Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekend that went by

It was a feel good factor for me. I am returning to this place after 2.5 years. Somehow California seems to be my second home. This is the only place where I have spent considerable time of my life apart from Bangalore.

My previous trips here were frequent and long. This time, I am coming back after quite some time and this trip is relatively short. I find that nothing has changed. The landscape, the buildings, the infrastructure; even the restaurants and the billboards are the same. Contradicting to India, India is fast; very fast changing.

Leave your city there for 2 months and get back, you are sure to see a new flyover started, or a new underpass that has come up. The same happened last time I was away from India for 4 months. Before I left, never even read anywhere that Hyundai had plans for a new car; I came back to see lot of Hyundai i10s on the road.

Silicon Valley is in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area in northern part of California. Home to well known and largest technological companies like Apple, HP, IBM, Oracle, Google, Adobe, Agilent, Cisco, AMD, Google, Facebook, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo, Brocade and many many others. You name it and its here. Its also home to the Stanford University.

I have changed 2 companies and somehow these company's headquarters are based out of here and I always end up in Silicon Valley. These last 2 days; I went to restaurants I always went; it was surprising that few folks recognized me. I could not believe it. Met few friends; a friend commented as well that I am a "Bay-ite" and I belong here. What was I doing back in India. All I did was smile.

For a techie as me; it is an unexplainable joy to see these technological companies all located one beside the other. No where in the world would such a nerdy environment exist. I just have to walk 10 steps from my hotel room to reach AMD's HQ!! Such is the surrounding here.

Apart from that; one thing that treats my eyes are the cars. I am a car maniac and its a glee to watch all these funky and swanky cars. Been enjoying my friend's BMW since I arrived :-D. He was kind enough to take me out for dinners and to buy essentials.

 This place has always treated me well; I have learnt lot of things. Saying that the place has treated me well; but not few people. Sorry if its sounding offensive, especially the Indians. The FOBs in particular. They behave as if they are Gods and have achieved something unachievable by landing in America with a job!! I dont like them and neither do I get along with them. I keep myself away from them. Others are nice; helping and kind. Talking about people; I have a Mexican lady; a Pakistani and a Chinese in my list of strangers who have helped me.

It was nice to meet Harpal Singh once again; my regular cab driver. Poor guy was waiting for me at the airport for 3 hours and was not ready to take a single cent for dropping me. I had to force him to take money. We did catch up on his things and mine; he finally succeeded in bringing his entire family to the USA. I am very happy for him.

Caught up with Gautam finally!! Yaaeeyyy!! He was in his best clothes to meet me. He hugged me as soon as we met; I didn't expect that and my lips kissed his shirt :-P Smeared his shirt with my lip gloss. Sorry Gautam!!

We had a wonderful Saturday; we talked a lot and it was fun. Clicked few pictures and watched a movie - The Expendables which sucked. Gautam; you are gonna get spanked for taking me to that movie. Went to his university; rested for a while. A squirrel was trespassing; or rather we trespassed into its territory. Tried capturing that fella; but he didnt stay at one place. Somehow got this one best.

Went to a flea market; bought a bag made of Lama wool from Peru. Wanna go to Peru!! :-( But when? My time will come. Took some pictures there.

The Red Indian got my attention. Why is he sulking?

Do you see a horn on the right side of The Last Supper? 

How every lady wishes to have this perfect bod as these mannequins? Sigh!!

Ballet dancing outfits I think. Very colorful

Myriad of T shirts.

Gautam found this interesting. Our Hindu Gods amongst skeletons and devils. 

False alarm and there were these 2 fire trucks with paramedics.

A light post in San Jose downtown. Loved these flowers. 

Overall, things have not changed a bit here. People are the same; doing the same things. The place is the same. I am at work; yeah; blogging instead of doing something constructive. I am going to do something productive now. Whats that? Go lunch!! :-D


  1. beautiful pics
    thanks for sharing

  2. was nice to meet you finally! you are exactly how i expected you to be. :-)

  3. Welcome. :)

    San Jose does not change. My part of the world changes in weeks. I came back from India and some woods were gone.

    You may want to expand FOB...what is your definition of FOB?

    Not many new migrants from India these days as American dream is over.

    Great pictures.

    Trust me this part of the USA is far better than San Jose....

  4. Gautam,

    Glad :-) I am happy meeting you as well. Thank heavens that you found me exactly the same you expected me to be and there were no shocks :-)

  5. A,

    Thanks :-)

    Oh woods gone? Thats sad. Let me not start a furor here by talking about FOBs :-)

    Yeah not many as compared to earlier. Thank you. I heard that your part of USA was secluded for Indians as compared to San Jose!!

  6. Insignia,

    This place is full of Indians....same like San Jose now. I am not sure if it is good of bad ...

  7. Oh!! Thats interesting. You got to tell. IS it good or bad ;-)

  8. my frans where there to study and are confused if its chennai with fariners or ameriga with indians

  9. Nice pictures and good description, but since I have not been there I cant say much.

  10. nice to read through this post..And i'm a car maniac too!!! lovd the pics

  11. very enjoyable post!..Now there are so many Indians in US in some cities that sometimes whenI will go grocery shopping at a particular time there will be 75% indians:)

  12. Good to know you are having a good time, meeting people you know , visiting places etc. Take care. It is really nice to read about your posts.

  13. anil,

    I am back around 1st week of October.

  14. soin,

    Confusion is bound to happen when you see everyone; right from CEOs to techies to servers to cab drivers being Indians!!

  15. Chowla sir,

    Thank you, glad you liked them

  16. Alice,

    Thank you. You a car maniac as well? Jeezz welcome to the group. Give me a Hi-5!!

  17. Samvedna,

    True. And silicon valley is full of Indians

  18. chitra,

    Thank you. Glad you like the post. I am having nice time and feels good to meet friends.

  19. oye u are enjoyin there uh!! Nice pictures...the pic of gods among devils is cool..may be it says everybody has god and a skeleton[devil] inside us!!

  20. Nice to see you thru CA. All the photographs are very good. Earlier, if I remember you have a dream of BMW. The car which you posted is very good and wish you to get the same very soon.

    Nice that you have met Gautam. Surprising, Gautam in his best clothes!!! I will not interfere in his surprised hug and your kiss on his shirt. That is called true affection.

    Pity to see our Indian Gods mixed with skeltons and devils. Only thing we can do, simply see and forget.

    Wish you all the best of luck in CA.

  21. nala nsoing ah?? koooool pics elam super, athavida super unga narration than! :)... unga rendavathu veedu mathiri aidichi :) !! send us more pics!

  22. Madame, I being your new follower..please follow me back :P

    nice to see you penning down everything..we have discussed it already..and I even told u what i want u to buy for me from that market :P :P

    and I even told you that it gave me the feeling of fashion street, Mumbai. even linking road bandra is ditto like this :D

    poor Gautam..

    hope you have a good stay there :)

  23. Glad you are having a nice time and meeting up with friends and all..

    I like the Beamer nice wud love to get one ..

  24. You are an easy rider, aren't you? Enjoyed reading your posts. Btw, came to your blog via Anil Kurup!

  25. Madhu,

    Yeah having fun. Thank you. The placing of God and Devil is random but as you said it makes one realize that we have both evil and good within us :-)

  26. Naidu sir,

    Thank you. Oh yeah, this BMW of my friend, both of us went together and bought it 3 years back. So its somehow special to me. Even though I didnt buy it; I was part of the buying process.

    Thank you; hope your wishes come true :-)

    Gautam himself was surprised to be in his best clothes. So I understand your surprise as well. Oh yes, he was sweet to welcome me with a hug and I didnt realize. But I am feeling sorry for his shirt; I messed up.

    The placing of Gods and devil was random; but it sort of was interesting.

    Thank you very much.

  27. Hary,

    aama aama. Thanks pa. Hmm apdidhan thonuthu. Thats what it seems. :-)
    Will update more :-)

  28. Senorita,

    For sure my lady! :-) I did not realize I must follow you back :-)
    Oh yeah, now that it seems I am used to all this to pen down....but I shall try.

    If it were first trip; then I would have more to write I guess.

    Yeah this looks very much like a fashion street. I will buy what you want :-)

    Thank you.

  29. Bikram,

    Thanks a lot. Its "bimmer" and not "beamer". Will write about it as well.

  30. Balachandran sir,

    Welcome to B Log. Oh yeah!! easy rider! very much :-)

    Thank you, glad you liked my blog. I noticed your comments on anil's and understood.

  31. wow what a super post...enjoyed reading and getting 2 know more abt silicon valley...the comparison abt change in india was very interesting..enjoy buddy..and do remember us..hhe:)

  32. Ramesh,

    Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed reading. How can I forget you folks? :0-)

  33. hey how do u get the energy yar? en shaktiyin rahasyam Boostaa??? heheh..i wonder u r der travelling so much and yet in touch with all of us..gr8 show..keep it up buddy:)

  34. Ramesh,

    Boost is the secret of my energy!! (flexing my almost non existent biceps) :-D

    Oh yeah I always end up finding time to keep in touch with ya all :-)

  35. California has become even more interesting now....I loved the BMW...tell your friend about it!!

  36. Lovely pics... I liked the denims and tops on the mannequins and the T-shirts are cool...
    Have a wonderful time!
    Cheers :)

  37. Shahid,

    Its always been interesting; nothing new :-)

    I shall surely convey to my friend. He will be delighted

  38. Shilpa,

    Thank you. Me loved them as well.

  39. very true, in Indian metros things do change a lot.
    enjoyed reading it:) and as ramesh asked whats the secret of ur energy. u arrived and already its so hectic.

    loved the last line. hehehe

  40. WD,

    Yeah India is fast changing. :-D Whats the secret of my energy....Hmmm.....Myself!! :-)

  41. Nice pics. And they take you to the US to blog? Let me join the firm:D

  42. Holy Lama,

    Thank you. Hahahaha I work smart you see. So I do find time to blog wherever I am!!

  43. Enjoyed your perspectives of the place...

  44. Lovely pictures! And good to see the Silicon Valley through your eyes!

  45. Tanvi,

    Thank you. Glad you liked my perspective :-)

  46. Oooh so its Californication for you!! :) Say hi to my office too for me ..They have a branch in Cali too :) Lovely pics.. I love lamp-posts too. hehehee.. Enjoy your time there. Take care Bindu!

  47. Funny. You travelled 3 years ago, when I did too.

    Again you did and me too. Commenting from Des Moines.

    (Hmm since your trips were 'frquent', I guess analogy doesn't entirely apply. Just a thought that came to me based on this and the post about your first travel earlier.)

  48. lostworld,

    Yeah yeah!! I shall sure say HI to your office on your behalf :-)
    Thanksa lot. I am trying my best to enjoy my time. Thanks much Rohitha :-)

  49. Stupidosaur,

    Oh yes!! I remember the post in which you mentioned about your travel and the Tila Tequila program.
    I traveled the same time last time. You are here again!!! Thats pleasantly surprising and what a coincidence.

    I am in the Bay area. :-) Have a nice stay and enjoy your work.


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