Wednesday, September 22, 2010


When you have lot of work in hand, or when you are feeling so tired and your body is not cooperating; you happen to lay your hands on an old photo album or a nearly torn letter or that one page of a book in which is hidden a dried rose but still exuding that volatile fragrance...............................Your eyes sparkle and your lips bloom with a faint smile.

I bet this must have happened at least once to each of us. When you are frantically searching for some important document; you come cross an old letter from your friend; when you are searching for some important email; you have that one last "Good Bye" mail from your loved one. Then, you forgot that important work waiting for you and get lost in time and thoughts.

However bitter those moments were; how much ever pain and sorrows those moments caused; reminiscing them brings a smile on your lips even though tears flow out. You recall those days of intense emotions and true feelings. Now, it would seem silly or funny. It would make you wonder "Aww!! we fought for such a stupid thing!! " or "Oh! I was a die hard pursuer, wasn't I?" It would make you chuckle "Gosh!, Did I express such intense feeling for him/her?"

Its not that the feelings were false, its just that you have evolved. You learn from it and move it. The feelings remain but its not as intense as it were earlier and it loses its relevance as you move on.

After few years, you get an opportunity to meet the same person; when things have changed with each other and each one seemed to have moved on; there is that pinch within you whenever those days come in to your picture. If you have a very good photographic memory; when you could recall each and every moment; then its a test to your restraining capability and will power not to get intoxicated by the person's presence. You try hard not to go overboard and not get exhilarated.

I was reading few emails this morning at 12.30 instead of sleeping. My body wanted to hit the sack; but I carried on reading emails after emails; 3 years older ones; most of them seemed silly now. But how much sense it made then; how serious I was when typing each word then; how it came from the bottom of my heart. But now; it seemed funny.

Oh yeah! I attended a karoke club anniversary show this Saturday where my dear friend sang as well. It was a 6 hour show and being passionate about music, my senses were treated with wonderful songs. Here is a piece of one of the songs he sang. If he comes to know that I put it here; I don't know what his reaction would be.

So folks, hear to it and depending on the comments I get; I will decide whether to confess my action to him or keep it under wraps. :-P

The video and the audio quality is not that great as it was captured with my camera. Yet, its pretty decent, so please put up with the quality :-)

By the way, the song just suits this post.


  1. Hey,
    could not locate the song., :-( .may be its because i operate through mobile..
    In between that,your post made me rembr some old memories.

  2. Awww. How touching! I also have experienced the same thing. Read an old email or see an old picture and I start to reminisce about the first time I met that person. I could describe the way I met, where we were sitting, and what was the conversation. Some people who you meet just casually for 10 minutes become your lifelong friend. As usual, you expressed it very well.

  3. you already know what I think about his singing..ah I am tired of writing the same kinda comments each time..

    memories always remain alive in our hearts..those old letters and mails remind us so many things..those school diaries, photographs, a few people are never actually forgotten..they might be faded but it all comes back to you :)

    the beauty and irony of nostalgia is that the things we cried for make us laugh and things we laughed about make us cry!!

  4. Anurag,

    Dont forget to hear to the audio :-)
    Thats sweet; hope those old memories brings a smile! :-)

  5. SG,

    Yeah most of us do experience this. I dont forget things generally. Thank you.

  6. Neha,

    Yeah you said 'He sings bloody awesome'
    I used the same phrase to him and told that one of my friend said this.

    He was surprised that I shared the video to anyone even before he saw it. Anyway, yeah as you said, the effect maybe dilute but it still stays.


  7. Insignia,

    Very very touching post. At time when wife finds old letter/ pictures, she cries. Men don't show it but do become emotional.

    Good post.

    I think you should tell your friend. If he is a good friend, he won't mind. If he is not a good friend, you don't care then. In both cases, you got nothing to lose. But if you don't tell your friend and he finds some other way, he may not like it.


    PS:- His singing seems pretty good. If you get a second chance, record the audio directly from Music system - I mean take RCA cable and connect Camera and Music system directly.

  8. A,

    Thank you. I know, men think they should not cry!!

    Oh regarding my statement on not telling my friend; I was just kidding. He is a very close and dear friend who wouldn't mind this. Just FYI; he is the owner of that BMW I talked about.

    I cant take the liberty of recording that way. They did record the program and if I get that video; shall surely share.

    Thank you for your views

  9. That was a nice post .I always go in a reminiscing mood and enjoy the moments.
    I could not hear the song:(

  10. Hi Insignia,
    had posted a not know if it got posted.Ok shall come back to chk,take care.

  11. we have a habit of always being mushy about past..I have some cards sent to me 40 yrs back:)

  12. chitra,

    Thank you. But why could you not hear the song? I want to know if it were due to any problem with my upload here.

  13. Samvedna,

    Oh 40 years is a long time!! Glad you still have them.

  14. will come back and hear the song. on the post, yeah you are so right!
    btw sometimes even old blog posts have the same effect:)

  15. nice post
    tried to listen full song but stop it after half.
    he should try Indian Idol and face Annu Malik

  16. Yeah...even the least sensitive and emotional of people are bound to be carried away by such reminiscences (that includes me!). Love that song. And hey, your friend sings really well :)

  17. I have had that feeling so many times! What seemed 'life or death' a few years ago seems so funny now, I guess, that's how life is, we move on! :)

    Your friend is not Mozart, but he definitely sang from his heart and that shows :)

  18. Now I did hear the song.thanks. But only a wee bit.

  19. You can say it again! It happened few days ago...was looking for something important and saw the cards/letters KG and I had shared during our courtship days... I was reading and smiling with tears flowing... It was wonderful going back in time!! :)

  20. wise donkey,

    Long time no see!! Welcome back.
    Oh yes!! You said it right; happens with blogs as well :-)

  21. sm,

    Thank you. Oh He is in the USA. I would suggest your idea and ask him to try in American Idol.

    Facing Anu Malik?? Oh poor thing, spare my friend!!

  22. RGB,

    Yeah :-) Thank you. I shall convey your views to my friend. He will be encouraged further!

  23. Destiny's child,

    :-) Exactly!! Life takes us through those paths as if it were life and death and few years down the lane, it all seems so funny!

    Thank you; he is passionate about music. He is not trained; without that he sings this much. Guess its appreciable. Thanks again.

  24. chitra,

    Glad :-) Wee bit is better than not hearing at all :-) Hope you liked it

  25. Shilpa,

    Aww so sweet. It is a wonderful thing really.

  26. I second each n every line here.. Its sometimes very nostalgic, sometimes old memories bring on a smile, and sometimes smile is accompanied by tears of joy.
    Your frnd sings well.. He has a good voice quality.. Give him my good wishes ;)

  27. Shesha,

    Thank you. these are those moments when words fail you; all you have is smile and tears. I shall convey your views to my friend. He will appreciate it. Thanks much.

  28. Past... Phew...

    Always sweet and naughty in my case..:P

    Memories are meant to be cherished again and again and again. Otherwise they won't last..:)

    Nice thing taken up. Reminds me of the past..:P



  29. nothing like going through old stuff u know?

    i read old mails too..especially those chlidhish rantings and those first love..about to get hitched chats..and all those i hate him waalah frustrations..

    can u ask for a better stress buster?

  30. Couldn't open the audio clip earlier. Heard it just now. True, memories are what we treasure most. and it happens many a time that you stop searching for that important thing one you land on an old card, book, letter, certificate.
    Loved the post thoroughly

  31. I did read my old mails few weeks ago and I agree with you that they seem pretty funny now.

    PS: Your friend's singing is pretty good.

  32. In some movie I heard the dialogue "Every time I read a book, the author steals some part of me which I thought was uniquely mine". And that's how I feel when I go through many of your posts. How you type out in words what I think, how I'd feel about certain things etc :)
    I started reading the post in a hurry, but then I dissolved in it. I'm not watching the video now though.. I'm a miser for bandwidth ;)

  33. beautifully expressed..memories never fade even if time passes :) atleast the nice feel-good moments! I really love reading old letters.

  34. yeahh it happen all the time... will check mail for something imp and then get totally lost in the bakwas converstaions I had with friends ... watching the video now :D

  35. Loved the post.. and yeah the song as well :-)

  36. Nipun,

    :-) Sweet and naughty eh? Hmmm.....
    Good good, now enjoy the past :-)

  37. Madhu,

    Yeah. Hahaha those sort of conversations I dont have with me.. Does it bust stress? good for you.

  38. Holy Lama,

    Yes, what seemed to be an important search is long forgotten and these memories take the precedence. I am glad you liked the post.

  39. Nethra,

    Yes, they are funny now isnt it?

    Thanks, shall convey this to my friend. :-)

  40. et,

    This is a huge compliment for me. I am so glad that my words give life to your thoughts. This is the best compliment I have ever had.

    :-) Take care boy!

  41. lostworld,

    Thank you. I really love reading old letters, chat conversations, looking at old photos

    It feels so good.

  42. Meety,

    Glad you liked them. Thank you

  43. @insignia ..i read your past 3 articles .its so staright from the heart yaar.i really lol for "If it happens in India"that was really funny. and rehman concert was also nice. wow those pictures u clicked were so nice..such closeup ones..gud!wish i culd have gone ..i would have actually ,if my son culd have stayed for tht long... anyways this post was also pretty gud. i have so many memories whcih i sit back and reminisce line from your write up really suited me well ."photographic memory of your loved one.." i had a crush during my college days ..i really reminisce tht even today.very personal!!huh!

  44. hey yes..ur friend's was gud.. i think u should confess!

  45. raji,

    Welcome to B Log :-) Makes me happy when I receive comments as these. Yes, whatever I write, I write it straight from my heart and I mean every word :-) Maybe thats why it affects so many people.

    "If it happens in India" was a fun post with a message.

    ARR's concert - oh!! that was my dream come true.

    Reminiscences, yeah thats what my intention was. To take back readers to their reminiscing moments :-) Glad you liked them all..

    Yeah just after reading your comment, I called my friend and confessed. :-)

  46. Hi Insignia!
    This is my first visit to your blog and I must say, your posts are amazing!

    You express your thoughts and views so well, that while reading each and every line I have to nod my head in accord.

    Reminiscences are necessary once in a while to make you happy.

  47. Enigma,

    Welcome to B Log. Thanks for your wonderful comments. I am so glad you liked the posts.

    I just try to express the way I feel and fortunately seems that most of us are on the same lines :-)

    Keep visiting


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