Monday, September 20, 2010

AR Rahman's Jai Ho Concert

Have not been going out to places much this time. Been to most places here during my previous trips and nothing much left out to explore. So indulging in different activities.

Its been attending music sessions all the way. One of them was AR Rahman's Jai Ho world tour concert that was held on 12th this month in Oakland. How could I ever miss!! I knew about it just couple of days before the concert and immediately got tickets booked. Wanted a seat very close to the stage so that I could see the action at a close range.

I have always wanted to see ARR in real. If I am getting a chance here; the last thing I would do is to miss that. Who doesn't like his music? Apart from that; I really like him as a person for he is humble and grounded. Ultimately; its not what you do but what you are as a person. I have immense respect for him just because of this.

That day, the BART to Oakland and the area was crowded with people; mostly Indians. The arena was nearly full; amazed that he was supposed to perform here in July and it was postponed. So I was sheer lucky to be here at the right time.  The show was grandeur; he was on stage most of the time. Performed really good songs; I dont recall what all; as I lapped up everything and anything he had to deliver.

I was flabbergasted; I could not comprehend if what I was witnessing was true or not. It was my dream to see a concert live and it was a surreal experience now that it is ARRs concert. His mom and his sister were 2 rows ahead of me; spoke to his mom. She is a lovely lady.

I should say I was totally disoriented throughout as I was not ready to believe where I was. He walked past me to the stage and when Gautam nudged me and said "He just walked past you. Did you notice?" I was like "huh!!...hmmm...errrr....who?" He was like "Rahman!! " and me "eh? ....ohh!! hmm..."

This was my reaction. Only confusion and shock. Couldn't believe!! This sort of disorientation has never occurred to me prior to this. He performed for "Irumbile oru idhayam" from Robot near the aisle I sat. During the fag end of the show, walked closed to the stage and saw him perform. Phew!!! I cant explain my happiness level. Managed to click few pictures without flash; camera was not allowed. But somehow managed to click few.

ARR, Blaaze and Benny Dayal. Dont know who the lady is

A solo drummer from the troupe.

A song from Rang De Basanti

The acrobatics were awesome as well.


This was a duet by Lataji and ARR. I loved this concept.

Forgot which song was this :-)

Hmm Black or White? I forgot again. But this was MJ number.

Performed a BGM from Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

This was a Jugalbandi session

Jai Ho!!

Vande Mataram.


  1. Super. I am glad you enjoyed the concert.

  2. Awesome review and pictures.

    Any videos that you can share?

  3. A,

    I didnt review it!!

    Just shared my experience.

    And no videos. Photography was not allowed, yet I managed to capture few pictures. Video was out of question!

  4. Insignia,

    Yes you shared your experience. But pictures tell the whole story. Now I know what exact to expect. Hariharan (my favorite), duet with Lata, the aerobatics with blue lights, Jughalbandhi, Vande Mataram....all the review is in the pictures.

    A picture is thousand words...but these pictures are more than thousand words plus you have pretty good coverage.

    So in my mind even if your intent was not review, it provides me pretty good insight what to expect on September 29 here in North Carolina.

  5. A,

    Thats great. If you have got more information than what I intended to share; excellent!

    But these are just few pictures and they are not exhaustive. There were lot of other songs with other artists as well. This is just a gist.

    Dont miss the concert; you are lucky few to have got the chance is what I would say. Enjoy!! :-)

  6. Hey,
    he just crossed you??? How could you miss him di..?
    The post would have been more interesting with the pic of you both.. ( just kidding ;-) )
    definately a moment to remember for a while.

  7. ingendhu ambutu dhooram poi nama ooru karara patheengala.. besh.. i still vivdly remember the unity of light concert. but the best has to be nothing but wind live concert of raja sir. over

  8. How much ever one praises this genius , it would fall short, such is his talent. Happy you could watch his live concert. Lucky you.

  9. Tell me, are you out there on work, really?
    I envy you

  10. one of my biggest dream is to watch him perform live...u are lucky to have seen him do that!

  11. He has made India proud and attending his concert must have been a life time experience.

  12. Anurag,

    Oh yeah!! And I realized it very late.
    It was unbelievable. A picture with him was not possible.

    I do have a picture with him in the background performing though :-)
    Its definitely an event to remember not just for a while; but throughout.

  13. soin,

    Aaama, even if he is from our place, it wouldnt be possible to see him at such a close range back in India. The first 100 feet would be reserved for politicians, their friends, relatives, VVIPs and hence cordoned off. Here I could see him so close.


  14. chitra,

    True! Yeah I am lucky :-)

  15. anil,

    Arre!! It was on a Sunday. Tell me why would I work on a Sunday :-)
    I make use of every chance, keep looking out for such chances :-D

  16. Madhu,

    Hope your dreams come true. I am without a doubt lucky!!

  17. Chowla sir,

    Yes, it was once in a lifetime experience; i was really lucky.

  18. You are so lucky. I want to go to a concert too. Btw, did u manage any videos?

  19. Harini,

    :-) Yeah I am!! No videos. Even photography was not allowed; somehow managed these few clicks :-)

  20. Cooooooooooooolllllll!! The memories of this show will be etched in your find forever! Glad that you had a great time!
    Cheers :)

  21. Oh good you got to go to the concert and happens! When you can't believe you're actually there and wonder on and off if it's all just a dream!!

  22. simply wonder u enjoyed the show..the photos r awesome..:)

  23. Insignia,

    Based on your post, I have decided to watch the show here. :)

    I think it is going to be awesome show here too.

    In all honesty, THANK YOU for posting this. For a family it could be a lot of money and there was no way for me to find an honest opinion that you provided. Best use of blogging realized here.

  24. I know how excited u were before the concert and elated after it :) i wanna see him perform live too..I have attended a few concerts before.. the most memorable one was that of Ustaad Sultaan Khan..I still remember each and every detail of it even though I attended it around 4 years back..

  25. Glad that you enjoyed ! Thank you for sharing !!


  26. Wow! I have been to an AR Rahman's concert and was in front seats.. It was mind blowing! Guess you must have enjoyed it as much you enjoyed it clicking..

  27. Shilpa,

    Yes it would be!! I had great time. Thank you. :-)

  28. RGB,

    Yeah! Exactly! I cant still believe.

  29. Jidhu Jose,

    :-) Welcome to B Log. Thank you :-)

  30. Ramesh,

    Thank you. Glad you liked the pictures. It was difficult to click with people jumping; and no flash. Yet, its decent.

  31. A,

    You must go!! Once in a lifetime experience. :-)
    My pleasure to share :-)

    Oh yeah!! I did enjoy the show a lot. I didnt even care what was sung or what was not. It was entertaining!!

  32. Neha,

    :-) Yeah!! You should not miss if you get a chance. At least; I enjoyed as I like his music a lot.


  33. hitwicked,

    Wow!! Did you? You can relate to my elation then!!
    Yeah! I did enjoy the show a lot

  34. great
    sure you enjoyed the show lot

  35. Rahman rocks!!!

    "He just walked past you..." Wow...I envy you ;p

  36. nama oorla pakala aana anga poi than parpom... :) i went to the o2 arena 2 months back... sema attakasam! first opening song was athiradeee from shivaji :)!! kalakals!

  37. Having fun, eh? Isn't it a surprise that you had to see our ARR in USA:)

  38. Shas,

    Yeah!! he rocks!

    He just walked past me and I did NOT realize!!! :-S

  39. Hary,

    Aama, namma orrla free-ya kittathula paaka mudiyathu. As I mentioned to soin, The first 100 feet would be reserved for politicians, their friends, relatives, VVIPs and hence cordoned off. Here I could see him so close.

  40. Hary,

    He sang 'Adhiradi' from Sivaji as well. :-) It was rocking. And also "Irumbile oru idhayam' from Robot

  41. Holy Lama,

    It was more than a surprise. I am blessed :-) Yeah, having fun as much as possible.

  42. What a night! You did all this when I was broke. All I feel is gratitude...

  43. Umm but i thought you still were lost then. :) Common, what gratitude and all that. Dont make it look silly now


    this post is such an apt place for this video link. what a nice person he is. what an amazing concert... thanks for putting your thoughts in to words and thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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