Monday, July 13, 2009


Follow up on my previous blog - I was told that I act smart just because I refrained from participating in a debate about legalization of homosexuality in India(I am not sure if its legalization or decriminalization. Ambiguity here)

My friend stated about the headlines on the newspaper and followed it with a 'yuck". He asked me what I thought about the decision. I plainly mentioned that each one would have a personal opinion and that we should not get into a discussion. This reply of mine made him feel that I supported the decision. I chose not to answer and hence I was tagged 'smart'.

Anyways, there are few things that I find amusing. People blindly follow certain rules/beliefs set forth at some point in time for the sheer convenience of certain class of people. These beliefs are not questioned and not analyzed to check if they are relevant to our society and life any further.

One could have an intellectual debate on this topic. If I am said "Don't do this way, do it that way" - the first thing that comes on my mind is who gave these rule-setters the authority to set these rules? Kids are curious most and they learn the most within their first 5 years. During these years, they have so many questions which are meaningful. How do parents handle them? Few times - maybe a simple lie because they feel the kid cannot understand the complexity, but many a time the lie is because adults themselves don't know the answers and find it impossible to tell the kids - "I don't know".

Why is it that they don't know answers to most questions? Its because someone, somewhere at some point in time set few rules in their best interest. Its been handed down and being followed religiously. Our ancestors were intelligent people. They had scientific reasoning behind everything. But somewhere in between, either they started being ignorant or plain dumb. In course, we lost track of why we did certain things in a certain way.

I have always believed there is no definite good or bad. As long as it brings no harm to others, and is appealing, agreeable and consensual to you and your folks. You are responsible for your own actions. No one to blame. You set your own rule, abide by it. So when this friend asked me my opinion, I really did not want to discuss. I sensed his views and it is his personal views. I respected whatever the view were and at the same time, did not want an accusing sort of debate.

As a human being first, I am glad that those people who are affected positively by the judgement can now save themselves from being tagged 'criminals'. They are definitely not a parasite to our society than the dirty bureaucrats and the corrupt politicians or the elite and 'shiny' ones who indulge in cheap and disgusting acts.

The straights would just turn more straighter :-P (I don't know what this means. Just hit it here. Awww..I guess it means nothing)

P.S : - Time for the winner of 'The CRACKLING story'. I choose Mano as he used GAGA - which was original and was not used in my post. :-)

P.P.S : Title and the content just don't go well. JLT!!


  1. yaar this is a very very sensitive and personal comments

  2. Nice blog. What they do in privacy is their own business. But openly advertising is outrageous. Recently, I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt with these words: Kiss Me--I am a Lesbian. That is going too far.

    Thanks for selecting me as a winner.

  3. each one has their own views.. it is each person's individual views.. on the flip side this topic brings on religion to the fore.. sensitive indeed

  4. Nice one. I think we should go for "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. That will be good for all.

  5. Hi AS,

    :-) Very true. Thanks for the 'no comments' comment :-D

  6. Hi Mano,

    I agree with you. Not only the particular community, its generic for all, aint it? A boy and a girl making out in public is disgusting and cheap.

    Coming to T shirts. Now a days T shirts have such awkward logos that they have been banned in organizations. Young people flaunt their freakishness as they call it, they think its cool. Its not at all cool. I am not sure if that girl in question really was a lesbian or wore the T shirt to be cool.....

  7. Oh yeah Mano..welcome. Congrats on winning :-)

  8. Hi Chriz,

    Exactly. Each one has their own views and its very personal and ought to be respected. I haven't given my views specifically either.

    Religion, hmm touchy topic indeed. :-)

  9. Hey Vivek,

    Yup! You used the right phrase. I am in for this 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy :-)

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  11. Of the things that we would socially desire from people, in everyday life, an insignificant matter of concern is a person's sexual orientation, don't you think? Unless you have to do something with it! Ha ha ha...

  12. Don't we have so many problems in our life. Why bother about other people's problems. I think we should just chill and learn to accept and respect the differences of each person. If you cannot, just ignore and carry on with your life unless it is affecting you. I think we should learn to love everyone irrespective of caste, race, religion and most importantly sexual orientation.

    One example.
    I was travelling in Chennai city bus. The whole bus was almost empty. It was just the driver, the conductor, two passengers and myself. Chennai buses have rows of two seaters. One guy came and sat next to me. I like to think of myself as a peaceful guy. I ignored him for a while. He started doing weird things. I requested him to sit elsewhere as the whole bus was almost empty. He did not budge. I ignored him for some more time. He was staring at the guys on the road. Then he put his hand on my lap. I stood up in a relaxed manner, asked him to excuse me, moved a couple of steps back and gave a punch on his face. Unfortunately his nose broke and the poor guys was bleeding. The conductor and I gently escorted him off the bus. :-)

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  14. If they are happy and gay, why is it a problem for someone else?

  15. After the incident in the bus, I was looking at the guy in agony and was thinking to my self, "Sorry that I am not sorry for you".

    I had a similar incident in a crowded local Chennai train, when a fat man maybe in his forties was trying to get close to me. I was maybe in 10th standard. Well he got chucked out of the train.

  16. I have a very good friend who is gay, by the way.

  17. Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for sharing those incidents. Its really disgusting for some people do behave that way in public. Yeah, I also believe in the same policy. Let them all be gay and happy!!

    I never really thought about this - yeah in some insignificant way or the other, we are bothered about the other person's sexual preference...Hmmmmm


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