Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 Cheers!

Well, let me get straight to the point. I complete 3 years of intense, passionate and active blogging today. I was fiddling with the thought whether to mention about it or not.

You know, these numbers dont really mean a thing now. It was those early days when we went berserk with number of hits on the page, the number of comments, who wrote most number of posts in a month, the tags, the rankings, when would we get all those awards (see my sidebar, I have pinned up awards as a defense personnel would pin up his medals)..................A drop in visitor count, drop in comments or non-receipt of a particular award would mean the world going down; a self-check if you are a good blogger or no; a SWAT on whats lacking in you! And then the whole lotta bandwagon to jump in - WW, 55 Fiction, Blog-a-ton....Thank heavens I didnt fall into any of these...  It seems so funny and senseless now.

And now; 3 years and 250+ posts later, these days its just about myself. I do not care for numbers. Many came by, many left; their fragrance linger in the air....Anyway, this post is not to celebrate my 3 years. But a chance to thank each one of you who have been in this space; left your mark. The love of you all, the ideas exchanged; affecting and molding a part of me in the process. Not to forget those wonderful friendship I made with some of you; which goes beyond this space.

A whiff of fresh air which oozes beauty, fading the pessimism. Thank you one and all for reading me, for your honest and genuine views. For putting up with my writing - a sloppy attempt to talk to the world and share my ideas. Well, I am still trying....and the mediocre ways to capture the world through my eyes and sharing with you all...

It has been one heck of an awesome journey, impossible without you all. So 3 cheers to each one of you for making B Log what it is today.

Hip! Hip! Hurray!!
Hip! Hip! Hurray!!
Hip! Hip! Hurray!!


  1. are you not going to shower all readers with awards?


  2. Keep going Bindu! I dont reply to your blogs. But i have been a regular reader. :)

  3. Hip hip hurray
    Hip hip hurray
    Hip hip hurray

    Congrats on three years and the posts. Glad you mentioned else I would not have known.
    Your blog ant articles have been insperation to me. Thank you
    Best wishes and all the best and many many manyyyyyy more to come.

  4. Brilliant. Congratulations. And keep blogging.

    Blogging has obviously taken a hit with Twitter coming up and attention span of people going terribly down but what one feels cannot be curbed due to lack of readership or limit on the number of characters.

    So keep them coming...
    And we'll keep commenting...

  5. Insignia,

    Congratulations. You are a very good blogger and sincerely most of the time write very good. Travel posts are full of information and anecdotes are full of fun. Pictures are detailed oriented. Passion is visible in personal posts and presentation is good.

    Thanks for being connected to me.

  6. wow congratulations girl :D
    hip hip hurrayyyy :D
    keep blogging... I just love listening to what you have got to say :))

  7. 3 Years!!! Super cool!!! 3 Cheers for B Log... Hip Hip Hurray!!!
    Hearty congratulations and looking forward to you sharing lots of thoughts, insights, experiences with us here on this space!
    Cheers :))

  8. Congratulations !!! yes, numbers dont matter...its the fun that you are having !!

    Great reading your posts ! :)

  9. Congrats on completing three years
    of blogging.

  10. The prize is to communicate with people like you , who are special with their thoughts. Who can accept a different opinion, who may disagree , who may strike a chord, get ideas and thoughts that have never entered ones realm, to think and to know that there are people whom one can speak to , the invisible ones!
    Honestly I enjoy your blogs. Keep going.

  11. Congrats!! and i know its going to be many more birthdays here with the same freshness as the very first day of your blog :). Though i started following you from past 1 year but really want to read your very first post and the ones after that!

  12. Congrats!! and i know its going to be many more birthdays here with the same freshness as the very first day of your blog :). Though i started following you from past 1 year but really want to read your very first post and the ones after that!

  13. 3 years? That's quite a while now! :)

    Am happy that you came this far and that you didn't give up on writing.

    Love reading your posts. Let there be more! :)

    Cheers! \m/

  14. BTW, you changed your profile pic eh? :p

    Looks nice! :)

  15. Hip! Hip! Hurray!!
    Hip! Hip! Hurray!!
    Hip! Hip! Hurray!!

    And I seriously scrolled down to see all those awards before finishing reading. :P

    And I know that numbers really don't matter after sometime. Even I used to get excited by number of comments, followers and such stuffs but not anymore. Now, my blog is all about me.

    Anyway, congrats! and keep blogging forever at least until you get tired of it. :P

  16. Wow!

    What a coincidence! Or was it not so much of a coincidence? ;)

    Now I perhaps better appreciate the reasons for something unexpected you did today! :P

    Am glad to have discovered your blog. Despite my erratic reading and commenting, I'm somehow sure that after you, the highest number of characters your blog contains must have been typed by me! :P

    Okay, that is plain narcissistic thing to say and is unlikely to be true.

    I had totally forgotten about my second blog anniversary, which had happened to be March 8. :)

    So, now I have a good excuse to be given to my prospective wife when I forget her birthday, that agar main apne blog ki anniversary bhool sakta hoon, toh tu kis khet ki mooli hai? :P

    Your blog has been a delight to read. And I mean it. Especially, I can never forget the photo blog posts, where I could feel I was actually there. Your simple but honest descriptions of what you saw and what thoughts crossed your mind without getting metaphorical made it very easy for me to connect with you.

    Also thanks for encouraging me as a blogger.

    And a request, if possible, please get yourself a feedburner account, and enable subscription by email. Or perhaps, same can also be done by adding one of the widgets provided by Blogger itself.

    Once you do that please do let me know, so that I don't miss so many of your posts.

    Keep blogging!


  17. three Years... WOW! That's great!

  18. happy birthday to B Log! let me confess one thing - I had read your blog 3-4 times before I started commenting..the reason was that I really liked the pseudonym you use..but at that time, I was new to blogging and thought that leaving a comment just like that means intruding in someone's space! dumb me I know!

    it's been more than 1.5 years since I have been reading you regularly and it has been a Ketan said that after you, he has more words on this blog is indeed true, but if we consider our "discussions" on the posts, bloggers and comments, then even Ketan will have to run for his money :D

  19. 3 years !!!!! Very fast.
    Congratulations to you on successful completion of 3 years and entertaining us with your beautiful blog.

    Really, we are all very luck to have opportunity to enjoy your blogspot. All the Best of luck and wishing you many more years of blogging.

    Hip! Hip!! Hurry!!!

  20. Congrats Bindu, I love being here,reading your posts, the way you juggle words, awesome blogger you are. I can't play much with words. So I love reading others who do it.

  21. Neha, Neha, Neha!

    How can you do this to a fellow Gujju! :O You know na any mention of money and running after it makes Gujjus like me feel jittery. Raham karo! Please don't utter such things in the future! :P

  22. Congratulations lady!!! and keep it coming..

  23. My best wishes on completing three fruitful years of blogging.
    It is not important as to how many hits, how many followers,how many pages and page ranks.
    What does matter is the quality and the content.
    I have been following you for enough and I am so happy that you have given some very honest and amongst the best posts that I have read.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. Makk,

    Haha no I wont :)


    I wish you left your name here :) But I can see that you are someone who knows me well. You get my name right. I am honored. Its nice when you see passive readers :) Keep encouraging me. Thanks so much


    Thanks. I had to mention so that I can thank each one of you
    My blog is an inspiration for you? Oh my! Thank you, I am not that great a writer.
    Even if it entertains you one bit, I am glad.
    Thanks so much Bik.


    Yeah! Twitter!! Bang on! We cant curb what we feel just because someone stopped visiting. Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement


    Thanks. I am glad you like my work Amrit. Thank you for your support.


    Thank you :) Keep encouraging me :)


    :-) Thanks a lot. Yup! I will I will :-D
    Cheers :)


    Thanks a lot. Yeah, we realize it after a while :) Its great having you here.


    Thanks so much

  25. anil,

    I am honored Anil, for the opinion you have on me and respecting me for my views and thoughts. You have been encouraging since you started reading me, with your comments, opinions; few times which I disagree, few I learn...yet its healthy and we have gelled well. :)

    Thanks for encouraging me and continue to encourage me throughout :)


    Thanks. Hopefully :) You should dig the archives, there are lot of interesting stuffs in there :) I am glad you are showing interest in older posts :) not many would like to


    Yeah! It seems like eons! :-P
    Yes, I keep going; hopefully I wont give up.
    Thanks so much.

    Yeah, just thought of changing the picture :) Thank you


    Lol! did you? Its a long list and now whenever I see those, I chuckle :D
    Yeah thanks so much for encouraging


    I so missed you on this space Ketan :)
    No one to have lengthy debates and to pull each others leg.

    Glad you came.. you make my mind hyperactive :-D

    It was not a coincidence :) Bang on! Apart from mine, yours would be the highest characters logged in in my space. I am honored truly :-D

    Thank you for your constant encouragement even though its been pretty erratic :-P
    I shall get a feed-burner widget and update you.

    And then we shall get ready for interesting exchanges of views. Thanks so much for your support.


    Thanks :)


    Thank you. You are probably one of my oldest reader still continuing to follow me. Special thanks for that. Yes, what Ketan said is true, he has more words on my space after me :-D

    Naidu sir,

    Yes, time flies!
    Thank you sir, I am glad that you like my write-ups, thanks to Gautam for introducing you to me and my blog :)


    Thanks a lot chitra. your support and encouragement keeps me going :)


    No regionalism here che :-P

    I will let Neha answer the rest :-D


    Thanks a lot dear.

    Chowla sir,

    Thank you so much sir for your kind words. I hope to keep up :)

  26. Been away in the hills last three days, so couldn't lead the cheering!
    You have a 'balanced' head on your shoulders and that reflects in your writing. So, deep guys like Anil [;-)] and shallow guys like me who says fantastic, cute, lovely, both can equally enjoy your writings. One more thing - the right blend of conservative and liberal outlooks that you project in your writings also make it appealing to all. Your writing is cute,fantastic, lovely and wonderful! :-D

  27. Balan,

    Was wondering about your no roll-call :-P

    I hope you enjoyed those pristine hills :) I envy you. Thank you for being generous once again; I need support and encouragement from folks like you and Anil. :-)

    Its wonderful having you here. thanks again

  28. Congratulations for completing 3 years of successful self expression. :)


  29. Thanks much Prashant :) Good to see you here


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