Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Rainbow

There was quarrel, there was commotion,
It was a nasty sight and there was emotion

Said GREEN with pride
I am the hope, I am the stride.
I am chosen for grass and leaves
And on trees I am heaves
So I am the majority!

The BLUE interrupted
Consider the clouds and water he muttered
Look at the sky and the sea
There is serenity and peace you would see
Without me, you are nothing!

The now silent YELLOW chuckled,
"Common, now get buckled!"
The sun, the moon and the stars,
You see them, smile; and forget your scars,
It proclaimed, I am the color of sunflower!

It was time for ORANGE,
Think of carrots, mangoes, orange,
Look at the sunrise and the sunset
With my extravagance, everyone is besot
I am the color of health and strength.

RED would not keep mum,
You are all dumb!
I am the color of blood, the color of fire,
I bring bravery and I mean danger; so admire
the color of roses, of poppy, of passion
And to spread love is my mission

Now spoke PURPLE; I am the power,
I define wealthy who are in clover,
I am the sign of queens and kings,
I am the authority everyone sings,
How could you all ignore my royalty?

At last breaking silence INDIGO spake,
Why this noise you all make?
I am the balance, I am the inner peace,
Without me, you all break into piece,
I am the thought, the reflection, the twilight.

Unannounced, they heard thunder,
Lightning stuck and they did shudder,
It began to pour incessant
The rain was non-relent,
The colors, to one another drew close,
Huddled and unloose.

The RAIN now spoke,
You foolish blokes!!
Why among yourselves dominate and fight?
You are made to remain at peace; now unite.

Each one are unique, special to be,
Hold each other and come to me
Now on, whenever I come, all you fellas in peace,
hold and stretch across the sky as one single piece

You will be called the RAINBOW
You are the sign of hope for 'morrow

Couldn't choose between the two rainbows, so added both. Enlarge this photo to see double rainbow :-) Pictures are Gautam's. Thanks dear for letting me use it


  1. where is Gautam?

    loved the verses..amazingly are a very versatile writer Insignia..

    about the images, well, I don't think I need to repeat myself all the time..Gautam, you know that? oops, I am again repeating myself :P

  2. Lately I started Reading your blog..Really nice job..Keep up the good work..I enjoyed the poem thoroughly..RAM

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  4. esp liked these 2 last lines: You will be called the RAINBOW
    You are the sign of hope for 'morrow
    (reg. comment) hey buddy, how can u defend the darling lady..the poor guy was driving auto and was dead tired..he was repeatedly calling her, and intha amma paatukku vambu pesarango...hehe:)

  5. Beautifully written. I loved the message in the poem. The pictures are awesome.

  6. yedho high english la leave venumnu solreenga..attendence madam
    and pic is very beautiful. what camera does he use?

  7. AMAZING! The use of colors here is lovely! :) keep posting these things!

  8. been long since i read poetry. and this one was very refreshing.. amazin pics. good job

    Chandana Shekar

  9. Basic facts and law of nature put into idea and in a good way.
    I liked the idea behind the poem.

  10. athe than...soin sonathai naan aatharikiren! :)....

  11. Oy! This is like, your masterpiece work :)
    Well written it is. I guess you intentionally spoke about the colors in deranged order, and then brought them close as the Rainbow. Brrrilliant.

  12. Such beautiful is the verse
    That it comes through
    Even more appealing that the muse
    or the images you did use

    Swept off feet, I must say
    Insignia, write more
    Blessed are you in a way
    That most wish while you hold in sway
    Words to dance to your tune
    And amaze us to wonder
    At Nature so wondrous
    With messages for each one of us

  13. i liked the 2nd pic and your post matched the beauty of the rainbow. my favourite description was that of indigo.
    a post i can come back and read just for the beauty of it.

  14. Wow!! that was soo beautfully written!!

  15. You will be called the RAINBOW
    You are the sign of hope for 'morrow

    My fav lines from the poem. I love this poem... really. Its so wonderful.

  16. Lovely way for the 7 colours, each seemingly better than the rest, to spread joy and hope when they come together as a beautiful rainbow; when the rain stops and out comes the sun. So loved your poem!

  17. Lovely pictures!
    and you have been tagged.

  18. Great job done by you by expressing all the colours in a nice way. You are great.

    Both the photos are really COOL like the pleasant RAIN and COLOURFUL like RAINBOW. I thought these are your photographs and later on at the end came to know about Gautam. Really great job done by this boy and your poetry added essence to the pictures.

  19. Beautiful poem.
    I've got a peaceful easy feeling after reading this poem.
    Thank you for the wonderful poem...

    Hi Neha, I haven't been logging in to gmail very often. :-( Will be back to form soon...

  20. That was very beautiful and understandable too (I'm not that good with poems). I liked it very much. :)

  21. The reason for the late comment is .. I could not understand the poem first time .. i read it second time and third time and then I could not find words to do justice to what you have written One word


    i hope this is ok.. my vocabulary is not that great .. the pictures are beatuiful ..
    and the poem on the rainbow mmmmmmmmmmmmm
    We have grown up but rainbows still make us look at them.. when driving I usually bend to see them.. no matter how much old we grown rainbows always put a smile

    Loved it insignia THANKS

  22. Simply wow composition!!
    Loved it!! :)
    Amazing pics! :)

  23. Hey that's a wonderful poem.. the ending was brilliant and the message beautifully conveyed..:)

  24. Neha,

    Gautam is bit busy :-)
    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it.
    I will convey your views about pictures to Gautam :-)

  25. RAM,

    Thank you very much. I didnt know there were readers who are passive and dont share their views. :-)

    Now I know. Glad you liked the poem. Keep reading.

  26. Ramesh,

    Thanks. Oh yeah...amma vum husband coffee saapta refresh aavaaru nu ninaichiruppaanga :-P

  27. chitra,

    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked them.

  28. soin,

    Hahahaha. Leave pottutaen!! High english worked.
    He uses a Nikon DSLR. Dont know the exact model. Thanks, glad you liked it
    Will convey that to him.

  29. Hit wicked,

    Thank you. :-) Yeah will try to come up with such things.

  30. Chandana,

    Thank you, I am glad.

  31. anil,

    I tried to put it this way, and it did turn out well.

  32. Hary,

    Neengaluma? Enna koduma saravana idhu!!

  33. et,

    You think so? :-)
    If you say so, Glad, very glad.
    The mix up of colors were intentional, randomized.
    :-) Thanks again.

  34. Holy Lama,

    :-) Wow thats wonderful. Thanks a lot.
    This comment is special, I shall treasure these lines.

    What more do I say? Loss of words after reading your lines. Thanks once again.
    I am honored.

  35. WD,

    Thanks a lot. The second photo is special, very rare do we see the double rainbow. :-)

    Glad you liked the lines. Thanks

  36. Meety,

    Welcome to B Log. Thank you
    Keep visiting :-)

  37. Harini,

    Those are my favorites lines too. :-) Thanks.

  38. RGB,

    Thanks a lot. Thats the motive isnt it? To bring joy and hope.

  39. Naidu sir,

    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it.
    Yes, these are Gautam's photos and he is a great photographer with an excellent eye for beautiful things. :-)

  40. Gautam,

    Thank you. Glad, very glad that you are feeling easy :-)
    I know how tensed and busy you were all these days.

  41. Nethra,

    Thank you, :-) Glad you liked it.

  42. Bikram,

    :-) Hahahaha. Thanks a lot.
    I always wait to see a rainbow, as you said, how ever old we get, rainbows always brings excitement.

  43. sushobhan,

    Thanks. :-) Yup!! the message is the one thats important.

  44. I have always had a thing for colors and rainbows. Loved this post of yours. beautifully executed. :)

  45. Choco,

    :-) Thanks a lot, glad you liked it

  46. such a lovely poem..the pic topped it all..:)

  47. the pictures are awesome :D
    and the verses beautifully compliment it... loved the various descriptions of colors ...
    well penned.

  48. Madhu,

    Thanks. Glad you liked them :)

  49. Rajlakshmi,

    Thank you :-) Will convey to my friend who clicked those pictures.

    I am glad you liked the verses :-)

  50. Wow..Wow.. WOW!!! Pictures + poem.. Superb!! :) What an idea I say. I'm impressed.

  51. lostworld,

    :-) Thank you. Thank you. The picture partly inspired me as well :-)

    Thanks a lot

  52. i totally loved this!!!!
    how beautifully written!!
    pics too -wow.........!

  53. Alice,

    Thanks a lot. :-) Will convey to my friend how much you liked the pics. :-)


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