Monday, May 4, 2009

F7 anyone?

The triip was varyy intersinf...

This is how a sentence would be if there were no Spell Check feature. But there's cons attached to any stuff you take right? This spell check sometimes beats you up dead.

Official mails which are copied to important people, and you are careful to choose right words, and do a thorough check to make sure everything is correct.
You use this deadly tool; which is supposed to correct your spelling errors but in turn turns the table. You become a laughing stock. Few mails here just to prove that.

An engineer had to send a reminder mail to his team mates reminding them of the team meeting. So after composing and spell check, this is what we got to read -

"Mating starts in 5 minutes in 4th floor conference room"

Spell check of the line "The ESX issue is still pending" suggested thus

"The SEX issue is still pending"

By the way, for the uninitiated; ESX is an enterprise-level virtualization product offered by VMware, Inc.

Another blunder that we laughed out loud was a mail from a colleague. It was to suggest we can sit around and discuss; which when we received was thus -

"We can shit around and discuss....."

I am not sure if this was a result of spell check or human error.

So next time after your F7 and before clicking the "Send" button, make double sure if the spellings are what you really want it to be.


  1. hahaha! its really so funny and at times so embarrassing too :)

  2. Good one. Sometimes, a single word can have 2 meaanings and get us in trouble. For example, take the sentance, she was a very funny girl. This can mean she made everybody laugh OR she was a bit strange.

  3. Yeah Mano...We need to choose words carefully. I have learnt it the easy way. :-D

  4. Nice one. Your blog name is quite a name for a blog.

  5. Nice blog. I like it. On the other hand, these may be encrypted messages to throw us off guard. Ha ha ha.

  6. Hi Prashant Sree.

    Welcome to spice-n-ice. Glad you enjoyed the post. And yeah was an impulsive thought.

    By the way, I have been an irregular visitor of C'est la vie for quite sometime. Your posts are quite though provoking.

    Keep writing and keep coming!

  7. Hey Vivek,

    These are very few I recalled. Will post more as and when I recall few more. Oops, I didn't think that way, its lateral. Maybe, these may be also to throw us off-guard. Hmmmmm......

  8. i was rolling on the floor laughing! ha ha ha!

  9. Ha ha ha...glad you laughed out

  10. Awesome indeed ! I had a mail from a vendor who professed he supplied the best in class Aunti-virus !

    Well !


  11. Thanks Kavi :-)
    Lol!! Aunti-virus.. Well, It wasnt Aunty!!



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