Saturday, September 11, 2010

This and That

I am having a writer's block. Tried writing on 3 different topics yesterday but I didnt get the flow. I drop it if I cant get myself to write within half hour.

It just takes me less than half hour to finish a post from start to end; I just write what I want to talk about and the words just flow;  I don't proof read it or edit it. As such, my mind is cluttered with lot of things; work and otherwise. I took a long vacation; which I will talk about in my next post.

I am yet to come out of my vacation bliss, I got to work; but my mind still visualizes that surreal and magical experience, and I still cant believe I went on a vacation to such an exotic place. The place is a suspense until next post :-)

So, until I get out of my block, you are spared thankfully from reading me. Few random pictures though

Tapping wind energy

Good bunch of grapes make good wine.

Surrounded by valleys with dry grass

Liked this landscape

Wines anyone? Merlot, Chardonnay, Zifandel, Petite Sarah, Port........

His name was Toby.

A good green bunch

Loved the cloud pattern

Cable car of San Francisco

He was all gold

The Pacific ocean

SFO skyline and the Bay bridge

Watch tower at Alcatraz

Nice place to live?

Water tank at the Alcatraz.

Tried to take a different picture with these flowery stem in the foreground and the SFO skyline as the background

The underground metro system. The BART goes under the Pacific for 7 minutes. Scary to think of it.

A nice looking building


  1. Good pictures and answers...

  2. Hey,
    finally i am among the first few ones to comment, it has been pleasure reading your blogs. :-)
    Nice pics, do they have anything to do with that place you visited.??

  3. A,

    Thanks. Answers??? Didnt get you.

  4. anil,

    Oh yeah. Enjoying in spite of neck deep work :-)

  5. Anurag,

    Welcome to B Log.
    :-) Yeah you are!! Thanks so much. I am glad you like my write ups. Though of late, havent written much

    These pictures are all random; I just clicked them in California

  6. I am sure your regular and well meaning posts are being missed here.
    It just happens at times that one is unable to get down to writing.Relax

  7. The 16th pic with the flower stems in the foreground of the SFO skyline....

    senior citizens
    George and Henrietta
    earlier of
    the Bay area.
    A bad health scare,
    son's job scare
    with Arnold,
    his budget cuts
    for teachers.

    for an organized
    from their
    assisted care
    Senior Home
    in Oakland.

    Now a bit bent,
    in Body,
    down to the essentials,
    and sturdy
    for their age,
    George turns
    a lost
    and barely attentive
    and says,
    that dinner
    at Ghirardelli Square ?".

    A Blank.

  8. ah writers''s not a block exactly..if you cannot write anything for more than a month, then call it a block :)

    loved the clicks..we have discussed that..I loved the landscape, those blue shades, cloud patterns, windmills and everything :P

  9. Brilliant web site, I had not come across previously during my searches!
    Continue the excellent work!

  10. You might have also noticed that I'm having a drought too. I can't write even if someone points a gun to my head. :)

    Good pics, especially the cloud pattern one.

  11. THe pics are nice and YOU in a block NO WAY ... not good aapka yeh hoga to mere jaison ka kya hoga haan...

    ANd looking forward to know all about that EXOTIC place.. I envy you sometimes getting to go to such places and I cant .. MAN I NEED A VACATION for like a YEAR ...
    Looking forward to reading the posts get them going hurrrryyyyy

  12. Lovely pics. I want to pluck that bunch :) It seems inviting. Waiting for your next post. Make that a travelogue :)

  13. All the pictures are good. Especially, the Toby, Green bunch, cloud pattern and all gold are too good.

    Best of luck to your writer's block.

  14. awesome photos boss..nice to c u r enjoying...keep the cheers buddy:)

  15. hey u've been missing..:) I noticed that!! Not a great sign though!

    u amaze me with the pictures all the time..the above were fantastic girl!

  16. hum intezaar karenge.....nice pics, they have compensated for ur writer's block...

    btw i liked toby's pic so have made it my mobile's wallpaper :)

  17. Loved your dog shot again! Apples looked so scrumptious!

    You are doing the right thing, not bothering about the block. Sure it will come back with all the renewed energy!

  18. Chowla sir,

    Oh thank you. :-) I know I miss writing them as well.
    Yeah, I dont want to force myself and compromise on my writing level.

  19. Ugich Konitari,

    Oh my, oh my! I am amazed at your talent. I read your poem more than 10 times now. Its fantastic, not many would understand your intent unless they knew bit about CA politics and SFO area. But its so fabulous!

    Your words bring more life to my picture, I must say I am honored. Thank you very much. Please go ahead and use it if you want to :-)

  20. Neha,

    :-P I feel I am blocked if I cant write 2 posts a week :-P
    Yeah, I know what all you liked a lot in these set :-)

  21. kish,

    You are in drought for a pretty long time boy!!
    Glad you liked the pics :-)

  22. Bikram,

    Thank you. Yes, I am having writer's block. Aap tho bahut hi acha kar rahe ho..posts coming up one after the other. Keep going!!

    The EXOTIC place; will be surprised. :-)
    Dont envy, pack and bags and go!! No use of envying me!! :-)

  23. ajay,

    Thank you. Oh no!! Flowers and plants not to be plucked.
    I want to make it a travelogue. But not sure if I should put it on the blog. Lets see

  24. Naidu sir,

    Thank you. Glad you liked them. :-)

  25. Madhu,

    Yeah I was missing. It was really good for me. Got a nice vacation :-D
    I am glad you like my pictures. :-)

  26. G3,

    Thanks girl. I am glad you liked the pictures.
    Oh!! You like that guy Toby? Nice!! I hope he is behaving well on your mobile phone :-)

  27. Bala sir,

    Thank you. The dog was so good to restrain.
    The apples arent ripe yet; but they did look scrumptious to me as well

    Yes, I am hoping to come back alive and kicking soon

  28. Good to see those wind farms.
    It is one of the best methods to harness natural resources.

  29. Umm Californian wine!!!! The photo of the wine cellar. I forgot to mention ,has stirred my taste buds for the content.

  30. A picture can scream a thousand words ! Silently !

    Well done !

  31. Kavi,

    :-) Thank you. Glad you liked them all

  32. nice pictures. hope u get over ur writers block soon. i loved the wine barrel photo. reah the poem written on the other pic on 'strewn ashes'. nice :)

  33. Beautiful pictures..aspecially..A good green bunch!!!

  34. Hmmm....Pretty good post with the conditions given.

  35. nangalum antha block than :( !!! so etho mokaya kalatha ootrom !ipo enga? bang vanthacha?

  36. Writer's block aye? Tell me about it! Been tied up with work, holiday(s), kids...haven't been able to get myself to write! Loved every picture up here. Waiting eagerly to read about your trip :p

  37. Chandana,

    Thanks. Oh yeah!! Waiting to get over it soon. :-)

  38. Samvedna,

    Thank you. Glad you liked them. The good green bunch of apples if from a tree which belongs to a very dear friend of mine

  39. Hary,

    Sad :-( Hope you get over it soon.

    Still in California, my visit might get extended!!

  40. RGB,

    Yeah :-( Hope you come out it soon. Thank you, glad you liked the pictures.
    My trip, yes!! yo will read very soon :-)

  41. woooaaaa super cool pictures :D beautifullll

  42. like the way you showed the difference,
    it shows the freedom of speech and profession, here in India also we can do it but problem is here it is even crime to name a shop if it has same in Pakistan.

  43. sm,

    Yup, I agree. Wont work back in India :-)


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