Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ravishing Beauty

Sluggish Saturday noon and I was lazying around outside. This beauty was basking in the sun and I could not help but admire it. Look at its red and the flaming yellow merging with the white.

It started moving and I followed it.


  1. hii

    yaar , the colour schemes of these animals always mesmerizes me!

    nature is the ultimate artist!

  2. Right thing AS. Nature's always mesmerizing.

  3. So cute and beautiful.

  4. Mano,

    You said cute huh? Glad you found it cute. I found it cute too. Not many find them cute though.

  5. So cute yaar. The colours are so bright and makes us imagine how it must have evolved into whatever it is right now, la?
    Always wanted to pursue herpetology you know. Dunno how I ended up taking engineering... phew!

  6. It is very very cute Gautam. Yeah what did it take to evolve to what it is now. Nature doesn't make any mistake!

    I too feel that herpetology would have fit you than electronics engineering.


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