Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evening wonders

As the sun sets, the world cocoons itself to retire; but that's when the nature is in full bloom

I was lucky enough to see minuscule of nature's bounty of beauty. I thank the Almighty for this amazing world; its magnificence. These things make us realize how small we are.

My privilege to share.
Enjoy them...

Could not believe what I was witnessing, the perfect silhouette- Niagara, Ontario, Canada as seen from the USA side

After few minutes elapsed, the sky was deep orange-red
Bridging culture, Rainbow bridge, Niagara, US-Canada border

A lone yacht on the sea - Monterey Bay, CA

Calm waters, Monterey Bay, CA(Should have captured the birds fully)
Monterey Bay, CA

A beautiful silhouette- Monterey Bay, CA

NY City, NY

Chrysler Building is the most beautiful building in NY city, Its even more spectacular with the suns rays
falling on it

Night sky, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco skyline during sun set

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco during sun set

The sun bidding adieu; veiling itself under water, Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA

Night sky bedazzled with lights, Bangalore
Silhouette of Casinos, Las Vegas, Nevada
The Luxor shimmering under the sun set, Las Vegas, Nevada
The bluish snow on the ground sort of accentuates the bluish, orange streak during sunset, Tahoe, Nevada/CA
The Trails and the Pine Trees, Lake Tahoe

The sun before it finally set, Coorg

Sun almost set - Coorg, Karnataka

A lazy evening sky; clear yet dull; calm Singapore river, Singapore


  1. all super photos... :-)

  2. nice pics yaar... ghar mein baith ke ghoom liya USA ..haha

    thanks for the US tour dear :)

  3. Thanks Gautam, Honored to have received this comment from the Big Brother of Photography

  4. Thanks AS... Arey yaar....India aur Singapore bhi ghumaya na? :-D

  5. haan yaar ... nice 'multi national tour' hahaha

  6. Excellent. Super.

    Just for your information. Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed object within the United States.

  7. Thanks Mano...Yeah I am aware of the fact the most photographed structure in the US is The Golden Gate bridge...


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