Friday, March 25, 2011

What? There's nothing in here

Well, I am bored. Its not that I have nothing to do. Tons of pending work. Appraisal time in office. Self appraisal, feedback to peers - busy times ahead. Got to use fancy words like proactive, diligent, seamless, independent, assertive et all. Yet, I dont feel like writing them.Sigh!!

My mind wanders and my fingers stroke the key; ALT-TAB between appraisals, facebook, blog and Google. (Typing facebook gives me a red wavy underline. They better include it as a noun in the Oxford English dictionary)

Well, you know its got to be there when you verb it off. I hear this in office quite often. Facebooking is better than orkuting da. So must be the word Twittering. No! no! I am not on twitter yet. I go paranoid hearing people having lakhs of followers. My good friend says she just has less than 590 followers and that number is negligible it seems. I just responded with a :-)

I might not get even a mosquito to follow me! Aah mosquito! I thought Sachin got out in yesterday's match due to mosquito menace. Two or three were hovering around him while he was batting and the poor soul was shooing them away. What if Sachin is God, he still has that meal for those mosquitoes.

Whole of India probably came to a stand-still yesterday; at office as well. 6 huge TVs were not enough! I was begged not to speak anything derogatory or discouraging about team India. Its not that I am unpatriotic. Its just that I cant fake! Well, they won; else my husband would have cursed me.

Looking around my bedroom, I better organize few stuffs here. Its messy but I am bored. I think lazy is a better word. I have many books to read. One of them is a collection of beautiful poems; another Paulo Coelho's. There is this The Language of the Goddess - book on European pre-history w.r.t archeology and also my D7000's manual. When would I read all of these?

Need to replace my laptop; would go for a MAC this time. Need to order, take backup of data from this laptop, charge my iPod, buy a battery charger plug for my Xperia and get a SD card of larger capacity for my camera. Pending! pending! pending!

What have I been doing then? Staring at a blank wall or this laptop screen; lazy bum I am! I am told I spend lot of my time online; but the truth is I dont! I just stare at the screen! My laptop and I are "Until death do us apart". Obviously my husband detests this darling of mine.

I am not blogging much either. My frequency has reduced; a blogger friend asked me why have your reader numbers dropped? numbers again! He was doubtful if I stopped visiting them; he reminded me how at one point I had lot many readers. You know how it works here - you scratch my back and I scratch yours.

I could only read if I get something substantial out of it - knowledge, entertainment or joy! But I have not stopped visiting anyone. Its just that most of them have vanished from blog world either because they got busy with something else or they moved to shorter and smarter world of Twitter. And yeah no more creative juices flowing in could also be the reason. Whatever, if any of you guys have read till here; I pity you.

You might have realized now that there is nothing substantial in this post. I warned you with my title!! Insignia does get into this zilch mood once in a while :) and I feel nice when my fingers are playing on this keyboard and aah I am so in love with this laptop. Got used to her so much that I can close my eyes and still type on everything right. But she has reached her expiry long ago; I am still clinging onto her because I am attached to her. But I will have to let her go. Soon! and welcome the new man in my life - The MAC

Blogging is therapeutic as always. It does better job than a masseur. I am done!! and I am gone!...



  1. :)...!

    therapeutic....indeed. wish you more such things. and consistency with them.

  2. Seemed like my story!! :P
    I have loads of things to do... and here I am doing nothing substantial the whole day!! But I guess, it's time to pull up my socks!!
    Your Laptop is a She and Mac will be He!! Cool!! :)

  3. Good therapy. of course Mac is awesome therapy too :)))

    It is Friday night...relax, watch a movie, party...enjoy :)))

  4. Funny!

    Lots of pending work in here too! Procrastinating is one of the main reasons!

    And hope you have a wonderful time with your new man! :)

  5. Bindu, I love being here, The way you write and your presentation, I just love them. Even I also find many vanishing from my blog too. Anyway every one has there own work, But those who are genuine and interested really come back.
    I hope after writing all this stuff you would certainly feel better.:)

  6. Wow,writing about nothing is not nothing about writing! When you say there is nothing here, what do you mean, that it is empty there or that there is 'nothing' ( noun) there?

    Was chuckling throughout!

    Have written a poem called - 'Nada'- it is about nothing! ;-)

  7. I am not much into twitter... addiction to Fb itself is too much to handle ..
    as for WC ... India is in semi's ... nw that's nt something i am gonna miss even though I didnt watch a single match :P

  8. Good far as I know most of us are like U..staring at computer screens for hours without doing any productive work :):)...but it happens girl!!!...and one day suddenly u will get started and that day u won't leave anything pending!!

  9. "That was much about may things"!
    How could you feel, it was about nothing?
    Therapeutic indeed , yes blogging is a kind of panacea for ennui, loneliness and means of vent.
    Followers , oh my goodness better not to have many. have a few , but have the ones with substance, forget the rest with their insipid comments like, "fantastic", "so cool", "awe", "lovely". Can you make out something from these comments?

  10. nice post
    about MAC its best but please check about support is it available.
    About cricket team or BCCI if they do any social service please let me know.
    or if u meet any fan please ask him this question.

  11. btw, I reached 600 mark today! just telling you..and trust me it's nothing, really!!

    this is a story of many of us..we sometimes don't have time to do nothing and sometimes so much to do and we end up doing nothing! i know I weave a web of complicated words most times, but that happens to me when I have a lot to do but don't feel like doing! I think I should be writing a post, or another rant, or another tweet maybe, anything!!

    btw, I always call my laptop he..I can't play around on it if i call it she :P

    huh, dumb comment! neha, go work! you are good for nothing!!

  12. Makk,

    Welcome after a long time. Thanks.


    Hahaha seems most of us are on the same boat. Yeah somehow I just felt my laptop is a SHE due to some specific reason :-P


    Yeah! Waiting for Mac. Thank you so much :)


    Yup! It happens. :-) Thanks


    Thanks chitra, you are so sweet.
    Yeah I did feel much better/


    Hey hey dont confuse me eh! I am already terribly confused :-)
    Please share the poem. :-)


    Yeah FB is enough, nothing else for me.
    :-) Yeah WC is not as addicting as Soccer WC for me :-)


    Yeah, it happens with most of us I think.


    Well, I am glad you found something meaningful in here :-)
    I so agree with you. Its tough to appease the shallow kinds who run behind number of comments. I am blessed to have a few good genuine ones.


    Yes yes, I have done all the homework for MAC sm. Thanks for suggesting.
    Hmm to be thought about.



    you know why I call my laptop a SHE, dont you? :)

  13. Nowadays, even I'm lazy. I sit in front of my PC but do nothing but stare at the screen. :P

  14. Nethra,

    Hahaha nice so I am not alone :)

  15. I read the whole of this post, and please don't feel guilty about it. I do self-harming stuff once in a while. And thoroughly enjoy them. :P [Yes, you're free to let your imagination run wild on that! :P ].

    Firstly, let me tell I am jealous. Because you own and Xperia. :| Is it X1, X10, X2 or X8? My jealousy would depend on that. I've decided beforehand that my next phone is going to be a Sony Ericsson Android. Xperia Arc might prove too costly. Xperia Neo sounds promising. But that will be one year hence. Currently, am content with HTC Wildfire. Why am I telling you all this? So that you know I will be jealous of you for one more year at least. ;) Then we can swap places. :P

    I'd decided somewhere down the line, that my life partner would have to be someone as much obsessed with the internet as I am, or at least some other hobby that wouldn't involve me. Otherwise, she would get bugged by me. :|

    I was going to *request* you to get a twitter account. I'm sure a good listener and a person as observant as yourself will like it for some time at least. :D If you don't like there is no harm trying anyway. :)

    I have over 850 followers. I do not bother much about the number of followers, but somewhat about the ratio of people I follow to those who follow me. :) And I'm sort of alright with my ratio, though effectively I follow more people than those who follow me, because lot of 'followers' are actually 'bots'. Also, it is easier for someone who would have got an account earlier to get followers. But I assure you, you will enjoy the feeling of spontaneously blurting out whatever you feel like in real time. :)

    But I must warn you, that if ever you get yourself a twitter account and follow me, you might find my tweets very 'unlike' me. :)

    From my comment, you must have made out that it is not you who exclusively suffers from the bouts of 'what to do'. :)

    Take care.

  16. And yes, one more thing. The amount of blogging has actually reduced. And not all of it is because of twitter. I know some really fine writers who have almost totally vanished. And they do not have a presence over twitter or facebook as well. Stupidosaur would be an example. But there are many like him.

    I think it's more about these people growing in their career, getting into positions of greater responsibility. Or some might have borne children.

    Then, I think a point also comes that we literally empty ourselves. We would have blogged about virtually everything that we ever wanted to say without the prying eyes/ears of those who know us in person.

    What you say about scratching of back thing is largely true. But it does not work that way in my case. I would want a prompt to read someone's blog. E.g., if someone would comment on my blog, I would get curious as to what it is that the reader would have blogged about. Likewise, if I subscribe to notifications for blog posts through email, then again I am lot more likely to visit their blog. :)

  17. Ketan,

    self-harming?? I dare not ask what they are!

    I own this Xperia for an year now. Its X10. Haha continue to be year down, I would upgrade my phone and you can continue your jealousy then as well :-P

    Twitter? Isnt it one more baggage to carry? Thats what I am concerned about. Let me think about it.

    'you might find my tweets very 'unlike' me. :)

    Now this arouses curiosity.

    I do agree that blogging activity has dramatically gone down. As you say, lot of fine writers have vanished. Some like me cling on. Scratching of back thing yes, but such things are not sustaining

    Anyway nice to see you here after a long time.


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