Friday, September 30, 2011

Just a HI

Have you clicked on 'New Post' without knowing what you want to write about? If not; then you are sober; you are not addicted yet. Or maybe blog is just another pass time for you.

I feel cut off if I dont post something on my blog every 3 days; yeah I know; the frequency has reduced. Many factors. First being lack of quality time; its not that there is no time; its just you dont have the time to feel 'connected' with the blog. Next one is lack of activity on the blog space; yes its discouraging and contagious. People vanish or go slow and it affects you. Third; you have exhausted your topic; creative juice does not flow anymore.

I have to get into a conference call in another 41 minutes as I write now. I am sleepy already. Its going to be thankfully; 30 minutes meeting only. But its still a long one for a Friday evening. I dare not say another word as my manager is pursuing me to share my blog link. I am evading it; I even told him why I was apprehensive. I do not want my peers to form an opinion about me; after reading my thoughts. Yes, people are mature not to pin you down; yet I am skeptical as they are my colleagues. I am sassy yet my professionalism comes first. Its not that my blog is a secret; its out there; few of my peers read it; but I dont want to explicitly advertise it.

I have been wondering why Anil and Balan have slowed down as well.. Are we connected by telepathy? Anil and Balan, please raise your hands; no email forwards from you guys either. Ousu vanished but I see some activity off late. Neha is going slow as well; anyway we are connected on chat most times so its fine. Chowla sir has cut down on blogging; so has Shilpa. Bikram, dont worry too much about what people are; make sure you are making a change in this big bad world :)

I am feeling sleepy; mentally tired. I need a vacation :-P; OK! I know I just had one. But it seems so long ago. Been working a lot; my task list is raising exponentially. I am not complaining; I am being recognized and appreciated; so its fine. Yet; tiring. Its not that I would relax on a lounge chair on a vacation. I squeeze so much activity in my attempt to explore and learn everything about a place that it leaves me tiring at the end of the day. But thats what I love; no complaints :) On TV, I hear turquoise beach, palm trees, Caribbean..Jamaica....Wish I was there right now!; not relaxing but exploring. I should have taken up traveling as my profession; Uummpphhh!!

Got to prepare for meeting :-|


  1. So one follower has returned ...yes after a break,but whenever I am free,there are a few blogs I like to read and your's is definitely one among them. tc.

  2. Don't share your blog with your manager!!!!!!!!!! Big no no!!! Nobody is matured enough in this world not to judge you. People always judge you... If you think twice about something that you would not have hesitated to post, bang! you're handicapped... Careful!! :-)

    Oh my God Bindu, professionalism you have at work is one of the many things about you that I admire. You are one person who I believe knows how to manage work and life, cause I know you used to tell me that you finish work bang in 8 hours and you don't spend a day later at office. Now this is not the first time you are attending conference calls later at night. I hope you are compensating this by taking off during regular office hours.

  3. I guess it's best not to share your link with your manager (my personal opinion, I just feel it might make you think twice before you blog, and that would make you so - un-Insignia like. :)

    And yes, every one seems to be busy with something or the other. I had totally vanished from the scene too. With my classes over, I hope to be regular...

    Meanwhile, keep blogging, keep exploring :)

  4. hello! i hv ur blog post to read always among others,n i like reading them.keep writing n do visit my blog too.....:)

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  6. Insignia - You definitely got me there with the reasons why I went hiding..felt exhausted about topics and then a little travel and an illness, made sure I opened my laptop only to watch movies last month.. then a little adventure, the icing of the month, about which I will be posting soon.. now that I am back in office, I love writing, especially when its my firm paid time:)

    Share your blog link with your manager and maybe post something great about her, it might be fun ;) But don't you think that, people make an opine about you, no matter what? I have always thought, since its human to form an opinion, wouldn't it be better, if we could let everyone know ourselves, clean and clear, the great things and the not so great things..

  7. Insignia,

    Take it easy.You sound very confused!

    Just like in software, can you identify the problem here. Not sure you have. Is it too much work or lack of motivation or what...and for what problem

    Sorry for being too blunt.

  8. Motivation is never a problem for Insignia! :-D

    Eveready! Give me red!

  9. it's never the lack of topic to write about, it's just that people judge you from your rants too.

    don't share blog link with work people! not a sound option at all!

  10. :) yes Mam.. I shall make sure i make a note of that ..

    I am trying to do that .. lets see how successful i am in that .. Moreover with wishes from such lovely people as you hopefully i will be fine...

    I did not want to say here but lately i have been given extra work and going into a completley new field which i have never done and its all chaos and i can understand these meeting most of mine go over my head I have literally no clue what people are talking :)

    I hope the meeting went well.. My work collegues dont have my blog address :)

    you take care and Smile...

  11. B,it is so sometimes. You just do not feel like putting down in words. Can give a score of alibis but they are all just excuses.

    But now , I have a reason,I flew down to Dubai the week end and left my lap top behind. Ensconced in the house of a friend and enjoying the dishes he and his wife has for me, drinking good whisky , going out to a pub and restaurant to eat Lebanese food, well I force myself to forget that torturous boredom awaits me when I'm back in Bahrain tomorrow night.

    And being in their midst gave me a thread and idea for another post. About how they opened their door for happiness.I hope when I sit to do that I will not have any block in mind.

  12. chitra,

    :-) Glad to see you. Hope your exhibition went great chitra.

    I am honored to be in your reading list :)


    :-) Sure i wont.

    Yes, Gautam, work is not hectic; not surely hectic to put in more than 8 hours. But its tiring. I do take lot of time relaxing at work :-P

    Destiny's child,

    Yes, I agree. Thats what I dont want to do; watch what I write! Thats so uncool!

    Thank you :)


    Thanks a lot. Yeah, I should start reading a lot; work sometimes throws everything haywire


    Hope your folks at your office dont read your comments here :)

    My manager is a he; and a very smart HE at that; who wouldnt get carried away by few sweet words :) True; Its better to let ourselves know; but somehow my professionalism is not letting me do that at my workplace. Its just that; its not necessary to let yourself known to 'that' group as long as you do the job!


    Oops!! Do I sound confused? Not at all. Just tired. There is no problem here; I dont need to be motivated; it comes from within and no not much work. Just tired.


    Hahaha, you said it :)


    True. :-) Advice taken


    Learning new things is fun; I hope you are liking it.



    Yes, same here.

    Good; you had some good well deserving break. Waiting to read your experience.

  13. Even I haven't been reading blogs that I follow, regularly because of college, exams and assignment. :(

  14. I have become a weekend blogger, B! At Alleppey, I don't want to use a USB for internet; mainly because I am too tired after office ( 0900 -1930)staring into a monitor and other occupational hazards. I am slowly settling down to the new place ( Shifted to brand new room at the YMCA - it should cheer up my mind somewhat). I want to catch up my reading too. No browsing net = More reading books!

    So, I visit blogworld only in the weekends when I am home.

    Hope I will have some stories to tell soon. Meanwhile I am observing the new surroundings and making mental notes...

  15. Hi, I am very happy that you follow my blog sincerely.
    I must tell you.I haven't slow down out of choice but out of compulsion.I have been working hard(not successful yet)on my first book.God knows ,when will it get completed.
    But, but, I am a regular visitor on your blog.

  16. My name doesnt figure in that list. I guess, it long disappeared due to the inconsistency that sprouts up.

    I blog when I am in the mood. These days that damn mood is, like my nephew says, 'coming and going' !

    Enjoy. Take it easy. Its only life. And ofcourse, travel !!

  17. Good to know that you guys have kept the positive spirit, even if the going is slow! :P (cant say the same about me though). I have written my views on anonymous blogging a number of times, I have seen people have major issues and have had to close/change their blogs because people at work got to know, so its always better to not be too "popular" about your blog at the work place!

  18. It's fine not to blog sometimes if things are on your mind. Even if you have not shared your blog url with your manager, I am sure he/she will get it sooner or later because certain colleagues are already reading your blog. I always say be careful about what you write because it is public especially when it is related to work colleagues, close friends or relatives. I have an interesting story here. Just when my husband was about to quit his job, I found the number of visits from his company really go up though he maintained that he had not shared that his wife blogged except for a couple of close friends. I also found out that a lot of people in the community where I stay read my blog. So, there go some good tales I could narrate :). When my sils started reading my blog, it became more diplomacy. Now blogging has become a huge exercise in diplomacy because I really cannot be as blunt as I like. So, I'd suggest take care. Take some rest as you sound pakoed.

  19. Nethra,

    Yeah its difficult when you are in college; but you are balancing it well.


    Nice!! I also must frequent my reading habits more.

    Got 7 books pending; few poems from your collection as well :)

    Please share about your new surroundings :)

    Chowla sir,

    Your are one of the few blogger who is passionate about the cause for better India.

    Wow! a book? Thats awesome. All the best


    Haha Kavi your name doesnt figure because you are one of the earliest "regularly irregular" :-P Your rythm is steady on your blogging frequency unline few whom I mentioned here - they have abruptly slowed down.

    Its not that I forgot to add your name; you are beyond that :-P

    Yeah, I should take it easy :)


    Glad to see your comment after more than a year.

    I know; its more difficult for people who have to work with clients. Fortunately; thats not my case. I refrain from talking about work in my blog; so nothing serious to worry. Yet I am apprehensive about how my views on other stuffs would be read!


    Ohh! thats scary.

    I dont want to be diplomatic; at least in my blog :) thats why. Yeah. mentally tired I am. Should take it easy.

  20. I thought I have stopped comments moderation. have not you?

    I am asking because I cant see my earlier Comment here.

    Although I wont be right person to say anything about frequency of posting but still have to say it at least to you that keep your frequency at least moderate so those who live that diet wont die out starvation.

    As always one more adorable post, and you have got this talent to writing Grr88888 thing out of nothing..

    Keep Smiling!!

  21. Makk,

    Your comment didnt reach me. Maybe it got lost on the way. No comment moderation.

    Oh! do people live on this diet? Thanks much; Its a sweet way of telling how can you rant!

  22. even I have been on and off in blogging world.
    we got corporate blogs, so I guess that's enough for my boss to sneak peek into :P
    a vacation!! gal you just had one ... seems you are suffering from post vacation syndrome :D

  23. I am so much in sync with your thoughts on blogging and slow activity around our blogs. Many bloggers are taking a sabbatical and it's not the same frenzy or excitement as it was may be a year ago. I wish to be more active...
    So together, all of us, lets get back with a bang!! :)
    Take care and take another break!! :D

  24. I can hear one of my old Bitchy classmates telling me , " Blogging is sooo last season! Make it short and sweet and tweet! " ..... This is what is ringing in my ears these days. Blogging is kinda becoming monotonous and (SAVE MY SOUL) Boring. :) Addictive but boring. :)

  25. Rajlakshmi,

    :-) Yeah A vacation :D



    :-) Yup! lets do :)


    Its not boring to me. Twitter is fine for your rants but not a space to connect and talk your soul.

  26. True. I feel the same too. :) But at times it backfires. And leaves you more stressed than you were! Experience speaks! :D ....... I don't know if you know , but I used to blog under the name of Jyothi before. :D

  27. thats okay.......u can read whenevr u find time....:)

  28. Juxtaposition,

    :-) I know! I did read you when you wrote under the name of Jyothi


    I read your verse today; brilliant :)


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