Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girls and Machines

Gadgets, Motorcycles, Cars.......

Somehow for reason unknown to me; I was and still am drawn towards sleek gadgets and mean machines. I would devour information on latest bikes and cars in town. I have been a regular reader of automobiles supplementary that comes every Thursday along with the newspaper; I do not miss single episode of The Auto show and similar kinds on TV. I am always up to date on new arrivals, their specifications, price and performance and such.

Did I not yap about how a Z4 gets it life at the Bavarian workshop? Now; it so happens that people either think that I am bluffing away or they think I am abnormal. These are all GUY thing huh? Thats what I am told time and again. I am not going to complain or crib about 'whoever enforced this conventional rule". I am going to share an incident that happened while in 12th grade.

That was when Bajaj introduced Pulsar; that period when Indian motorcycle market was bumped with small capacity bikes; bigger capacity motorcycles didnt exist except for Bullet; and the CBZ hit the market couple of years earlier. I read about that bike and also watched a couple of shows featuring the new bike in town.

I had this girl who initially was my commute mate; we belonged in the same class and eventually became good friends.One such day while going home after class; we got started talking about mopeds, motorcycles, cars and the likes. I mentioned about this new bike in town and its specificity. We had a healthy discussion. A couple of days later; this girl comes up and says that her dad warned her to maintain a distance from me. I did not understand initially; I asked her what was the reason. This is what she had to say

"I was telling my dad about our conversation the other day on bikes and cars. He asked me how you knew so much about them. He added that you might have a boy friend and thats where all your knowledge on bikes and cars are coming from. So he asked me to maintain distance from you"

My reaction? Nothing; just a smile at their ignorance :) Oh by the way; new addition to my gadgets - a  MAC. I am thoroughly enjoying it.


  1. A new addition to your Gadget- a Mac!
    Holy MOG!

    Goodbye B, I 'm staying away from you else I may get spoiled even at this age.
    No more Blogs , no more Facebook with you. Bye!!!

  2. Its very difficult to bring about a change in old mind set.I for one would encourage my daughter to get maximum knowledge,information on any subject which interests her.

  3. I love reading about cars too, and I enjoy the Car and Bike Show a lot. Old mindsets cannot be helped. And, welcome to the gang. I have a MAC too :).

  4. Me too.. I have a mac too. And I just love it. :)

    I love gadgets too. Not bikes or cars though. :) These days google has sadly replaced the boyfriend.

    This reminds me of my college days, when I used to give my parents an excuse for not getting better marks. I used to tell them, "The other girls have boyfriends to help them get notes and question papers and also give them rides to the library and back. And I don't" :D .... which by the way was also a reasoning for getting a Kinetic Honda to commute, which didn't work either! Sigh!

  5. I too love gadgets but as for automobiles i rarly can tell the difference between two apart from looks :P . Wowwww ur mac rocks !!

  6. Laughed a lot.But nothing has in fact changed much from that age of 'attitude'.Just ignore.

    While I was at Trivandrum with my studies,just one and half decades back there was this regular bunch of men waiting to see a girl riding on bullet.After she pass by,I had real fun listening the conversation of the same gossip men (My Lord,they again blame women for finding out the word 'gossip') and the comments they shoot.haha.

    On MAC,enjoy your days.Same pinch.

  7. congrats on the MAC.. and now i know who to come t owhen i need to buy a new gadget :)

    I use to have lot of interest but nowadays i think I have lost the touch .. I look at things that I need ..


  8. Hmmm, stereotyping is everywhere but the mindset is nothing fixed really. It is changing and will continue to change, albeit not the speed that we wish it be. It's an evolution not a mutation, so just hang in there.

  9. Ignore such scums. which you are doing already. congratulations for the MAC :)

  10. Congratulations once again :)My best friend is a gadget freak ,except for cameras i know very little about other machines.Don't even bother what others think . Enjoy your MAC and keep posting :)

  11. Strange people I say..... and hey.. congrats on your MAC :)

  12. Congrats on the MAC. :)
    Having MAC feels good, doesn't it?

    And it's cool for a girl knowing about gadgets, automobiles and machines. I appreciate it.
    It's far more and much better and useful than knowing about films, television, make-up or fashion related things.

    You rock! ;)

  13. Hi Bindu!

    What's up Man! New Mac? Congrats da!
    So whats going on bro? Good to hear that you're keenly interested in bikes, gadgets and stuff man!

    Good machha!


  14. Girls and bikes! Totally awesome!!!! I am thinking about how Katrina Kaif borrows her friend's enfield to chase down hrithik... Cool stuff! Totally!

    Mac!! Wow! Ex-pen-sive!!!!!!!!! :-o It's always so tempting to buy a mac... Wishing you get the best user experience with the beautiful guy! 13" or 15" bindu?

    By the way, I'm tired of not getting an update of a new blog post... :-|

  15. Anil,

    Goodbye? Did you say that Anil? I am sad that a MAC Pro could do this!

    Spoiled even at this age? No age limitation for getting spoiled :-P

    Chowla sir,

    Glad to know broad minded parent as you Sir. What the dad told his daughter - yeah it was sad.


    Thank you, :-) Yes, mindsets cant be changed.


    :-) Nice.

    Hahaha google replaced boyfriend :-P

    That was a jolt to your parents I guess.


    :-) Thanks neha


    :-) Yes, i guess so.

    Melange, men gossip lot more than women! But the blame is on us.

    Thank you.


    :-P Always

    No interest? You have grown OLD Bik!

    Wan F,

    I thought I could read your write ups; noticed that you are not a blogger

    Yes, you are right. People are changing and are more accommodating and thats welcome.

    I liked your statement - its an evolution not a mutation :)


    Thanks Neha, ignorance at its best :)


    Thank you again :)

    Yeah, for some gadgets are crazy stuff. One of my friend calls me 'Gadget guru' and after that I got conscious and stopped upgrading my stuffs for quite some time.

    Thank you


    Thank you :)


    It does feel awesome :)

    Oh! you said it. Its anytime better than films, television, make up and gossips :)


    Lol! Thanks mams! (mams is a slang word for Mama :-P)
    Nothing special going on dude! just the same old stuff.
    Whats up with you machee?



    You watched ZNMD huh? Yup MAC! Yeah, as ex-pen-sive as our Costa Rica trip :-P

    15" Gautam :)

    Oh! I saw your email; I am sorry; did you notice that you get the notification a day later? Thats still ok; I think thats how it works.

  16. I am (a blogger), just starting, penning my thoughts to myself for the moment. I'll let it out in the open when I am ready to. Somehow statistics showed that it has already been accessed by some.

    Yes, evolution is the word. We do not have to rush, especially when dealing with people's sentiments. I notice the same with languages, adopting and adapting and soon we have a new word. How else could dictionaries expand over the years?

  17. B,
    I agree to give you the benefit of doubt now. So we are pals, irrespective of the Mac. Just for once.

    Just the other day my daughter Radhika told about this parent ( father) of her class mate who was annoyed with his daughter for uploading some pics on the fb of the Onnam celebrations at school. Apparently since it being a co-ed boarding school there were fellow friends boys too in the crowd and in the pics.
    The old man was offended with the pics of his daughter standing next to the boys.

    The father and daughter are now at loggerheads and she refused to remove the pics from the fb,

  18. What fun it is to be different from the sheep! Who cares two hoots about stick-in-the-mud dads!

    And B, I think girls who love bikes ( read Bullets) are hep; they rock! Remind me to take you on a ride on my Bullet someday! :-D

    Wow for the Mac. My friend Doc is a Mac guy ( he got three of them - Desktops and laptops, and his wife, two children they all use own Macs) had since long made me drool over Mac - but well, bit too expensive as on date! :-/

  19. Wan F,

    Oh! ok. I hope to read you sometime in future.

    I agree with you :)


    Phew!!! Thanks.

    Thats sad; it would be so easy if people adapted to changes.


    Haha thank you; I rock!! :)
    Wow! your bullet is a legacy and I would be lucky if I could ride a pillion someday :)

    :-) Yeah MAC is uber cool and expensive.

  20. Machines don't discriminate based on sex. Is not that great? But it is not true?

    Coming from computer/telecom industry, we are targeting females - reason - if a female wants to buy something, no one can stop. :)))

    Apple did a great job in targeting females, teens and kids.

  21. I am not a gadget freak and at times, feel totally challenged when face to face with one.

    Oh, but your friend's reason for keeping away from you was weird. Bizarre in fact! :D

  22. A,

    It is!! :)

    :P Yeah I agree with you - computers and phones have become sleeker and manufacturers hire designers - equal importance is given to design along with features for the same reason :)

    Destiny's child,

    :-) it was!

  23. Oh My!! Pity such mindsets!!
    Cool Mac... Congrats! :)


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