Monday, February 9, 2009

My first swimming class

Well, this is my third post for the day. Feel like relaxing too much today; hence 3rd one back to back. I wanted to keep myself occupied during weekends, or rather learn something new. Wanted to learn lot of things; Classical music, Salsa, foreign language...a lateral path.
This thought has been for almost a year now. Finally; got coaxed by my friend and we joined the swimming classes.
All set; bought the costumes and accessories. Saturday was the first class. Went in on dot and changed to the swim suit; while shivering away to glory. Admired the swimming caps and goggles and the costumes the ladies on. I was very much excited to meet the coach as she is the only woman in the 2000 Sydney Olympics swim team for India.
She was very friendly, began with general instructions and FAQs. My first jerk.

Rule of the pool
To take a shower before getting into the pool

Oh dear! it was so cold and taking a way. Yet! managed to quickly run under the shower and walk towards the pool. Waited in line to get into the pool. Saw the ladies go in one by one with shrieks and yells. No sooner did my feet touch the water, a chill went down my spine. How am I going to stand in this frozen stuff? Let alone swim!!!
Again didn't want to embarrass myself; got into the pool, I actually stood holding the railing as I was scared I would drown. My friend came to my rescue or the coach? Oh I was so scared to even remember. Our coach assured that no one drowns in 4 feet of water. How cute!
Started with trying to stand in the pool, walking in the pool, jogging., moving your hands..
Later the tough part. Take in a gulp of air quickly through your mouth, force your head into water and breathe out through your nose in gulps. Oh my dear! how tough that was!
We did that for 15 minutes. The next exercise was even tougher. Actually as we progressed, each activity was tougher than the one that just preceded.
Facing the wall, cupping the wall with your palms, taking in deep breath, pushing your head down so that it touches your chest while breathing out in intervals through your nose so that you can float! Trust me! I was never able to do this; unless the coach came around and grabbed my legs away from the bottom of the pool. Well if you thought this was silly; remember this is the very first time I am getting into any water body.
The next activity was leaning against the wall, throwing your body forward and floating. I always managed to drown, literally as I was beating my palms hard against the water as if trying to hold it! Water is like glass, delicate, cant hold it, don't even try!

My coach : "Don't panic, Relax and take it easy"...
Me : Nodded my head in approval

We practised it for sometime until the end of class. There was more fun once getting out of the pool. Each one rushed for the shower and to change, while others in queue were shivering all the while. Got the brush of swimming or rather being in the water for an hour!

I still have not been able to float properly!

Looking forward to learning all the 3 styles well...Wish me the best!


  1. Now who needs a coach.
    I will come and visit your blog to learn swimming! ha ha!

  2. :-D That's a compliment. Oh, have I really described it so well? Hmm.....


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