Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Getaway to Ooty

Last weekend being 3 days off, gave a chance to explore Ooty. Well, it was not Ooty alone, explored Bandipur and Mudumalai reserve forests too.

The drive was enjoyable, very good roads, the Bangalore-Mysore State Highway and then later, The TamilNadu State Highway. There were some glitches, I ended up looking for hotel at the last moment. A probable good Samaritan offered an agent's number and this guy assured me that I would get a comfortable room for 2000 Rs and taxes. Once reached, realized that it was all a hoax and had to cough up double the amount and they didn't give the receipt; the service was pathetic.

Otherwise, the trip was awesome. The weather was excellent. Drive was picturesque. Saw most places and had loads of fun. Visited the usual tourist spots - Ooty lake, Coonoor, Doddabetta, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Pykara Lake, Pine Forest and others. Ooty is a lot commercialized now; that's the sad part. But the police personnel were very helpful. They treat their visitors with respect and ever-helpful.

One thing that fascinated me was the Thread Garden. It is aesthetic and innovative creation of artificial garden of plants and flowers, all hand-woven embroidery. No use of needles, it took 50 skilled expert women and 12 years to complete it.

Flowers and Plants hand woven by thread

Another place which I was we-struck was Fern Hill Palace. Its a palace built by the Maharajah of Mysore and is now converted to hotel by Welcome group. Had breakfast there, yummy and sumptuous.

Fern Hill Palace

The Government Museum was in a pathetic state. It was closed, when we opted to have a look, the care taker was reluctant to guide us. The place was in a demolished state and few of the century old statues were left outside in the rain and the sun.

One of the few centuries old statue left outside the museum.

The drive back to Bangalore was awesome with beautiful tea estate, lot of breath-taking views.

Few of the snaps from the album

Spotted a deer at the Bandipur forest reserve. The deer was composed and unmindful of the vehicles passing by

Passing through Mudumalai forest reserve

Ooty Lake

One of the tunnel of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. I had to zoom my camera to 100% to get this shot. I was astonished at the result; taken from an ordinary point and shoot camera. Taken from a cliff about 7-10 kms away.

Coonoor Station and the Nilgiri Mountain Rail, declared UNESCO world heritage

Tea estate and the tea factory in the distance on the cliff

A scenic view

Another breath-taking view on the way back

Langoors at the Mudumalai forest. They were ready to pose.

A child and a parent elephants passing very close to the road in Mudumalai


Hmm.....back to the grind now :-D


  1. yaar sis

    already m not feeling like studying , and after these pics I'll dream about Ooty only ........heheheheh

  2. Heiiya sista...these pics are put up so that you finish your exams fast and go on a vacation to such a place

  3. Now I am jealous of you.

  4. :-) Dont be Mano..Your turn will come too...


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