You will even tap your feet while you sing, observe that :-P

  40. sushobhan,

    Thanks. Yes weird they are!! :-)

  41. Aha!!
    this one post made me laugh out loud!!
    Good one..good one!!

  42. Sorcerer,

    Thank you. Glad it made you LOL

  43. A fever and I missed the funniest post of them all. Booo Hoo.
    Have heard one from B&W era:
    Sikandar ne Porus se ki thi ladai
    To mein kya karoon, kya karoon

  44. Holy Lama,

    Oh!! Oh!! Hope you have recovered now. Take care.

    The one you have mentioned is weird. Have not heard it yet. Will google it and figure out :-)

    thanks for sharing.

  45. Lol. GOOD one.. Bollywood certainly has a wide variety catering to everyone's need.. What fun without desipan!! :D ;)

  46. Shesha,

    Thanks :-) Yeah!! no fun without our Bollywood!!


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