Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Note : This is a work of fiction. Every time I try my hands on poem reflecting an emotion; I have been asked if its my personal experience. No not necessarily :)

He pursued and begged;
He cried and yearned;  
She gave in with a Yes,
lending her support to
fill his vacuum.
He said he'd love her, forever
He said he placed no one above her,
He said he needed her till his death,

A day arrived; when he remained silent
She did not know
that the silence is forever
How could she?
when the change was overnight
She did now realize; his
was not a need, but a want
that lasted until 
He found a new love
She being now stale

He hid away; in silence
scared to face her
chicken hearted that he was,
gutless to tell the truth
a spineless worm that he was
avoiding her; while
She kept waiting
unaware of his decision
She kept waiting
for him to come back to her
when she tried to talk
he remained silent
when she learnt the truth
he chose a mere 'sorry'
when she demanded a reason
it was loyalty, to his new found love

Leaving her flabbergasted; he ran away
Coward - thats his name


  1. hmmm, it won't be wrong if I say that such people do exist! everyone loves the comfort and support..once the need is over, most don't stay around..

    nice one!

  2. Wonderfully written :)
    Hiding behind lame excuses is indeed cowardice.

  3. The protagonist can be non existent.

    "No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & When You Find The One That Is He Won't Make You Cry".

  4. Missed out on all the posts.. deliverable numbers kept me bz .. and good one dear :-)

  5. Wonderfully expressed!!
    He sure is a loser to do what he did and the woman is better off without him.

  6. To pursue, to beg, to cry and yearn and to woo and - perhaps to win or to lose - ah, that's the fate of the male of the species! There is an interesting bird called the Bowerbird- there is something bound to be in Youtube- about the courting of the Bowerbird. I am sure that the man meant what he said -then. What could he say about tomorrow? For the moment, love was eternal. Later, it is only a memory of the eternity.

    I am tempted to write a poem on this, B. I will try now! :)

  7. Very nice Insignia. Enjoyed.

    Sometimes we need to criticize such people though it is a fiction in this case :))

  8. awww sad endings makes me so :(:( brilliantly written :) ... you can express these emotions so well.

  9. sad, but very beautiful indeed!

  10. Such people should just go and die somewhere! Makes me sick. :-/

  11. I wish I could understand poetry

  12. It's like Romeo, Juliet and Rosalyn. The only difference is Rosalyn never reciprocated to Romeo's love. I wonder what would have if she had.

  13. Neha,

    Yes I agree


    Thanks. Height of cowardice that is


    Such people exist everywhere
    Thats an excellent quote and true as well


    Thanks,no issue. Drop in anytime


    Thank you. Yes he is a big time loser; but he doesnt realize what a loser he is :)


    I hope he meant what he said then; if so what he says now is insensible. I liked your statement - "For the moment, love was eternal. Later, it is only a memory of the eternity. " Well said

    Were you able to write a poem on this yet?




    Its not even a poem, thanks for being generous.
    My motive here was not to write a poem but to convey my thoughts in shortest words as possible. I didnt want to write paragraphs and go overboard with my thoughts :)


    Thank you. I dont like sad endings as well




    They wont. They wont even realize the harm caused


    Thank you

    Chowla sir,

    :-) Not worth sir. You can skip this better


    Yup! Glad that Rosalyn never reciprocated.

  14. Wonderful poem... but sadly such people do exist.

  15. @B: I have attempted at one; though I am too listless to refine it now.

  16. Very well written. Such people exist in many (other) situations also. A friend of mine asked me to look for a job for another friend. I don’t know that person. Still I kept trying. This guy started to have correspondence with me, first by sending his resume. And, more emails. One day, all emails stopped. Later, I found from my friend that he got a job. He did not even have the decency to let me know he got the job. Like a fool, I kept on trying until my friend told me that this guy got a job. Uncivilized.

  17. But who says love is eternal.I always used to say that is why we call it' falling in love".
    With the same ease with which you fall in to it,you can fall out of it too.

  18. Stranger,

    Thanks. Yes, cant help.


    Your verses are wonderful




    Love is eternal but people change ;-)

    I wish everyone had it that easy to fall out of love without any hitches


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