Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gentlemen's Battle

The country is in a frenzy. Every way you turn, your ears definitely could catch a word or two about tomorrow's BIG match - the mother of all battles. Oh! oops! battle did I say? Pardon me for sensationalizing it. You see, I have been tuning on to those innumerable TV channels where they are giving "Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket" advertisement tag a run for their "runs".

Which Japan? What Daichi? Libya - where? Gadaffi? Oh is he the 12th man in any Cricket team?  We sure are going to turn deaf ears to everything else other than cricket. Make hay while the sun shines. Who knows when next India would face Pakistan in a semi-finals WC match? Everyone seems to take this wonderful chance - our honorable PM has invited his counterpart. Mr. Ambani seems to be spending 5 Crore for a special screening, TRP ratings, advertisements - weird and preposterous!! An umpire wanting a loo break. At the end of it all, aren't we having fun and banishing our boredom? Yeah! I hear someone complaining about the absence of Ms.Mandira Bedi. No sleaze this WC my dear!

Well, I am digressing. Whats raking my brain is the so-called Gentleman's game and the projected 'mother of all battles 'morrow. Isn't it a bit ironic. Sport in Roman era was ritualized fighting wherein the weaker was killed or mutilated. Cricket serves as a perfect sport to vent out the aggressive drives of our 'gentlemen' in a harmless manner. No! I am not overlooking Sreesanth's aggressive gesticulation or Harbhajan's swearwords coming out faster than his doosra.

But comparing it with the sport popular in the other parts of the world - The Soccer; the adrenaline pumping and heart thumping game; cricket is a peaceful one. Cricket; at a given time; has two players having bats; let me call them clubs which could easily break bones or the ball at the slight nudge can break tissues and spill blood. Not to forget those sharp wickets which could be easily maneuvered at the slightest provocation or those silent bales which can knock off as they get knocked off at any given opportunity. Yet, we have not come across such incidents; though one can put up with sporadic incidents and sledging which essentially are mind games.

The humble way a batsman walks away from the crease; without hesitation; clutching his bat close to his body; helmet off; appeases the opponents; the way you want to silence a blood-quenching spirits. Remember the lame duck cartoon shedding tears and nodding in disapproval on your TV screen whenever a bastman got out for duck? Or the way a bowler goes down his knees with disgrace when his deliveries are all converted to 4s and 6s..much to the joy of the jubilant batsmen.....Maybe thats why this game; devoid of violence is a gentleman's game. Imagine soccer players armed in a similar manner?


  1. you can't compare cricket and football! not even in the form of craze for these sports! people are not even 50% crazy about cricket in India as much european people are about football..

    cricket is a war - true..especially when it comes to India Pakistan match which the whole world looks forward too..same kind of a rivelry is there between England and OZ too, but we and Pak over-shadowed them completely!

    cricket is not only a game between two nation anymore..there is bashing, of cricketers and commentators equally, fun and pun, win and sarcasm - everything happens along with the match - on - yes you guessed it right - twitter! :)

    I breathe cricket these days! too addicted to the game for years now! I am even watching today's semis..after WC, IPL starts!

  2. Cricket cricket everywhere eh?
    In the past I watched almost of India's matches but now, I hardly follow any of 'em. :(

    I wonder if the India-Pakistan match will bring me and cricket back together! :P

  3. Nothing Personal, but cricket is not my thing... The only good part is i get to doze off in the TV room in my office that day...

    Soccer is kind of violent but am a hardcore soccer fan!

  4. Well, well, well ! I follow the game and all that ! I roll my arm over and gaurd the wicket with passion !

    But this frenzy...isnt something that is exciting me at all ! Its gone far beyond the realms of 'just another game'..

  5. omg...its not a battle.... its gonna b a WAR........ :D

  6. India vs. Pakistan is not about cricket....it is almost like a war. Football is more popular than cricket even in some parts of India - east.

  7. YEah but pity though we have forgotten out national game .. I doubt if most who play sports even know what that is ..

    India-pakistan is like war in every game cause of lot of ill will with each other .. I hope the game is played with some sense and it brings peace ot the region and to people

    Football is definitely more popular then cricket .. as its a frenzy world over whil cricket is only restircted to the asian countries .. you need to see Man united play chelsea to know how it is ...

    or any other premier game ask me , I was at work for the last two league games ..

  8. I guess it was H.G.Wells who said that sports and games must be used as medium to channelise away the propensity of mankind to battle it out violently. But we have sports usurped by commerce and also by political agendas to settle their brownie points. The gentleman’s game of cricket is now the latest victim. If one can, please check the old video images of cricket matches, be it of the infamous “Body line” series, or the Calypso matches of the legendary West Indies. The frenzied look, the war cries etc we see and understand as normal in the present-day were not part of the game then. There was no chest thumping when a batsman was bowled out. No Sreeshanths, no Javed Miandads , no sledging. True, commercial stakes have brought those changes and the urge to win and never lose. To lose without exhibiting sporting and sportsmanship!
    When politicians venture in with their designs things go overboard and dangerously. Will the WC semifinal between India and Pakistan settle the core issue of Kashmir? Well if it will, then it makes sense.
    Remember the Hollywood movies of the cold war era when the American and Soviet pugilist used to confront one other with the whole Politburo in assembly. Yes and eventually the American wins. The Soviets fail even after indulging in unethical plans and execution. Remember the Boris Spassky, Bob Fischer face off. And the jingoism that was created in the US and the USSR! Even our little Lilliputians in the communist parties in India were staking their life on a Spassky win.

    It is utter shame that we go back to medieval and early instincts.
    There is the story of Lord Krishna (Sorcerer Krishna) attending a football match between Muslims and the Vishwa Hindus. Mr. Krishna was enjoying every moment of the encounter out on the field. When the Hindus scored the first goal he danced with his flute music in gay abandon. And he jumped with joy and applauded when the Muslims hit back. The Vishwa Hindus were livid, and accused Sri Krishna of treachery and inappropriate behavior. After all he was the God of the Hindus. To this Sri Krishna replied,”Well gentleman Hindus, I ve come here to enjoy the game of football and it doesn’t matter to me if the Muslims win or the Hindus. I want to enjoy the game and let the better team win”.
    To hell with politics and the politicians.and the ones who call this cricket match “the mother of battles”.

  9. You are the millionth person to write a post on this match. I would like to read on some new topic here.

  10. Neha,

    I didnt compare the game or the hysteria per se.
    This was just an attempt to give some dramatization to my thoughts of cricket being played with equipments which could be deadly if used otherwise.


    I am not following WC religiously as much as I followed soccer WC. Queer!


    I am equally a soccer fan as I am a cricket fan.
    This post was an attempt to talk about my thoughts of cricket equipments.
    I think my pun was missed out.


    Its nice as long as we take it as just another game. :)


    Welcome to B Log. Hahaha war! OMG!


    Yes, its sad. Soccer is popular in the east and in Goa and Kerala :)


    I know! the super-bowl in USA and the league soccer matches are much more frenzied than these.


    Sad! Please wait until I dig into some newspaper/internet information and post it here.

  11. Anil,

    Yes, its sad that they are senstationalizing it for the sake of milking money. Why is no one understanding this silly thing? I have been getting SMS since morning bitching the other country and msgs about being patriotic. Its damn silly.

    Its a game! Hope we get some sense fed into our minds.

  12. Thanks. Will be waiting for that. In case that is difficult, old posts also can be reposted (as usual). Pictures from previous posts also can be reposted (as usual). These will help in counting towards another century mark.

  13. SG,

    Well...well..thank you so much for your suggestions, though its not going to be of any use. Its my space you know, I do things according to my whims and fancies. Century or double or triple.. I celebrate it..Not to worry. You dont even have to participate!

    And yeah re-posting my very own old posts and pictures is anytime better than posting videos from youtube or lifting already available information on the net and writing it as a blog post.

  14. I always had pity on those who see more into a game than just a game. But then, like Anil said, the actual game is played by the commercial interests. Lakhs and crores go into the advertising. And who pays for it? The common man! Win or lose, the cricketers make their money - out of the pockets of these poor fools. Cricket is just a drug for them; and all the while the commerce interests laugh...

    As I write this, India has won the semifinal of WC. I can hear the din from the streets. For Indians, it doesn't really matter now whether India wins the Cup; for them the final was today.

    It is interesting to note that behind the bonhomie of a game there lurks deception, hatred, aggression and violence...

  15. cricket is a drug in which Indians forget everything

  16. I used to watch cricket a lot but stopped after the match fixing episodes. But I also watched the semis of WC. Yes, I was in a diff. mood yesterday..may be because of the media hype.
    We had fireworks here after the victory.

  17. and there was something sleazy in the news..An Indian born model has announced that she would run naked through the streets if India win the Final..

  18. @ Anil, on "If one can, please check the old video images of cricket matches, be it of the infamous “Body line” series, or the Calypso matches of the legendary West Indies"
    - Indeed! I really miss that "Oh what a classy game this is". Today's cricket makes me feel, american football is a much classier game. Even the commentary was so fantastic back in those days. I really miss that. But, I sometimes tend to enjoy the masala today's cricket has to offer. I realise this later and think shame shame. :-)

    Thanks for such a wonderful comment. Really enjoyed reading it.

  19. Bindu, nice post yaar... really enjoyed reading this one.

    i don't wanna be a spoiled sport, but somehow i get the feeling that the match might have been fixed, i think sachin was supposed to get his 49th century in this match and 50th in the final. seems like a nice script for some guys to make a lotta money.

    @ chitra, really match fixing has had such a sad effect. lost interest.

    i just watched the highlights. it was great to watch the bowler who got a pfeifer.
    waiting for the BIG FINAL!!!
    i wish i could watch it with you...

  20. Balan,

    Why do I feel that this world cup is pre-orchestrated? Weird!
    Money rules!




    Media is playing its role in this tamasha. Sad.


    What the heck? 2 min fame!


    Calypso series - yeah! those calypso beats and the dance and the festivity.
    Cricket was a delight to watch. Now, its all commercialized. This is nothing, wait for IPL. No better entertainer than that.

    Its not only you, I also feel that this entire thing is planned. All for the sake of money that is rolling and the moolah being made!

  21. Yay Bindu!! We won! :-D
    Remember that English book lesson, "Cup of Joy" during our childhood? Maybe there will be more chapters like that in the future because of this match... Hip hip hurray!

  22. Gautam,

    :-D Yaay!! we won

    Hope this is a new beginning.


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