Friday, October 15, 2010

Whats up with Insignia?

I am back!!!

Back in Bangalore after 2 months of hard work. :-P Yeah, lot of hard work with leisure thrown in. These 2 months were very eventful and productive.

Successfully finished work at office and done with all the extra responsibilities for which I was sent to the Untied States. My manager happy; his manager happy; my peers happy. Me happy!!

Along with mastering new technology; helped my friend with one of his subject for his MS program. It was Finance!! Now I do not know ABC or ZYX of Finance, but after seeing him struggle with his office work, guitar classes, Hindustani music practice, MS classes, writing classes, gym and workout sessions, badminton sessions, karaoke sessions....phew!!....I decided to give him a helping hand. Initially he told me that I had to read up few things and explain him; as he loses concentration while reading. Later; he was too happy to give his assignments to me and I was too happy to do it. Financial Analysis of a very large IT firm.

Assets, Revenue, Operating Margin, Net income, Liquidity, Solvency, Debt to Equity Ratio, ROA, ROI, ROE, stock repurchase, Market Cap, Financial Leverage, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement, income statement, diluted earnings per share, long term debt, net profit margin, shareholders equity, operating expenses..........errrr..................all these new jargon, understanding them and concluding about the company's financial status and its future was a challenging and exciting experience for me. They still haunt me in my dreams. They sneak in and peek into my regular job when I am designing my technical stuffs! Its weird when I think of network interfaces or disks read and write and wonder what is the Return on Assets on the network interface or disks!!

Did 3 assignments, and they fetched him over 95% grade. I was way too happy. Oh yeah, I taught him as well :-D
Got a copy of those assignments as a souvenir :-P

My situation - Finance and Server Virtualization with Storage. Cant get any extreme as these. 

Next, I did some traveling. Learning new things about the place, the country, the culture and the people always amazes me. Its an experience; no two places are the same. Each one has its own uniqueness and identity. Met people, got amused by their stories and background, was wondering about few things I could not comprehend, made new friends, got some souvenirs as well. Our world is so beautiful; lucky to have seen few gorgeous places. I would suggest each one to pack your bags and get lost!! Ache your legs, sprain your back, get tanned, get bitten by mosquitoes, eat local food, try communicating when you dont know the language, soak in the unknown, lose yourself in the process and discover a new self :-)

Did not visit any place in the States this time. Instead, spent time doing other activities. Helped my friend pack and shift to a new home. Attended music sessions and hear amateurs sing non stop 6 hours.  My friend warned me that even if I didnt like people shouting(read singing); I need to stay put. But I so loved it; so much passion and dedication.

Attended AR Rahmans concert. Have already posted about it. It will be one of the surreal experiences of my life. I cant get myself to believe I saw him perform live and close!

Oh yeah, watched Rajnikant's Endhiran in the Bay area. Boy!! Rajni fans are Rajni fans be it anywhere in the world. There was fun, festivity sort of atmosphere; people clapping, dancing and cheering even before entering into the multiplex. The American staffs could not comprehend the excitement specially on that day. They found it hard to control the crowd; which lacked discipline. Dressed impeccably and driving Lexus and Porsches and BMWs and Nissans, but behaving like a tapori!! Rajnikant can make it happen. When Rajni came on screen, there were cries and shouts and whistles.....from the ladies as well. Incessant shouts of "Thalaivaaa...."  and "Suuupppeeer" most times. It was more like watching Rajni's movie in India, never seemed like the USA.

16 hours of non stop flight to Dubai from San Francisco was such a wonderful journey. I recommend it to all :-P
No jet lags, I am fine and kicking!

Will continue with my experiences of travel and observations. Oh yeah, my vacation went well. Where I went? To MAURITIUS :-D


  1. ah, those finance terms are better than those codes u sent me to decode..remember? grrrrrrrrrrr :P

    what an eventful journey..and i know your vacation destination..lucky girl..well, turkey may happen for it? :P

    do let me know :)

  2. :D :-D You remember why I gave those codes? You offered to help me! :-P


    Turkey you said??? Why do you even ask? Just tell me when and I will be packed and all set :-D

  3. Welcome back home.
    In fact your posts were all beautiful work .The photographs too.
    Keep blogging.

  4. Thanks anil.

    Home already :-) Feels nice.
    I shall continue my journey. Wait for my next post! You will sure appreciate it :-)

  5. I am glad you are back home safely. From software to number crunching...interesting.

    Waitng to hear about Mauritius.

  6. Thanks SG. Yeah, number crunching and analysis. It was cool.

    Mauritius yes, I will write about it :-)

  7. Great to see you back and you have gained so many things, Became a good teacher too. Hope I could whistle for you.... Even if I do you may not hear it. :)

  8. Welcome back!! So much action in two months!! Simply Suuuupppeerrr!!
    Looking forward to Mauritius now!
    Cheers :)

  9. chitra,

    Thank you :-) Gained a lot...lost some weight :D

    whistle? Thats so sweet. Common, I will join you as well :-)

  10. Shilpa,

    Thanks so much. Hehehehe yeah!! Sure thing, I will share my travel experiences :-)

  11. Mauritius... wow! I need pictures asap :P. And yeah, after Doe i stopped bothering to read financial codes and skipped to the non bolded part :P. Yes, rajini's fans will be same any where. Let the Americans get the flavor of Desi way to watch a movie. How was Mauritius? I hope you write a very detailed post soon :).

  12. 2 months of hard work?! I thought you were trekking all the time in Costa Rica! ;)

    Turkey? Mauritius? You are talking Greek!

    Welcome home! :)

  13. Lucky girl. A nice trip was that you made..And you dint waste your opportunity..conveyed the feel of the travel to us through remarkable posts..congrats

  14. Harini,

    Yes, I will post them sooner :-)
    Hahahaha finance is so boring huh!

    Mauritius was exotic and fantabulous. I will share my experience :-)

  15. Bala,

    Yes, believe me!! :-) I worked hard for 2 months. I trekked more harder in Costa Rica :-P

    Hahaha, now didnt I mention Bali, Egypt and Sri Lanka? :-D

    Thanks so much, nice to be back home :-)

  16. Tomz,

    :-) Thank you. I am glad you liked them.

  17. Around the world in eighty days...

  18. wow wow wow...real proud of u...keep the cheers buddy..lots to learn from your hard work and enthu...:)

  19. Harish,

    Welcome to B Log :-)

    Around the world in eighty days? Hope your words come true for me..not the eighty days thing, but around the world thing :-)

    Keep visiting.

  20. Insignia,

    Who are you....some people say Jack of all trade, Master of None...I would say you are Master of all trades...Server Virtualization is hard then helping to get 95 percent in Finance that you learned to and of course you are a master blogger....

    We are proud of you.

  21. welcome back....:P :) India calling eh??

    U sure had one hell of a trip girl..:) It was evident!

    Rajni is rajni..anywhere,any par of the world..:) :)

    MAURITIUS? OMG! Cool..:) U couldnt have asked for more..:)

  22. wohooo!!
    So many terms...::P
    I thought finance was all about debit and credit..:)
    US and Mauritius...:)
    Even i want to visit these countries.

    Lets see when i get a chance.



    p.s Welcome to India Insignia..:)

  23. what a whale of a time !! Finance to Frisco !!

    Fantastic !!


  24. Good to see you back and I am sure you will want to go back.You are lucky,work--pleasure--learning all put together.
    Incidentally, after my son did his CA, I did learn few words about finance

  25. maja maadu:P
    Mauritius bere hogidiya. Don't forget these times. Keep writing about them. 10 years down the line, you can show your kids:P

  26. A,

    Awww I cant take this. I am not as versatile as you say. I know all in bits and pieces :-)

    Thank you so much for your kind words :-)

  27. Madhu,

    Thank you :-) Yeah India called :-)
    Yes, these 2 months were really very memorable.
    Yes, I couldnt have asked for more :-)

  28. Nipun,

    Yeah, isnt it scary!
    Finance is lot lot more than just credit and debit..Thats what even I thought. Yes, you should visit them when you get a chance.

    Thanks so much :-)

  29. Kavi,

    "Finance to Frisco" I liked this phrase :-)

    Thank you.

  30. Chowla sir,

    Thank you. Yeah, I would want to go back; its a break from regular routine and welcoming. :-) Awesome, you must know a bit of finance then :-)

  31. kish,

    dhanyavadagalu. :-)
    Yes, yes, these are unforgettable and of course would journal them...for my kids and grand kids :-P

  32. The conclusion is inspiring.. everything from how you manage to learn new things to how you take time to explore whole new geographies and cultures. I shall make it a point to pursue your ways :D :)

  33. et,

    Thank you; its not conclusion yet :-P

    I am honored that someone wants to pursue my ways :-) All the best. :-D

  34. finance and codes- nice combination. so, how may mile did you cover this time around?

  35. Holy Lama,

    Nice you say? :-) Oh many miles? Let me calculate. Its 31982 miles :-D

  36. You are up to too much and how! I must say you are real good soul helping that guy with his assignments...what I wouldn't do to have a friend like you! ;)

  37. Destiny's child,

    :-) Hahahaa nice of you to say that. I also learnt new things; so win-win :-D

  38. Finance & Codes are both 'Greek & Latin' to me. And you managed to get your friend such wonderful grades, inspite of having to figure it out yourself for the first time? Tussi great ho!

    Costa Rica and now Mauritius? I envy you, though I'm sure you deserve the vacation(s) and everything! Enjoy your trip and share it with us, your usual style with pictures and the works, so I can make up for the lost miles :)

  39. RGB,

    :-) Oh yeah, nothing great about it ji. Interested to learn new things and it got me going. It was really fulfilling to be learning, teaching and helping with assignments. :-) And seeing the grade made me smile.

    I will definitely share my trip experiences. :-)


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