Monday, February 9, 2009

Children, Innonence in its pure form

I started my swimming class....[:D]....Will talk about it later. Being the very first class, the coach was giving us instructions and answering FAQs. She was telling about the strokes we would be learning.
There was this foreign kid aged about 3 years old who had accompanied his mother for the class. We were all listening to what our coach was talking with apt attention, when she mentioned "We wont be doing the butterfly style".
The word "BUTTERFLY" caught the kid's attention. He was so thrilled and excited to hear the word; that he jumped from his mother's lap and clapped his hands and running towards the coach repeating "Butterfly!"..We all burst out laughing.
How innocent the kids are...and as they grow they lose their innocence. Obviously; even we would have been excited about a butterfly many years back...not anymore! Alas! The rat race, trying to keep up with competition, the dog-eat-dog world blinds us from simple pleasures.
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  1. hii
    rightly said ... innocen. is lost as we grow up.
    children and pets always give out positive vibes :)

  2. :-) Yeah AS. Kids and pets brings back the kids hidden with us

  3. Wow! So cute. :-)

  4. And the fact that you journalled this experience, :-)... so cool!

  5. I thought sheer joy in experiencing things like this deserves to be mentioned, isn't it? That kid brought a smile on 23 people's face. What an achievement!


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