Monday, January 17, 2011

In Poor Shape


This is not a remark on any of my report/marks card. I have never got such a remark ever during my school days. But now a well grown up adult; mature and responsible me got not one; but repeated POOR remark.

I was dismayed; was my condition so bad? Well, these were the remarks made by my physical trainer. I thought let me keep this a secret; so that I do see some effects. But a secret and me? That's not at all possible; I am loud-mouthed and brag a lot; due to which most of my efforts dont end up the way I would want it to. Thats OK!!

Age is catching up faster and thanks to my lifestyle and my work; I practically lead a sedentary lifestyle. So thought let me wring my muscles(as if I had them!!) Well, the objective was to keep my tummy tucked in; I do not have the flattest ab but yeah its flat; but I think it can get better. So the just shaping up love handles and a bit of flab that I have ought to be banished!

Two weeks ago I visited this fitness center and enrolled myself in. The first 3 days were building up the stamina. I am proud to have added few more lingo to my dictionary. Thus started my early morning routine. It was difficult and is difficult even now to wake up at 6:30 and rush to the fitness center. Cardio exercises - treadmill, cross training and cycling. Initial excitement and the urge to see the different me bundled with encouragement seeing others working out pumped up my enthusiasm. I thought my body is not that bad; after seeing people with layers and tiers of fat deposits working their sweat out.

But I was wrong!!

Forth day - my trainer got my height, weight, BMI, fat and protein analysis, water content, muscle weight done. Next was the fitness test. Carido, cross training, stretching, weight training. He assessed me; never even once did he approve about my lack of exercise throughout my entire life. A constant smirk, a comment thrown in "Girls are flexible. You are not trying much. This is the minimum weight. You can do it"

Even after much cajoling and encouraging; I stuck to minimal weight and painful stretching. And then my fitness was assessed.

Protein percentage - Under
Minerals percentage - Under
Fat                          - Excess

and so on.....................The only consolation was that my weight and my BMI was normal and within limits. Everything else was either under or excess :-( My trainer had the following comments on my chart

Fat - Reduce 10.2 kg and Muscle - Put on 6.4 kg. (while continuing to retain my weight)


Well, this is my beginning and I have started on my training and workouts according to the plan devised for me. You know how one feels insecure and scared seeing new things and being in a new environment, its the same with me. I dread when I see all those sophisticated machines which exist to help us to look good and keep fit. Their names are as fancy as they look - Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Hip Adductor, Hip Abductor, Rear Delt, Ab Crunch, Chest Fly, Shoulder Press, Rear Fly.............Phew! It goes on.Their complex mechanism and the enticing digital readings which show how much calories you have lost, the speed and your heart rate. One cant stop but awe in wonder how they can analyze you and size you up.

And now the actions!! Few of them are so desperate to lose those extra flab that they run on the treadmill as if they are running for their life. Huffing and puffing, sweating and panting; they work our rigorously. Few are amusingly thin that they come to add some weight - body building. Few are senior folks who are immaculately fit and are so agile and flexible that they can put a swift teenager to shame. They ritually exercise and are so dedicated. And then there are few who come in the best of designer outfits and fragrance oozing out as they work out; rich folks you see. Few are fit and they workout to maintain -  the boring group; they are not amusing at all.

Not to forget the ladies group who gossip around even while walking on the treadmill and then there are girls who seem to be inseparable from their cellphones. Among all these workouts and fitness regime are the trainers. It somehow seems to me that they get free entertainment watching all these people in action. They are lean and mean, seem to be docile until they flex their muscles. You then know their strength and stamina otherwise hidden deep beneath that slimness.

I whine in pain; smirk my face and close my eyes tight when I have to do weight trainings. My trainer keeps reminding me that the weights I use are minimal. Yet I repeatedly keep asking him if he can give me a lesser weight! Only to be given a look which puts me to shame! I want to run away right then. I bargain lot better with him than with any vegetable vendor. I say "10 of 2 sets each" and he "Its 15 of 3 sets each". I break down even before reaching the count of 5. I look to see if he is looking away and if he is not observing me; I take unsolicited break. I reduce my weight or skip a count. I know I am cheating myself; but what would I do when I feel as my shoulder is being ripped apart! :-(

The bargain persists "I am done. How many counts? Ten..... Five more?........ No, see I cant even raise my hands to comb my hair.....Here let me help you."

He shares my load and tries to weight train me. I huff and puff, whine and smirk; shut my eyes tight while trying to exercise.

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Amidst all this action, a lone soul at regular intervals silently stoops and bends to wipe the floor and machines clean to sparkle and wonders why people want to lose weight and fat in such glamorous way when all one has to do is some bending and flexing in the form of regular chores.


  1. yes I'm fisrt :)

    You wrote my story Inni :( Sigh..only difference is I'm excess on weight too and that's the biggest problem I face :(

    It hurts more specially when you see your 5 years old photographs and your college friends and old acquaintances on meeting you after a long time comment 'what has happened to you? are you really Scribbler?'

  2. ah! weight woes! and in your case, it's not a kind of weight loss or gain; but stay fit..I have heard so much from my friends about the exercising, I have cooked so many meals as per the diet chart - varieties of soups, salads, veggis and such things! many types of rotis and diet cutlets cooked in almost no oil, grilled dishes - oh man! it's more frightening than the exercise for me at least!

    hope you achieve your target soon girl..and get used to the weight lifting! :)

  3. Super post as always. I am glad you joined the fitness center. I am sure you will achieve your goal. I know you love being surrounded by dumb bells. Remember, excercise is poor person's plastic surgery.

  4. weight woes...everyone's prob..hey buddy i have been telling u is good but overwork can be hazardous..good u r looking at the health side...this pain at gym is a gain.but pain with a doc is a pain..hey best wishes always ya..

  5. Glad you joined a gym. I am sure you will make best of use of it.

    Stay fit is your good motto.

    Can you think of two reasons other than fitness why men go to gym.

  6. Ha ha yes I got it right. You did look a bit falbbyboyant ( my word) in one of your pics.
    Talking about workout the gym I ve been to in my teens was absolutely earthy . no tread mills and the likes, it was all manual and aided by a colleague.No gadgets with digital records!
    Well the bane of you software genre , low stamina, crazy BMI, odd cardio, oh my ggodness!

    Enjoy and hope to be a Jane Fonda. oh well she is pretty old !

  7. 15kgs weight to you ??..that too 3 sets ???....Hope he is not intending to make you lady khali..hehe..

    BTW..good narration..I can visualize everything..:) ..Enjoy the workout..

  8. Nice description :)...its good that today young girls are so my time I nevr knew when after 40 kilos started piling up, and now its an uphill task to get even fit.

  9. I am so happy that most of the youngsters have started taking health on priority.
    My only concern has always been the treadmill.I dont trust it.

  10. Ah staying fit.. Tried my hands at gymming, swimming, yoga and brisk walking.. as the initial enthusiasm fades... I ended up quitting.. and now from a pack of bones I've ended up with an extra baggage of fat... Keep going girl and plz dnt ever quit...

  11. Kudos to you, for at least trying. I've been wanting to exercise on a regular basis to stay fit & healthy, rather than lose weight (nothing much to lose here!), but not much progress. I do try some bending & stretching exercises on my own for about 10-15 mins everyday, that's all, obviously that isn't enough considering my job & lifestyle! Now, I climb a flight of stairs and I'm panting for the next 5 minutes :(

    Wishing you good luck with the weights & the rest of the fitness regime!

  12. Same story here, important to take rest once a week with a massage thrown in and dont Quit

  13. I totally empathize with you about the getting up in the morning part , its a pain..really.

    You'll get used to the weight training , dont worry...and gym is fun too.. a good break from your daily routine..

    I often go blank while working out , as in , thinking wise...blank! My whole attention goes into the its like a proper time-out from daily routine..

    Great way to start a week..

    And dont quit!

  14. Scribbler,

    Yes, you are first :)

    Hmm, yes it does make you conscious when you see old photos and compare the way you looked then. But better late than never. Do some exercises :)


    Yup! mine thankfully is not related to weight but to stay fit. Thank heavens for that. I am slowly getting used to the weights, im gaining stamina :-D


    Thanks SG. Thats a nice quote - "excercise is poor person's plastic surgery."


    I dont overwork Ramesh :-) Well said, pain in the gym is a gain and pain with a doc is a pain :) Thank you


    Thanks. 2 reasons why men go to gym other than fitness

    1. Women
    2. women

  15. anil,

    Hahaha flabbyboyant eh? Patent this word soon unless someone flicks it away from you :)
    Yeah its my profession's bane. But thankfully my health is not crazy. I am bringing it under control even before anything happens.

    Jane Fonda...Hmmmmm....


    No no not 15 kgs, 15 counts :) Weights differ.
    thanks glad you like the post.


    Thanks. Yeah its better to take precauations :)

    Chowla sir,

    Health is a priority sir; nowadays due to our lifestyle.
    I doubt the TM too :)

    Holy Lama,

    Ita, me tu Holy Lama :)


    No thats bad. Dont quit. You need to continue, after a while you will start feeling good.


    Long time no see. You dont blog anymore?

    I was procastrianting as well; but later made up my mind. Thank you so much :)

    ,scarlet pimpernel,

    Yup! thank you.


    Waking up early morning is a pain :)
    Yes, I am beginning to feel that; actually feeling good for having done something worthwhile each morning. Wow! I should concentrate like you. Thanks so much

  16. good luck
    hope you reach the desired goals

  17. understand yur apathy( nangalun english la kalakuvom ila :) ) , but then yu shud hav checked the state of art working out in my blog... teaches yu how to reduce weight in 1 min :)! anyways pavam neenga!

  18. ROFL ... what an ordeal... but then thats necessary too ...your intructor seems very strict...
    age is indeed cathing up fast ... and the sedentary life that we lead adds to it...

  19. omg y do u have to take so much of pains and sacrifice ur sleep (that too during winters) to stay fit?

    Come to mumbai...and board the local trains...u will always remain fit...or do household chores like sweeping and wiping the me it helps...

  20. Rofl! Can there be any better description of agony a person joining a gym for the first time faces? Perfect in all sense.. and it looks scary to me.. I will try to follow regular walks to avoid such a turmoil..

  21. sm,

    Thanks. Oh yes, I hope I do


    Welcome to B Log. Thanks for liking it


    Ayyo ungalukku english theriyathu nu yaar sonna!
    Oh I will for sure check. Reduce weight in 1 min? Oops! But my intention is not to reduce weight but keep fit. Do you have some tips?


    :-) Its fun actually. My instructor is a strict fellow.
    Yup! thats why the gymming :)


    Its worth it G3. You will feel the same few years down the lane :)
    Local trains? Errr...I am holding off coming to Mumbai due to this fear of local trains :)


    :-) Thanks; I just jotted down what exactly happens there. :-)
    Its not that scary :) You fit in sooner. Walking is the best thing. :)

  22. These are all teething problems dear Bindu You would soon get into shape. I would love to read one post after that.

  23. Fitness is becoming the greatest problem of Modern world.

  24. chitra,

    Thanks Chitra, :-) Hopefully :)


    Welcome to B Log. Thanks for your views. Fitness is becoming one of the issues today for us due to our sedentary lifestyle. What to do! A small step to be fit :)

    Keep visiting.

  25. He he.
    We had to undergo our a physical test at college(as part of the syllabus). So all we people came out of the computer lab and started running jumping and throwing shot-put(ouch!). That is the day I realized how long it has been since I last played in dust. Totally life changing scenario :D
    I'm adding daily exercise to my to-postpone list!

  26. et,

    Grrrr look who is here once again. You are regularly irregular.

    Hmm you did some physical activity; thats nice.

    Good, I assume your "to-postpone" list might run into pages. All the best.

  27. I am a great fan of yours and think you look fantabulous and flabbergasting!
    Keep your shape,and don't be misguided by those idiots.
    Eat,enjoy and live life comfortable.
    But then, to be on the right track,follow something humanly possible.Do something which you can enjoy doing,like jogging regularly.And combine it with a practical diet.I don't think anyone can enjoy playing with dumbbells.

  28. Hm..niceee...!Fancy names of the equipments and as fancy was your description about the "gym"!:)I kept smiling throughout..All the best for your work out !Seriously I wonder how people can workout for hours together?I go phew..just with 10 min of threadmill and 10 min of walker.

  29. dr.antony,

    Wow! Wow!! I am on cloud nine. You make my day.

    Thank you sir for finding my fantabulous and flabbergasting :)

    I will sure heed your advice. I make sure that I dont overdo. As a doctor, you would know how a women's physiological changes are dramatic after 30. Though I am not anywhere near 30; just want to make sure I exercise to beat this sedentary lifestyle.

    Yup! though I have my exercise chart planned; I do only those that I enjoy and indulge in. :-)


    Hahaha yes its scary. Those fancy looking complex equipments which specialize in exercising only one specific part of your body. Few people can keep going on and on and I am in awe as you. How can they!


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