Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pray for me Brother :-P

Ayudha pooja is an integral part of Dasara in southern India. Its celebrated on the ninth day or Navami. Its on this day tools and weapons and various other equipments are worshiped.
Everyone worships their tools; whatever it would be. School kids worship their books, an auto driver his auto, public transport system folks their buses and trains, farmers their ploughs and sickles and so on.

I just saw a Fitness center and there! my thoughts were flooded with ideas. What would each one pray when they worship their tools.

A fitness center owner while worshiping his treadmill will pray that people lose their belly fat slower so that he has more business.

A barber while worshiping his scissors and blades would pray that people's hair grew faster and thicker.

A dentish while worshiping his mouth mirror and dental drills would pray that more people got tooth aches and plaques.

A tire puncture fixer while worshiping his deflated tires and tools would pray more and more tires got punctured.

A beautician while worshiping her hair dyes and facial creams would pray that more women get blemishes and dark circles under their eyes.

A fruit juice vendor while worshiping his mixer and juicer would pray that people got thirsty frequently.

A banker while worshiping his registers would pray that he gets to earn more interests.

A tailor while worshiping his sewing machine would pray that people grow fatter faster.

A software professional while worshiping his laptop would pray he fixes more bugs and in turn put in few more bugs :-P

A lawyer while worshiping her law books would pray more people committed crimes and break laws. :-P Someone is smiling eh?

A media journalist while worshiping the camera and teleprompter prays that actors and actresses broke up and hooked up more often :-)

A garbage collector while worshiping his shovel would pray people disposed fewer trash.

Finally a blogger while woshiping his blog would pray more people visit his/her blog and leave more and more comments :-D

PS : This is just an illogical humorous post. Please dont ask me logical questions in the comments section. (Updated after reading few comments)


  1. what will a cemetery digger pray for?

    More deaths??


  2. hey,

    I definitely agree with you on your last point. ;)

    while the journalist,software professional n lawyer planted a smile on my face. :)
    lovely post.

    and Happy belated durga puja. ;)

  3. Nice narration. I wonder what God would be praying? Make everybody's life miserable so I can keep myself busy listening and sometimes acting upon their prayers!

  4. Interesting observations.
    Tell me what tool will a politician worship?And what would he pray?

  5. I think God heard your prayers and I came early morning to write my comment :)

  6. Makk,

    He will pray that he gets more land so that he doesnt have to reopen a grave!!

  7. Anurag,

    Thanks. Belated durga puja to you as well :-)

  8. SG,

    Thanks. Well I dont believe God solves people's issues when he didnt create the issues. So I pass.

  9. anil,

    thanks. Nah not observations. Just funny illogical thoughts.
    Politicians brain is too corrupted for me to analyze. I pass :-)

  10. chitra,

    Hahaha that was a good one :-)

  11. Thanks. But we all believe everything (good and bad) is created by God. And, He/She controls everything. Therefore, I think He/She created the issue.

    Don't want to create another argument here. You mentioned God as a He. Today is Vijayadasami Day. Just returned from Livermore Temple after praying Kanaga Durgai Amman. And, "He" is a "She".

  12. but with out deaths..he wont get to dig anyway???

  13. SG,

    I am a Passive worshiper. Anyway check my PS :-)

  14. Makk,

    Please check my PS. Thanks.

  15. Thanks for your PS. I appreciate your honesty. I really prayed for my family and dearest friend.

  16. Good one!! Interesting prayers!! :)

  17. what is Insignia praying for? :P

  18. now, this was a humorous come people are asking you questions? anyway, that's the irony of blogworld..people take you seriously when you're joking and vice versa!

    great lines and know, earlier, old people prayed - bhagwan tumhe court aur police station ke chakkar nahi katwaye..lawyers changed this prayer to - bhagwan tumhe civil court ke chakkar katwaye :P

    the reason behind it - one of the oldest cases going on in court is that of 2 young chaps - one is lawyer n other is a's a porperty matter..the suit was originally filed by client's grandfather n fought by lawyer's grandfather :P

  19. SG,

    :-) Thats really sweet of you to pray for your friend as well.

  20. Shilpa,

    Hope they dont really pray this way :-D

  21. Neha,

    Insignia is praying know :-P

  22. Neha,

    Yes, I dont why I am being asked logical questions :-S
    Hahaha, poor client and poor lawyer :P

  23. My dear friend,this is amongst the most logical and humorous post from you.
    Why mustn't all these professionals wish the best for themselves?They must.

  24. a blogger while woshiping his blog would pray more people visit his/her blog and leave more and more comments :-D haha good one yar..btw.i remember our discussion of course..but u forgot what i told lol..know what? after the meeting the Ambassador went to abu dhabi by Rolls Royce..and me walked down home after sipping chai at roadside kerala tea shop..biting reality...cheers n wishes buddy

  25. Chowla sir,

    :-) Thank you. I doubted it for a moment if it was humorous or not :-P

    Yeah!! shouldn't they? :-D It makes sense huh! :-)

  26. Ramesh,

    :-) Thank you. Awww yeah ultimately thats the reality and we have to live with it :-)

    But I bet you would have enjoyed the moment of sipping tea from a roadside shop and walking home than the ambassador cruising in a Rolls Royce. Isnt it? :-)

    But good job really! Keep up! :-)

  27. A,

    Glad you got the humor :-) Thank you.

  28. Lol...And I hope you write more of such funny posts :D

  29. Destiny's child,

    :-) Oh yes have to polish my funny bones and keep it on display :-D

  30. ahhaha good explanation friend...thanks for yr hapy u right..but know what...cribbing is also enjoyment hahaha...

  31. hahahahahahahah....

    well I knew that already.. just what is it right??



  32. Ramesh,

    :-) Cribbing is also fun yeah!! Happy cribbing :-P

  33. LOL..i wont ask u anything..for i just know what exactly u mean!

  34. Liked that one about the Blogger....

  35. Haddock,

    Well, its true most times :-)

  36. Interesting take. Had a hearty laugh, thank you.

  37. RGB,

    Thanks, glad you liked it :-)

  38. Why did you leave us poor doctors?Do I have to tell you what we pray for?

  39. dr.anthony,

    Oh!! I forgot huh! Sorry about that. Next time, I will see to it that I dont spare you folks :-P

  40. A lawyer while worshiping her law books would pray more people committed crimes and break laws. :-P Someone is smiling eh?
    Ha ha ha!
    This post made me smile a wee bit more yaar. :-)

  41. Gautam,

    Hahaha I was hinting at - you know who? :-)

  42. "tha-thas-thu"

    how can i not leave a comment here now?!

  43. shalini,

    Lol! I forgot what I 'prayed' for. Was wondering about your comment and had to read the post again :)


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