Friday, October 29, 2010

Procrastination can wait

Is it my fault that I don't have a Friday the way Robinson Crusoe had?  

Or is it my fault if the calendar moves so fast!!

Of all the skills that I have acquired over years; my best skill would be the art of procrastination.

How else would one justify my deferring in backing up of data residing on my laptop even though I had my external HDD with me all the time? The result - my system crashed!!

Its another story that my 2 greatest digital treasure packages - vast collection of music and photographs were backed up. But the notes related to technical work at office? What about them? They are all gone! Who cares. :-P

Things can wait my dear! If I can do stuffs more efficiently tomorrow; why do it today and end up clumsy? With time, you gain experience. Likewise; tasks done tomorrow than today turn out better and perfect as you would have gained some more experience.

See, I will tell you how. Why wash your car today when it could get a better wash when it rains tomorrow? But its not an easy art let me warn. You got to be focused, dedicated and sincere and believe the mantra "DO IT LATER". Start off on simple tasks.

Laundry? Nah...I have some more clothes for the next 10 days..So LATER.

Dishes? I am bored with my cooking. I am eating out, dont need of dishes......So LATER

Bath? I just got a limited Edition of Davidoff Cool water Frozen...Want to test it effect.....So LATER

Some call it a disease. I feel pity on those poor naive mortals. Whats fun in finishing tasks on time? Have you experienced the thrill in starting late for a Rajnikant's movie? You drive and zip across, honk, bite your nails and wish how you had Rajnikant's speed!! If you did not know; it has been scientifically proved that he travels faster than light. A copy of the report is on its way to heaven for Einstein to read.

Folks! does anyone of you know how tough it is to be idle? How we must fight hard to convince ourselves that putting off until tomorrow would sure be a huge benefit? How tough it is to hold off an otherwise tempting task? It needs oodles of grit to say LATER.

I feel depressed when I hear the word END. I do not like the term STOP. I neither like to FINISH nor do I use the UNIX command KILL.  DEADLINES are unreasonable and an END is unceremonious. STOP is rude and KILL is heartless.

Procrastination is my virtue; SOMEDAY I shall set up a society exclusively for it.

Procrastinating has its benefits; I will write about them TOMORROW

I wish to be a seasoned procrastinator; HOPEFULLY sometime in FUTURE.

I believe in MIRACLE and a better TOMORROW and I have HOPE.

I shall WAIT until the LAST MINUTE!



    I am procrasting...I will put comments tomorrow.....:)))))))Tomorrow that never somes.....

    (Your new tempalte is awesome....just one little change you may want ...change color of text of 'B-LOG'....just that part.

    I like white background with black...very easy to read.

  2. I have a habit of procrastinating....specially for things i m not interested to do...:)
    but dont know,should call it a bad habit or good....:)
    wanna know its benefits...:)

  3. 'Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get
    tired'!. :D
    Thus spake Zarathustra Balachandra!

  4. I am also learning the art of procrastination and gradually becoming a master of it...

  5. I think i m coming after a long much has changed...d template, ur display pic is very nice...ek hee change nahi huva n that is ur posts...still d same writing style, lil sense of humor n whole lot of observations :) kitne din durr rehti tumhare blog se

  6. very well written
    new template is good . Just change the place or color of BLOG which is in header or change the font size.
    what ever possible.

  7. Procrastination?

    In any case you do it later!!

  8. Hey,

    i just did the delay work; when i could have read and commented yesterday, i took the step today. ;)
    you see, your blog doesn't have a deadline,so...

    "if i can do stuffs more efficiently tomorrow ; why do it today and end up clumsy." never heard of such lines. ;)
    Its dangerous for me to follow these...even my chem. prof remarked me as a 'lazy boy' in the class.
    I believ theres much more after this,
    INTERESTING topic to pen down.
    We do share the same reactions regarding deadlines issues. :)

    just made a friend which broked every single limit of 'procrastination'..(its so long word,i was avoiding it,but felt it should be mentioned atleast once.)

    the blog's looking good with new template,the previous one was not bad either.

  9. damn its really hard to be in office with no work and pretend you are busy so that no one axhually gives us work. and for procrastination, i challenge you. to start with clothes washed once in 6

  10. wowieezz...nice templte girl..:) Can u tell me how u add on ur signature to ur post..
    is that a gadget?? couldnt find it on my blog though..:(

    Shall i comment tommorow?? LOl Now that ive already done it..:P :D

  11. You are not alone. I will take a life membership in your society. I wouldn't mind becoming an office bearer,either.

    I have never sent an application before the last date,or without fine.And I make sure to prepare my presentations,the same morning,even if I were given a months notice.

    "One of the greatest labor-saving inventions of today is tomorrow."

  12. I want to learn the skill of procrastination, that way my hypertension will come down, Nice post. I think you are challenging Stephen Covey.

  13. A,

    :-) Well, you are allowed to procrastinate :-P

    Thanks for the suggestion on the template. I am out of touch on HTML/XML.

    I need to figure out where the font color for "B Log" is defined and make changes. Will do so.

  14. clouds,

    Thats understandable :-) Its a good habit; its fun!!
    Dont worry :-D

  15. Bala,

    Yup!! Thanks for the gyan Zarathustra Balachandra :-D

  16. G3,

    Aaaha see who's back! :-) Kyon gayi durr G3? Bahut miss kiya miane :-(

  17. sm,

    thanks so much. Yup! I shall do that sooner. :-)

  18. anil,

    I plan to do that sometime later :-)

  19. Anurag,


    You should practice procrastinating more :-P

  20. soin,

    I saw your FB's appice leave update.
    Clothes washed once in 6 months? No problem at all!

    1. I have so many pairs of jeans, salwar suits, tops and sarees that it will take easily 6 months to finish 1 cycle of wearing them all
    2. Washing them? Not me; machine will do it :-

  21. Madhu,

    Thanks; glad you liked the new template. The signature? There's an online tool for that. Its not a widget.
    a friend helped me. Check for "".

    Comment anytime later :-D

  22. dr.anthony,

    wow! welcome my first member! You could be the the chief officer of the society.

    :-) Thats a super quote.

  23. chitra,

    Yes, you should! Start off soon!
    Challenging Stephen Covey? Me?? am just doing my bit to justify my delaying things :-P

  24. I'm cock-sure that you can't beat my hubby 'B' when it comes to procrastinating! Anything you ask him, he says we'll see about that "tomorrow". And of course, tomorrow never comes!

    Too bad your laptop crashed before you could take a backup :( Thankfully your pics & music are safe :)

    And hey, I understand the thrill - zipping on the road, because you're running late, but arrive right in time ;P

  25. My facebook status update was this :

    'One step at a time' is ok, as long as the last step wasnt taken 'once upon a time' !


  26. RGB,

    Tomorrow comes!! and when? Tomorrow!! :-P

    Exactly!! Thats what happened to us exactly! Zipping through the freeways of California and reached just on time to watch Rajnikant's movie Endhiran :-D

  27. Thank God you had a backup of all your music and photographs... daz one thing thats difficult to get back :D good post dear

  28. if u say procrastination is yr problem, i should consider myself in coma :)u work so hard..hats off buddy:)

  29. Your new template is very good. I like it.

    Nice post. Procrastination is very healthy, if you do once in a while. As a senior procrastinator, I can tell you. It is like a glass of red wine. Have one glass of wine with meal, and you are in heaven. Few bottles everyday will make you an alcoholic. Once in a while procrastination is called a healthy one. It means you are giving your brain and body a break to recharge your batteries.

    You asked “does anyone of you know how tough it is to be idle”. I very well know. Somebody said “nothing is impossible”. I replied: Yes, it is possible. I have been doing nothing for the last 15 years.

  30. yeah, you have been procrastinating to change the commenting system for a long time now :P

    anyway, I work as per my convenience. I sometimes procrastinate, and some times don't. I never ever procrastinate when it comes to lazying around!

  31. Meety,

    Yup!! I woouldnt have pardoned myself if I had lost them :-)

  32. Ramesh,

    I only show off that I work hard. You should see me in reality :-P

  33. SG,

    thanks, glad you liked my new template.

    Wow, I like your justification and analogy.

    Its really tough to be idle yeah!

  34. Neha,

    :-P :-P

    Thats the way to go!

  35. If you open a society I will be 1st to join. My friends and family say I m Queen of procrastination and laziness too :P.

  36. Harini,

    Haaa welcome. Sure will send you an invite :-)

  37. But you have to do some things then and there. Like now. I just read your post and I had to comment that I loved it. It can actually make a man living on deadlines think twice about his way of life ;) :D

  38. Destiny's child,

    :-) Ahh thank you. Yeah sometimes its really nice to forget about deadlines, deliverable and delay them :-D

  39. LOL!!! I felt like I was talking to myself while reading that post. I will post comments later. :-p

  40. Gautam,

    :-) Haaaa birds of a feather flock together :-D


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