Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Born Again

How many times do we feel "I am born, again"

Everything being new around us, fresh and waiting to be explored. Kicking alive, bundles of surprises waiting to explode.

It need not be any life wrecking incident to make one feel new. Need not be any drastic change that life should bring to feel born new again.

Learning to appreciate simple things in life, to laugh at ourselves for our stupidity, to smile at something beautiful; be it a person or a thought or an incident you witness.

Say "Shame!! shame!!" to yourself when you lose your cool.

Learning to count your blessings, believing that any bad phase too shall pass; its just a passing cloud.

The birds chirp as soon as they wake up, they are happy to see the day. The bees buzz, the flowers bloom all over in its full glory again.

I have always believed that if you have been facing any trouble, it has come to you because you HAVE the strength and capability to solve it and come out strong.

Every moment is a BORN AGAIN moment. Why am I sounding so philosophical?

Today I am Born, Yet Again. :-)


  1. I am so sure that i am the first commenting here..:)

    So true..:) But sadly,its difficult at times to be happy when things around u are not so..easier said than done! But there are many times when i feel alive and kicking! For no reason at all..:) :)

  2. Beautifully said Insignia,
    ultimately life is not one big moment
    but treasures of small moments.
    why waste it.
    i loved the bird point. will give a big smile in the morning:)
    Thanks and have a wonderful day:)

  3. Madhu,

    You are right dear. :-)
    I know, its difficult said than done.

    But it helps a lot in just thinking "this too shall pass" in difficult times.

    Try it :-)

  4. soin?

    Mabba? Pathavaey illa adhichathu. Adhaan polambal :-P

  5. WD,

    Thanks. Very true, life is all about these little things. Just one life, why crib?

    Yes, I really wait each morning to hear the cuckoo sing and birds chirping. Brings instant smile :-)

    You too have a great day :-)

  6. Thanks I needed that. :-)

  7. I feel like that when I am home i sing the song chad chad chanda sohniya tu kar roshnaiyan vekh ke tainu wattan diyan kuch yaddan aiyan oye
    The worst thing here is hardly any birds especially where i am now. But i feel like living. Open fields do it.

  8. hey this post is damn good..ya..i will say v r born again every hour..hehe..

  9. Happy Birthday to you.

    Examples of Birds, Bees and blooming flowers are really good. Reminds us to smile every day and not to lose our cool.

    Nice one.

  10. Say "Shame!! shame!!" to yourself when you lose your cool.

    Learning to count your blessings, believing that any bad phase too shall pass; its just a passing cloud.

    I m certain that this philosophy would be enough for you to walk the life.
    Let me tell you that the post is indeed well thought, philosophical or otherwise you seems to have picked your lessons early in life.
    When every moment is a gift we are being born again and again. Good luck to you.

  11. Hello Insignia,
    I do not understand why you want to approve a comment before it must be posted on the Blog.
    You may have a reason I presume. But why do not you accept what ever opinion others have?If some one dislikes your Blog let them stay out. And if you dislike a comment let it appear and you can rebut the opinion. Well this is my feeling. Ultimately your Blog and you are free to decide.

  12. If we didn't know what sadness is, we wouldn't have known how to appreciate happiness. Yeah, I've had my share of those "born-again" moments in life especially when I'm amidst nature - by the beach, gentle streams, greenery all around...and of course loved ones who can bring the smile on, no matter what is weighing on your mind!

  13. Bikram,

    Poor thing!! You dont have any birds? Aww...I feel blessed to wake up every morning hearing their sweet songs.

  14. Ramesh,

    Thank you. :-) I agree, I would say every moment!

  15. Naidu sir,

    Thank you very much for your wishes. Gautam told you I guess :-)
    Yeah, we are humans after all, such reminder is needed for us


  16. anil,

    These things seem to be trivial but much enough to boost your self; to tread the path of life. And life has taught me so.

    I did not think much to write this, nor would I term it philosophical, may be for others yes. Not for me. These are few of the things life has taught me quite early. Its taught me much more! and I am blessed to have learnt these pretty early :-)

    Thanks much

  17. anil,

    Glad you asked regarding the comment moderation. Better to ask than keeping within and assuming.

    Until couple of months back, I did not have any comment moderation. Not even word verification. I used to get so many spams, yet I didnt believe in moderating,

    Who am I to moderate reader's views? I am no authority to claim right or wrong. Whatever their views are, good or bag, praise or criticism; I always welcomed it with elan.

    There is a strong reason why I had to embrace moderation. It was a hard decision, I fought within me to do this.

    Its not that I do not NOT accept opinions/comments against the post or against me. I have never ever rejected comments until now except for 1 occasion when I first started moderating. I have published all and responded to each and every comment I get. I value readers and their opinion a lot.

    The reason behind moderating comments was that few people took advantage of my valuing opinions; they started thrashing other readers and throwing brick-bats and mucking up my blog space.

    I did request those few not to indulge in brick-bats on my blog space. Happened few times, hence I had to do this.

    If you want to know more read this post


    And read the previous post(especially the comments) which made me switch to moderation.


  18. RGB,

    :-) True. Its left to us to recognize those born-again moments. We just are so busy to realize it

  19. After reading this post i can say
    Today and now I am Born, Yet Again. :-)

  20. Happy Birthday Insignia..I did wish the real person, but the blogger is equally close to me; thus wishing you yet again..what a wonderful write up on this special day..

    you are a wonderful person and I am glad to have you by my side as a friend..may you live as long as you want to live - happy and healthy.. - a philosophical reply to a philosophical post..hai na :P

  21. I just woke up...born again new...

  22. yes good intentions are always punished.
    I understand. Thanks

  23. yes, it helped me very much. i need to have access to this easily so that i can look this up whenever i want... i think i will book mark this.

  24. I like this very very very very very much...

    I needed this very very very very very very much...

    Thank you so much angel...

  25. "Learning to count your blessings..."

    new things, "fresh and waiting to be explored..."

    "Learning to appreciate simple things in life"

    "Learning to count your blessings"

    I want to get to the state of mind when I am constantly aware that, "Every moment is a BORN AGAIN moment."

    My favorite and the best of the lot, "Say "Shame!! shame!!" to yourself when you lose your cool."

    We know these and we talk about it all the time, but when they come when we need the most, the feeling is very very different and special...

  26. :). So very beautifully said :).

  27. Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who hast the biggest halo of them all?

    Let poor lama have the halo back, plllllssss.

  28. sm,

    :-) Thats a great compliment. Thanks

  29. Neha,

    Thank you very much :-) I am happy to receive your wishes twice :-)
    God bless. Philosophical it is!! :-D

  30. anil,

    Right! and I learnt it the hard way. Thank you

  31. Very apt post .. for my laptop.
    My laptop was infected with virus/had to be formatted..and I was changing projects at work at the same time hence the absence !! I have missed U :-)Yeah, do tell me why are you philosophical????

  32. Dear Gautam,

    :-) I am glad that this words of mine helped you.
    It were just some scribbles. I didnt even have a plan on my mind to write.

    :-) I am so so so so glad that you liked this very very very very much... :-D

    I have to thank you my sweets; because you have taught me lot of things like appreciating small things in life. Take care :-)

  33. Holy Lama,

    Mirror is searching for its halo :-P

  34. lostworld,

    Err...I had similar situation couple of years back.
    I came back from USA after 5 months. The day I went to office after coming back, my desktop there crashed.

    I thought I can still survive with laptop. That noon, my laptop crashed as well!!! Imagine my plight!

    Anyway, I have missed you and your posts a lot. Write something soon!!

    Why am I being philosophical? I have resolved that every year; on my birthday; I will be philosophical. Thats why; keeping up the resolution :-P

    Got me? :-P

  35. Hmmm. Philosophy. Make this your forte, Insignia:P.
    Why are you born again, btw?

  36. "I have always believed that if you have been facing any trouble, it has come to you because you HAVE the strength and capability to solve it and come out strong."

    Thank you soo much for saying that.. had a tough day ... and I really needed something like that to feel a lil lighter >:D<

  37. hey nan kuda intha mathiri similar post write paninen... talk abt coincidence :)... but neenga than rocks....!!! iniya piranthu naal nal vazhthukal....sorry rmba naal achi!

  38. kish,

    Nah nah this is not my forte :-P
    Why am I born again? Oh!! I thought you are smart enough to figure out :-)

  39. Meety,

    :-) Glad this soothed you. Yeah, think about it. Dont we solve all problems and get on with life? :-)

    Thank you for your views.

  40. Hary,

    Oh coincidence hmm!!

    Naan than rocks eh? Neenga roamba modest :-)

    Thanks very much for your wishes :-) Nandri. Thats fine, I know you are busy with work :-)

  41. To be born is something. To be born again is something else indeed !


  42. i came online coz i was in a pathetic state of mind. what better thing to keep myself occupied than goin thru a few fav blogs of mine. and here u go, a philosophical blog which looks like it was written for me itself!!! i have spent the past half an hour cribbin abt the things happenin lately with me and this is so refreshin. thank u so so so so much girl. sometimes we tend to help ppl without even knowin it :)

  43. ' Count your blessings" I use it very often.
    I really know what 'born again' means because that is what I feel after my 'migraine attacks'

  44. I have always believed that if you have been facing any trouble, it has come to you because you HAVE the strength and capability to solve it and come out strong.......absolutely right!!!

  45. Chandana,

    I am so so so glad that these few lines helped you cheer up. :-) thats life. Everything happens for a reason, accept it and you will get your due :-)

    Take care!

  46. chitra,

    Migraine? Oh I am so sorry.

  47. Looks like I am not the only person who needed this blog! LOL! "Shame, Shame, what a silly fellow I have been". :-)

  48. It is amazing how complicated human beings are and the diversity of emotional problems is just mind boggling... So many people, so many problems... Phew!

    But no worries it is all cool!!!!

  49. Loved your thought...wish you have that feeling each day...


  50. Gautam,

    :-) Maybe. Gautam....gautam...take care dear :-)

  51. Cute Priya,

    Thanks a lot. I do feel like this at least once everyday :-)

  52. I just love this post...

  53. Wo! What a cool post!! Nice to see the new you today :)

  54. Very philosophical indeed.Each of your post is so different.
    If I understand your msg,one should have a positive attitude,which I agree with you.Incidentally,I was just fired by my wife and I made her read this post.We both seem to be born again now(after reading this post)

  55. Life is complex and so are our capabilities to cope up with it. We indeed start afresh after every bad phase.

  56. Gautam,

    I guess for the past 24+ hours, you have been only reading this post again and again and again...:-)

    Chill boy! Take care

  57. Bhavesh,

    Thank you :-) Glad you liked it

  58. Chowla sir,

    I am humbled. Thank you very much. Brings immense satisfaction to me that few simple words of mine has lifted up many spirits.

    Aww...hope your wife and you have made up. Thats so sweet. Thanks a lot. Your comments made my day. I am very happy.

  59. Nethra,

    Yes, it gets complex if we think that way. Actually life is very simple. :-)

  60. Many happy returns dear (belated or advance wishes as the case may be). Now it all falls into place :)

  61. Very much impressed by Chowla Sir's comments and his frankness.

    Liked the wordings "we both (Chowla Sir and Mam)seems to be born again now". Excellent.

  62. Insignia touching many hearts... :-)

  63. Naidu sir,

    I was humbled by his comments as well

  64. hey loved ur post....
    its cool....:)

    hey check this
    its my blog...read if u wish to...

  65. clouds,

    Thanks a lot. And welcome to B Log.


  66. Nice post bindu...ekdum philosophical post yaar. Just read neha's comment...ur b'day?

    b'day kab tha? kab tha b'day...sorry belated bday ab samjha y this title :)

  67. G3,

    :-) Thanks much dear. :-P It was on 17th; the day I wrote this post. Thank you once again for your wishes :-)

    Take care

  68. It was really nice to read this blog.
    I could relate because me too usually feel the same way :)


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