Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple irritations in life.......Jumping the Queue!

They say your immense joy comes from simpler things in life like daydreaming, rolling on the grass, sharing your ice cream....
Yes of course, these are the ones that help us discover ourselves.

But have you realized that there are simpler things in life that could petrify you to the core? WE encounter such situations each day as we go about our daily chores, meet different people, and it happens at the common places and common situations. These irritable situations leave us red-faced, angry, yet we keep moving accepting it in our stride.

A classic situation. Jumping the Queue - while boarding the bus, at the pantry, waiting to get into the restroom, at the bank ATM, while shopping......

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The Queue-jumping folks have their own justification for doing so. Their excuses lame enough to earn the wrath of others. The most heard one is "I have an emergency. Can I please go ahead of you?" These justifications makes others wonder their worth! Am I so clear with no emergency? Is my time not precious?

I get angry lot when someone jumps the queue. One such incident occurred yesterday at the pantry while I was patiently waiting my turn to refill my coffee mug, a person just barges in, overtakes me and fills his cup!! What the heck! Am i insane to be standing there holding my coffee mug? Or am I jobless that I CAN wait for a couple more minutes? A similar one happened sometime ago. It was lunch time and I was waiting near the oven to heat my food. A very respected senior person from our organization just walked, over-took me and heated his food. All this while, I had to patiently wait. He didn't even realize his mistake!

What happened to conduct and manners? Are those dirty words now? Or is this what is called as being smart? The most sad part is at the public restrooms. People just walk by and jump the queue. What about so many folks behind you patiently waiting?

The phenomenon of jumping the line is not limited to a section of people and does not depend on their education and other sophistication but their values and virtues. It does not happen at all places. There have been two instances where in I jumped the queue unaware of the queue being there. It happened once at a souvenir shop in New York city. The crowd was large that I missed the queue. I thought the counter was free, and what I had to take was an ugly look from the cashier, and a stern but polite dismissal. I was so ashamed and I apologized profusely; for being so ignorant. The whole passed with my guilt engulfing me throughout.

How much does it take to wait for your turn? 2 more minutes? And why cant you? Do you have an agenda to avoid a catastrophe waiting to happen within this 2 minutes?

Please wait for your turn. It can take you a long way!!


  1. hiiii

    very realistic post happens everywhere, in college canteen, seems as if pple consider jumping queues as a symbol of smartness and bravery

  2. Thank you :-) People do consider it as an achievement if they succeed in jumping the queue

  3. hs hs... good one!!

  4. Excellent blog. Please add my pet peeve also. When the plane lands and comes to the gate, people trying to push others and advance towards the exit door even before the door opens.

  5. Thanks Gautam....Do you jump the queue? :-P

  6. Thanks Mano...
    Oh yes, People are desperate to get some fresh air you see :-P


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