Monday, January 24, 2011

Silver Streaks

Dazzling bright,
against the brownish black,
Like a double rainbow,
if only for the colors,
just two in number,
yet commanding and conspicuous,
As the blacks bounce and sway,
These twins stand apart,
As if they had a fight,
Grabbing attention,
of the Mama,
As if to declare
"We are special"
Facing the mirror; admiring the mane,
I twitch in disbelief,
Despair and shock;
For these twins
are streaks of silver hair ............

I had a hair cut today. Its not a regular affair; I visit the salon once in 18 months or so. It happens when I realize what the condition of my hair is; unruly and weak. Then I go have a hair cut. I get pampered a bit with wash, conditioner; blow dry and all that.

I came home and was admiring the new style and the bouncy hair; when I noticed these 2 silvery strands. They were beautiful against the light from the bulb. Murphy's Law always in action; they have sprouted right near my forehead to full view of glory. I am in my 20s and gray I thought. But age is not a factor isn't it?

Hmm, souvenir. Let them have their rightful place. I am growing wiser :-)


  1. Please change your forecolor or background color post is not visible...

  2. yes, age is never the factor..I have gray hair since i was in my early twenties (or maybe earlier than that!) I am ok with it :)

  3. Hey me first.

    Very poetic and as always excellent post. Gray hair is a blessing. Ask any bald man.

  4. No I am not the first this time.

  5. I suddently rememberd a quote by George Bancroft, an American historian. He said: By common consent gray hairs are a crown of glory; the only object of respect that can never excite envy.

  6. Yeah.. age is never a factor my dear :-)

  7. of course not..age is just a number :)

    lovely poetry there :)

  8. Nice lines ! well woven !

    the other day, i had a hair cut and the chap spent three quarters of the time in trying convince me that hair colour is important for me to stay young !

    For now, the silver mesh stays !!


  9. Strands of wisdom, you may call it.
    Some people like me are afraid of being wise and so we blacken it often ha ha !

  10. grey hair in 20's is the sign of modern times, my MIL at 92 still has some blacks:)

  11. Grey hairs , only two ?that is said to be a blessing. Don't worry.

    I have only a few grey may be I am spending time with youngsters like you, I remain young....:) always.

  12. Nice poetry there! :) The way you gave importance to your two silver streaks.

    Long time since I visited your blog. Was away on a tour.

  13. Why do people become so concious of their age?And you are so young.
    Whatever I can make from your DP, you have such lovely hair line. Just the right flow to suit your face.
    Take care.

  14. A pair and you are poetic. Few more and you will be....

    Welcome to the excclusive club of going gray in twenties

  15. Dont cry for us, Insignia;

    Like you,
    we've done
    path breaking journeys;
    different latitudes,
    cities with
    brazen attitudes,
    progress to mean,
    chemical exhaust,
    additives in food,
    mess in the water,
    and although
    it's fun to be held
    and massaged
    in warm oil,
    some of us
    don't get
    what the rest
    on your crown do.

    And so,
    instead of
    being slaves to fashion,
    and deliberately
    getting colored,
    we change naturally,
    trying to be different.

    Dont cry for us, Insignia;

    Some folks think
    we're wise,
    Ha, Ha,
    like Maggi Sauces,
    we both think, we're DIFFERENT!

    :-) :-)

  16. Remember my post, 'When youth is all about dyeing?'. Not to be self-conscious about appearance is to be free of one more burden. Be bold, show your age! ;)

  17. Insignia,

    I think I was wiser with black hair and with gray I am losing it. Hahaha

    Did you 'guess' your age wrong...may be it is little bit more ...say around 20 more...hahaha. I also heard most women are always 21...that is what they say anyway.

    Anyway, on a serious note, gray hair is probably due to a wrong shampoo or conditioner you have been using. Also never use dryer..within one year of daily use of dryer your hair will be gray not ask me to prove but I have seen the same with many people.

  18. Society has a problem with aging and how one should look when they get to a certain age, and they try to dictate. Society does not determine who..what.. or how I should look or feel about myself... I do.

    So if you are comfortable with your inner beauty as well as the outward appearance.. I say go for it... make it work for you. Put up an appearance,which make you feel comfortable.Thats all.

  19. these days age is not a factor for gray hair... lifestyle is ...
    loved the poem... i actually thought it was abt rainbow until i read the last line :D wonderful :D

  20. Cool! Keep them as souvenirs...:)
    I wonder what you will come up with, when you turn the age where every hair is grey! ;)

  21. What a way to tell that you have come of age in such a young age, ;)

    Grey or silver whatever you call it is now a common occurance re. Needn't worry. I am also losing hair. Pollution, water probably? But its okay :) Atleast it satisfy me since at least something active is happening inside my head.

  22. not the age..but the present day life style also causes early grey hairs..

    and my word verification text is 'national'

  23. sushan,

    I guess if its got to do with your browser speed.
    my foreground and background color are just legible and perfect.


    Yup! Its cool actually.


    Thanks. Any hair is a blessing :) Thanks for sharing the quote by George Bancroft.


    Yeah :)


    Yes :) Thanks, glad you liked it


    Thanks Kavi, glad you liked them. Was the result of seeing those 2 strands :)
    The silver mesh is actually cool isnt it?

    Keep it that way :)


    Yup yup!! I am glad I am showing signs of gaining wisdom.
    Oh! oh! you should gain wisdom :)


    Oh yeah, I see older women who still have jet black hair


    Hahaha as of now only 2 and I expect it to raise exponentially.
    Aah thats a compliment :)


    Thanks. Yeah, those 2 deserve my attention and importance now :)'Glad to see you back

    Chowla sir,

    Oh no I am not :)
    Thanks you

    Holy Lama,

    Lol! I dont know what I will be with few more.

  24. heyyy huggiess..u have joined our gang..grey hair..ok ok jus joking buddy...u r young, pretty..a long way to go boss..keep the cheers..hey i like ugich comment here..cheers

  25. Ugich,

    Hahaha thats a nice poem in response. I loved the last part. We are DIFFERENT yes.:)
    Thank you so much for these lines :)


    Yes, showing your true age needs oodles of confidence
    And I know you have it a lot :)


    Hahaha, you should know better
    I dont hide my age A :) I dont believe in hiding age.
    True, most women stick to one age for decades.

    I do not use dryer or any sort of heat or instrument. Its just stress and lifestyle maybe


    Heck with society. They dont come to rescue when you need them
    Right said.


    Yes. Thank you; I am glad it gripped you till the end

    Destiny's child,

    Yes :) Hahaha dont know. Lets see; if I continue to write.

    Hit Wicked,

    Lol!! Thank you. :-P

    Losing hair is any day worse than gray hair. Consult a trichologist. Something active inside your head? :-P


    Yes true. Wow word verification throw some interesting words.

  26. Ramesh,

    Lifestyle :) Ugich's comments is awesome!

  27. Insignia,

    have a look

  28. Am smiling at once in 18 months ritual!! :))
    Agree with the wise thoughts and decision...Let them have their rightful place!
    Cheers :)

  29. Ugich,

    Sure :)


    :-) :-)


    I know! I am so unlike any other woman. Hahaha yeah let them feel important

  30. Nice poem :) .
    U r worrying about two , i have so many that stopped counting them. ThankGod for the person who discovered Heena ;)

  31. neha,

    Thank you. Haha yeah just 2 and I am shocked. Maybe I wont be if I get few more

  32. my comment is gone!! dunno where! ethu oru anniyan style? :D

  33. Hary,

    You made the comment on Facebook :)
    Anniyan style? Yeah why not :)


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