Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coffee and Popcorn

Are those who are never satisfied with things in life.
Are those whose best skill is the art of complaining.
are the one who torpedo innocent co-living creatures and end up being the most advanced form of life on earth.

OK, enough of human bashing. I too belong to the same species of Homo Sapiens. Yeah, they have reached this status after much hard-work, smartness and presence of mind. So

Are those who are smart, intelligent species who have made world a better place to live.
Are those who can find fun and joy even in the most difficult of situations.
Are those who never give up and go on in life.

Why am I being philosophical? I am sleepy, anyway no one would mind me blabbering. As such, very very few are gonna read my blog - (Mano, AS, Vivek, Gautam who has been irregular these days....., don't know why. Yeah these four; I am sure because they post their thoughts, maybe there are others who can bear my ramblings....GOK - That's God Only Knows) Most number of times by who? ME of course! Admiring the beauty of my topic, the choice of words from my uber cool dictionary of limited words.

Well, I was occupied with something else. And lo, from deep down my memory archive, I dusted a couple of pages, cached it to the main memory of my brain - RAM as they call and now I am doing a write process to my disk again. This is what happens, if you work day in and out.

Pinky, Geeta, Vasundhara, Swetha, Gracy,.......List goes on....
Hritik, Shahid, Aamir, Kunal.........List can go on here......
Hyde, Wasabi, chocolate, Vixen..............

"Hey are you done with Pinky?"
"No, I want Pinky tonight. I will release tomorrow".

Now, before your ever-creative mind can assume anything at all, these are the conversations people have at work. Now what sort of work place is that? Well, you see this is called as hitting at the right place. The names I quoted above are all names given to servers(computers) in the test data centre. The choice of names varied; it was always a hit. This sort of naming really coaxed people to work well. Talk about "a employee-friendly work place".

Yeah, otherwise people are anyways boring. Boring people constitute a boring environment. The entire system is boring, so are the catalysts and the sub-systems. IPL is soon going to end. Elections ended. With the two great Indian Tamasha coming to a closure, what would people do to spice up their life?

Well, our News channels will get something to keep the viewers onto the edge of their sofas, couch, chair..whatever. All news is Breaking News. All News is Exclusive. So there would be non-stop Tamasha, and the Saas-Bahu, Revisionary Women serials. By the way, are they still on air? These ones ought to be banned, gets onto women folk so much that it becomes part of their life, hindering their normal activities. You get what I say...

Men folks insist they watch IPL matches. They want data, match statistics, details as to how the match was won, what did Madira Bedi bak-bak about, more importantly how she looked and what she wore. Else, they feel left out during lunch and coffee breaks with their male counterparts at work, as if they have just dropped down from Mars. Women want to watch the tele-serials; they want to know if the Bahu took revenge of her Saas's evil way, what was the jewelery worn, the Saree colour as they have to ape the same the next day to work. Else, they are left out of the bandwagon.

Black coffee and Popcorn. Hmm, good enough to pep you up. Try it for yourself.

Enough, I am getting back to my work.


  1. hehehehehe

    sis its seems to be the high time we both take some rest and try meditation too ! same is happening to me as well , my exams are due next week and now all those subjects seem to be soo taxing, I am also confused like u

  2. Hehehehe...In the same boat huh?
    Oh yeah..things getting onto my nerve sista..High time!

  3. Nice. Better to vent once in a while. If you are bored, please design and implement Ada++. I read this joke somewhere. I have no idea what Ada++ means. But I certainly know what "adai" means.

  4. Oh no Mano, I am not bored. Its that things get onto my nerve. And either I get philosophical or crazy like this

  5. Now that you mentioned "adai", hm...I want it to savor it now....Boo..hooo :-(

  6. Humans are the species who comes up with new abbreviations every moment-for instance GOK. !!!

    Well i do feel its a real pity for the majority of the populi to be concerned about Mandira' and the Saas-Baahus. Yet, its their own life and Life goes on.

    Well for me, Popcorn would serve well for a nice evening snacks ;)

  7. Since this is Ms. Insignia's blog, I would let her explain what is "adai". I don't want to rain on her parade.

  8. Hey Prashant,

    That's a good one. One more definition for HUMANS. Clap..Clap..

    Yeah, discussion on Mandiras and Saas-Bahu are their own life, its when you get bombarded with these silly stuff, that takes you on.

  9. Mano,

    You could have explained what "adai" is. That was alright. Now I need to rake my brain.


    Its a pan-cake. Its batter is made from rice, toor and urad dal. Its a variant of the regular dosa and can be eaten with Sambhar or chutney.


    Is this description close to what "adai" is?

  10. Yes. Just add chana dal also. This is called "plain adai". If you dice onion and mix, it is called "onion adai".

  11. okies I'll try making adai :)

  12. Cool...Thanks Mano.

    Enjoy! Adais are delicious

  13. Are those who are smart, intelligent species who have made world a better place to live.

    I don't agree.

  14. Hmmm...You dont have to agree..That statement is not a general one :-)


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