Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nepal - People

Well, if you an avid traveler; you want to see all and do all. I am one such person; never ever get enough of traveling. But its good to leave some; the mystery it holds is enough to entice you for your next sojourn - to somewhere else.

Its the same feeling with Nepal as well. Each place brings in a uniqueness that no other place can ever give. Its not just about the place; but the moment, the time, the people. Even if you could visit the same place with the same set of people in the same manner; it sure wont be the same as the earlier one!!

Meeting new people; dousing their curiosity, sharing anecdotes between smiles is a pleasure by itself. Met few interesting people in this trip as well. I tried to click few portraits - the absence of sun light made it best to capture a character - the depth which gets lost due to that sunlight; I feel.

The hazy surrounding highlights the portrait and captures the features quite well. Thats what I tried to do. Here are few.

Flaming red T shirt, Ray Ban aviators, a garland - does he not give our Bollywood heroes a run for their money?

Sadhus galore at the Pashupathinath temple. Smoking hash, talking expletives, they have their way. They bless you only if you give them money. These halo around this Baba was the effect I gave so that he looked spiritual :-P

A Sadhvi. She cussed more than the Baba. Tall, well built lady.

It was Rakhi bandhan day. Brahmins sit near the temples and offer blessings to people who offer them fruits and money. This man was waiting for people to come by and seek his blessings.

A Tibetan mother and her daughter. The older one was pensive; concentrating in her prayers. I asked them if  The wrinkles on their face is proof enough of their ordeal, they are refugees. I could click their picture. They obliged :)

This girl was diligent in her work, trying to shielding the lip smacking sweetmeats that was all around her; not once did she eye them.

What caught me was this lady checking her watch; time and again. The entire crowd was in a festive mood; and this lady had some other important work I guess.

At the monastery in Swayambhunath temple. This Lama was around when I sneaked into the monastery and quickly walked out. He wanted to know where I was from. He readily posed for a picture. It was a perfect setting with no light. His eyes talk stories :)

Stern and strict - a police officer guarding the palace at the Kathmandu Durbar square.

Naughty kids - readily posed for picture; later one of them kept nagging me for money! :-/

My dog picture :)

These school girls looked so pretty; liked their skirts :)

A dollop of vermillion on her forehead, bright green contrasting beads; a busy Newari lady

One of my favorite picture mainly because it was unplanned. She just came in the frame.

Never minding the architectural treasure she is surrounded with; this lady is busy selling her items.

This boy's father is one of the very few; or rather the only craftsman who hand makes singing bowl. singing bowl by itself needs an exclusive post. Behind him are the rows of machine made singing bowls :)

The guide at the Patan durbar square. Shared lot of interesting information.

Finally, our driver who drove like mad bull; never stopping even once to admire the nature. Well, its an everyday affair for him :)


  1. Great pics and info. What is a singing bowl? Omg that girl in a super mini skirt with stocking on is a school girl :P , never knew that they allow stockings in school !

  2. loved the clicks and the details. singing bowl is what i have seen in a restaurant in Mumbai. they play it after you clear the cheque. they call it a kinda recall so that person comes back. and you do want to go back just to hear that :)

    why all the photographers i know love to click dogs???

  3. Though travelling for fun and pleasure , is an unquenched dream to me,I love to read the experiences others enjoyed doing the very same.
    Your pics has , I feel a little more personal touch.

    I but still think that the pictures must be more in-depth. How < i cannot tell but can tell what I feel about a pic.
    Perhaps you could develop photography into a good past time and enrich your Blog too in the bargain.

    Interact with people who love the art. In FB I have a friend, a close chum at that Sangeeth Sivan , you can get to know him and interact and enrich your flair for photography.He often uploads his pics.
    Our Balan too is a decent man behind the camera.

  4. hmmm lovely pictures

    I liked the Guy with the ray bans and all.. Handsome guy .. seeing his Tummy reminds me of mine tooo ..

    The dog look good and healthy and the kids asking for money hmmmm

    Thank you for sharing ..


  5. Each of the clicks got something to say.I loved the 'police' cum saadhu there..

    It was a cloudy day no Insi ? Your camera is Nikon D-90 ?

    That scenery click I particularly loved Insi.The feel is immense.

    Cheers !

  6. Nice captures.The red/orange looks like popular color among Nepal men :)My favorite pictures today are that of Sadhu ,Cussing Sadhavi ,Lama ,Watch Lady ,School girls ,Naughty kids .And i agree with you cloudy days are good for capturing portraits .

  7. No wonder the high schools in Kerala have lesser boys; they all must be migrating to Nepal! ;-)

    Elegant dog! Look at the way he/she smiles at the camera - like Monalisa!

    Rotten, that the kids and the sadhus ask for money!

    All in all, a great, grand tour of Nepal! How many days, B? And the entire trip in a hired car?

  8. Nepalis are an interesting lot. We got flower garlands on our arrival there from our guide and driver. They speak so much about Nepal's history and facts while driving. You visited Pokhara and Kathmandu right! Same here. :)

  9. Interesting !!!! As far as I remember Nepalese are honest and straight forward people. Great pictures.

  10. Very interesting to see random pictures of people and then actually wonder who they must be and what they were thinking? Is your dog a Labrador too?

  11. Nice pics and nice summary of the mood of the people. although i had so many thoughts while looking at each pic, one picture of the school girls erased everything in my brain in one flash. OMG! i cannot believe she's wearing stockings to school! wow! i don't mind studying there even if it is a boarding school. :-D

  12. Wonderful captures!! Liked the pattern of the two skirts. The contrasting beads necklace is so very classy! Very interesting post!!

  13. Well well, you're traveling a lot! :)

    Nice pictures again. :)
    Like the 'unplanned' pic the best!

  14. neha,

    I will write a post on Singing bowl soon :)

    Yeah, school girls wearing stockings seem to be common and its allowed I guess. Saw many of them


    Thats a percussion instrument. This one is different kind of singing bowl. Will write a post on it.

    I dont know about others; but I click dogs because they talk to you. Second, its easy to find dogs than other animals :)


    Thanks Anil. I would love to improvise on my skills. I dont capture people much; this is my attempt after reading yours and Balan's comments earlier :) You know, I have been thinking about joining photography classes; its still in thinking mode.

    Sangeeth Sivan? He is a famous guy; would he find time to clear my queries?


    Thanks. That guy was handsome - he had that jatka look our 70s heroes had.

    Yeah, not everyone, one of the kid was nagging for money


    Thanks a lot; glad you liked.

    Yes, it was cloudy and raining Melange.

    My camera is D90s big brother - Nikon D7000 :)

    Thanks a lot :) If my picture has evoked an intense feel; then I did my job :)


    Thanks a lot :) Yeah orange/red are their favorite colors.


    Hahahaha now I know!! :)

    The dog was calm and ready to pose :)

    Yes, it was shocking that they asked for money

    It was 6 days Balan, I wished we had 2 more days. Its never enough, is it? :)

    Yes Balan, Nepal has no decent public transport; even in the capital city. So we had to hire a car.


    Yes, they are good people. Yeah, Pokhara, Kathmandu and Gorkha :)


    There are exceptions everywhere isnt?


    Yeah :) Their reactions are interesting to capture.


    Thanks. Do you remember your Lama picture?

    It was shocking to see school girls in stockings. It was a common sight there :)

    You still have a chance to go to school :P


    Thank you. The beads is a typical Nepali style.


    Haha yeah :)

  15. Ya, I do remember that Lama and the lama boy... Wow! They gave a stunning pose... I can never forget them... And, hey! also the smiling lama. Ha ha. He was so funny. Oh, so there are two photos - which one are you talking about?

  16. Gautam,

    The Lama and the lama boy. That was stunning!

  17. These pictures reminds me of gautam pictures of Sadhu with trishool and Lama & Boy. Really, very good effort is put on to take these pictures.
    Of-course, the school girls photo is really good and also the unplanned picture.

  18. Naidu sir,

    Yes, I recall those pictures; amazing ones.

    Thank you; glad you liked the pictures?

  19. Wonderful pictures! Love the sprightly colours, especially the Sadhu and Sadhavi pictures. Lovely visual tour of Nepal.

  20. Ruprekha,

    Welcome to B Log :) I like your name :)

    thanks, glad you liked the pics. People are interesting lots to capture. :)


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