Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! Gautam

Gautam is special to me in a way. I say this because I have learnt a lot from him. Even though I am so observant that I can literally nit-pick even the minutest detail; I would rarely appreciate the beauty in them. But after talking to Gautam; the way I perceive things changed. I started appreciating beauty even in the sickest of things; that I removed the word 'hell'uva from my dictionary and replaced that with 'heaven'uva.
I have not met him. He is my gtalk pal. I have just talked to him on the phone precisely 3 times. I got to know him through a mutual friend who referred my name for some work to Gautam. The first things we spoke were when he asked me suggestions about his subjects for his MS(I bet Gautam would not remember this)
What I like about Gautam is that I can discuss variety of topics with him. He would be all ears even though the topic is not his interest(for eg, politics, fashion...); and pro actively fuelling the discussion when the topic exhilarates him(Language, Travel, Aghori Sadhus, Photography....).
If there is anyone who can savour a cup of hot chai served in a tumbler washed with a running water; sitting amidst strangers in a dirty place with a stray dog for company....that can be only you Gautam...Yeah I know you would offer the chai to the poor dog and not to people :-P

Many More Happy Returns of the Day! Wish you have a great year ahead filled with fun, photography, travel and more fun!


  1. well ! I think Gautam is really lucky to have a friend like u Blog:)

    and happy b'day Gautam :)

  2. hey this is too much da!
    i don't know how to react.
    i seriously dunno how you think so high of me. makes me wonder if i deserve all these comments. but hey, you are right about one thing. i seriously don't remember that i met you first to talk aomething about MS. i am like, what? was that why we met? hmmm... i seriously dunno how to react, all i can say is thanks for the wishes i guess. :-)

  3. i just cannot accept the stuff that you have mentioned in this!! i mean, i dunno what to say. thinking once i feel so happy to even think of the idea that i might have affected you this way, and contemplating again, i feel, cha cha, i don't deserve all these comments...

  4. Chill Gautam....Dont rack your brain.

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