Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rural and Rustic

Time for photography again!

Remember I mentioned how I spoilt my humble point and shoot camera? Later, I felt tied down with no camera; missed clicking so many wonderful pictures. But having been a good girl throughout, Santa Claus got me a brand new DSLR; a Nikon D7000 :-D
 Its one hell of a monster; loads of features. It will take me at least a year to learn all the features in it. Sometimes I feel like a monkey being given a garland :-P . Anyway, I got a chance to click few pictures last week when I visited a village just 30 kms away from the city. The village is 20 kms away from Sholay's Rampur a.k.a Ramnagar. It was a 1 hour drive from city to this village outside Bangalore city limits. Such a change in ambiance and practice and the people.

The setting was so rural, lakes and temple and pond. Thatched houses, tiled roofs, hay stacks, cow sheds with cows and calves, urinating while chewing their cud. The air around the place was rustic; the smell of dried cow dung as a fuel giving way to the aroma of food being cooked. Here are few pictures from my camera :-)

Its been long long time since I saw hay stacks as these. Remember seeing such ones in a village where I grew up which was very much part of Bangalore and was in heart of city 2 decades ago. So much has changed!! This is my favorite photo. I was too satisfied with the frame.

The village was surrounded by rocks as these.

An eagle was hovering around for a while

A large pond behind the house we visited. Lotus and other nymphs. While walking to reach the lake, a cobra crossed my path. I was too numb to take a photo :-S

 An interesting trunk of a tree

The air around was so different. No smoke, no pollution, no noise. An occasional "Amma" of these calves, the cow dung, the aroma of the grass......

Which other creature can match this innocence?

An old tiled roof

A water body on the way.

Dodda Aalada Mara(The Big Banyan Tree). This single tree covers 3 acres of land and is at least 400 years old. The main root succumbed few years back to natural diseases and thus now these tree looks like many different trees.

Few of the thousands of roots.

The rays of the setting sun trying to sneak in


  1. camera= boon

    I love your monster :D

  2. awesome clicks as always..I loved the banyan tree clicks..and the ones which are missing here too :P remember Jerry? :D

  3. How lucky you are! Santa Claus doesn't come this side! ;(

    D7000 is a good camera - better do justice to it and give us great pics! Great way to start a new year!

    Liked the calf's picture - should've been a closer one - full frame.

  4. Nothing can catch up to the country side's purity.

    The clicks, as always are good. :)

  5. He he, you removed the comment moderation! :P

  6. Lucky are those who get to visit such places which I term as real India.
    Very nice pictures.

  7. hey,

    comment moderation removed ???
    good for me, I am 7th on the list.

    where did santa left this monster for you?, how did you requested him? tied a socks ?? please give the whole story... ;) .may be as a post,next time around! what say?? :D  
    I will follow the procedure next year. :P.

    I liked the word 'innocence' used for that calf.Did you touch them.?
    My nana ji used to rare few.

    Hope, lots of pics are coming our way. :)
    Though I am jealous of you now. ;)

  8. Ahh !! What a benign Santa !! Many many congratulatios !!

    Enjoy the time with the camera !!

  9. Amazing cam, amazing place, amazing clicks

  10. beautiful shots
    and yes you captured the feelings also

  11. Could you give this Santa my address? even the email Id would help!

  12. Please include my name in the list you give to Santa.
    The last time I saw Santa was about 35 years back,and he just gave me a Parry chocolate. I didnt know he was too partial to good looking girls !

  13. It is an awesome camera. I am sure you will enjoy it.

    Excellent shots. Enjoyed them.

  14. By the way, how much Santa charged you for delivering this camera?

  15. d7000?? idhu anyayam.akramam. give it that phone number of santa. anyways now i can expect good photos from your ulagam

  16. Scribbler,

    will convey your love to my monster :-D


    Thanks. Yeah I do :-D


    I shall pass on your message to visit you to Santa if I meet him again.
    Yup its an awesome camera. I shall try my best.

    I was a bit scared to go close to the calf :-) Thats why.


    Yes, you said it. Thank you. I removed the comment moderation. It was too much work for me :)

    Chowla sir,

    Thank you, glad you liked the pics. As you said; thats real India


    Yes, Santa left it along my bedside. Other details are secret. :-)
    Santa has asked me not to reveal :)
    Thanks; I shall share as and when I click pictures.


    Thank you. No better beginning than this. :-)




    thank you. the place was amazing yes.


    Thanks a lot.


    I shall sure pass on your email id to Santa :-)


    Sure, your name as well. 35 years ago was a long time.
    Santa should visit you next time.
    Partial to good looking girls? Hmm....actually yeah seems so. :-P


    Yes, I am enjoying every bit of it. Thank you

    Santa delivered it for free :)


    aama aama.. What to do!! Too much anyayam and akramam.
    Santa's phone number? he is way beyond cellphones and all.
    You can "virtually" talk to him :-P

    Yup! I will share as and when I get chance to capture few beautiful stuffs.

  17. D 7000... I m so jealous right now. That is the cam i have been dreaming of. Lovely Pictures... especially the calf one :)

  18. Hey!!! No more waiting!!!!
    The beast has arrived... :-)
    Happy new year my dear!

    The photos have come out great! The first one has such a nice frame. Looks cool! The calves look so cute. Oh my! Cho Chweeet... I feel like hugging the calf... Another photo that I liked very much is the water body on the way. So beautiful. I feel like stopping by the lake and taking a dip. And wow! The Banyan tree! Reminds me of the "Tree" in Besant Nagar... Nics pics... Waiting for a lot more!

  19. beautiful clicks... those tress look fascinating :D

  20. Harini,

    Yeah yeah :-D Get one soon :)
    thanks, glad you liked them


    Yeah, dont have to :)
    The beast you say, the monster I say :-)

    Happy Happy new year :-)

    thanks, I love the first one too; the frame is so perfect.
    I was a bit scared to go near the calves. What if they say "moooooooooo" and rub me away?
    The lake was awesome.


    Thanks, glad you liked them :)

  21. you finally got urself one..can i jus PHEW for u?? :P :D

    awesome pics..:) U shud probably be publishing em..:) :)

  22. Nice, meaningful and self explanatory photographs..Wish you had a wonderful photographic time ahead..

  23. great clicks!
    i liked d water body n dat huga Banyan tree.....they r nice...:)

  24. Santa sure was nice to you this year. You mustve been tres good. :)

    I think capturing a mood, moment or landscape the way YOU see is it exhilirating. Ive registered for a brief photo course just so that I too can get a headstart on knowing all that my camera (d90) does. clAss end of January, I cant wait to move from 'auto' to talking heavy dty stuff like aperture and shutter speed etc.

    good luck with your shot taking! You should start a photoblog and link it to your blog. I use aminus3, but im sure you can find tons out there. I think it forces you to put time into hobbies or things you truly enjoy especially when work and all he rest can overtake these simple things so very easily.

  25. You really make good use of your camera, loved the pics.

  26. Madhu,

    Yes just a Phew and a Yaeey! will do :-D
    Thanks, I dont know if my pictures are that great to be published :-S


    Thanks. Glad you liked them all




    Yup! he was lot so nice to me this time.
    Thats a good go! You know I am also feeling overwhelmed with all those features in the camera. I havent got out of AUTO yet. I would want to explore all of the them.

    But yes, whatever the camera; you need an eye for the beauty :)

    Another blog would be tough to maintain; let me see. But I am determined to take my hobby seriously now that I have a monster :)


    Thanks, glad you liked them

  27. All the shots are stunning. Great captures.

  28. Beautiful pictures, Keep sharing. and congratulations on your new gift.

  29. nice pics photographer mohtarma :) the camera looks amazing.

  30. wowo!! gr8 capture! U have nac for fotography!

  31. D7000 is among the best in the lot :D
    Cool shots :D
    Keep clicking!!

  32. Megha,

    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked them.


    Thanks so much. I shall :)


    Mohtarma? Hahahaha I feel like one now...Phew!!

    Thanks, glad you liked them.


    Thanks so much. Welcome to B Log :)


    Yup! it is :-D
    Thanks so much. Thanks for visiting and keep stopping by :)

  33. Good that you got a really nice D7000 monster. Hence, we can expect still more photographs from you.

    All the photos are excellent, especially the calf and root trees.

    I also got one from Gautam D3000 and I also become a monkey being given a garland. Still I am experimenting on that.

    With you best of luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  34. Naidu sir,

    Yes, it was Gautam's suggestion that I go for D7000.

    Thanks, glad you liked them.

    Gautam told me when he got a camera for you. Thats so sweet of him. Happy new year to you too :)


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