Monday, May 11, 2009

ZooZoos - stars of IPL

I have been tuning onto Set MAX everyday during IPL matches. No, I am not one among the 1 billion cricket crazy fans. So why IPL? Its during the IPL matches that the latest Vodafone's ZooZoos advertisements are aired between breaks. I am crazy about them, they make me go ga-ga; to jump around with joy.

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Indian advertisement has come a long way. Well, there are quite few senseless ones - like the Clinic Plus shampoo. The cricket coach asks the girl's mother "What if her hair gets damaged?" What the heck!!! I wonder where have all these creative media person vanished? But this particular piece is brilliant, hits the nail at the right spot.

These little characters with a large head, tiny limbs and a huge belly laughing out captures the audience. I would bet there would be not one person who does not like it. They are called ZooZoos, they are so lovable, cute and charming; innocent folks laughing and making fun, naive and simple. The concepts are so brilliant that they perfectly compliment to the service/product they are advertising about.

These ZooZoos are the star in their own right. A great success amongst many advertisements which features celebrities, extravagant settings; yet fail to capture the audience. This fine piece with just ZooZoos, bland and simple backdrop but brilliant concept has captured every one's heart. Be it the ZooZoo teasing a crocodile with a fish(Missed Call service) or the one in which a ZooZoo shares its shower with another(Chota Credit).

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And mind you, ZooZoos are not animation, but real life professional ballet dancers who were made to wear body suits. The supposedly animated look was an illusion that was created to be intentional.

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This advertisement is a perfect example of communicating the technicality of the product in a consumer-friendly manner. The crux here was the ability to communicate effectively with an unconventional idea and it struck gold.


  1. I have not seen the ad. The way you described in the blog tells me it must be very interesting.

  2. You must not miss these set of ads for anything else! Miss the match but not the ad.

  3. Just now I saw these ads in the YouTube. They are hilarious. One of those rare commercials where you want the ads to go on for a longer time instead of the program they are sponsoring.

  4. hiiii

    this zoozoo idea is of O&M and is filmed by nirvana films. the commercials are shot in capetown (SA) and 3 in a day !! this is not animated rather there are real pple inside, the expressions are carved using rubber masks :)

    let me tell u a secret sis
    I have a crush on zoozoo ;D...plzz dont tell anyone ..heheheheh!!

  5. Yeah Mano, You go crazy for them after watching these ads and want to go on and on..

    Heiyya AS,

    Thanks for the trivia. Yeah, I got these piece of information too from the lil' research I did. Its a brilliant concept.

  6. Heiyya AS,

    You said you have a crush on the Zoozoos. One more trivia is that they are real people who are professional ballet dancers - women and children


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