Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where are you?

Last week, it rained for a couple of days and all were relieved that it was better late than never(here in my city)
After all it was just a delay of 2 weeks. That was what the views were. We were optimistic, but now I have lost hope, sort of and hence these thoughts.

I feel my happiness was premature when I proudly posted comments on my fellow bloggers' post that "We are getting rains here..Geeee " :-(

After that, no sight of rains. The weather is pleasant and gets windy during evenings. But NO RAINS!! Where are the rains?

I m missing all the things on rainy days.

I miss the pitter-patter sound of rain.
I miss the aroma of fresh mud as the first drops of rain fall and the earth slowly soaks in the water.
I miss the visual pleasure of the first water drops fall on the wind shield and see them explode leaving further tiny droplets and fractal edges.
I miss disturbing the pearly droplet that forms on the edge of the leaves.
I miss shaking the leaves and feeling the wet water on my palms while closing my eyes.
I miss walking in the rains while carefully watching my feet to avoid sloshing water.
I miss trying to manage my umbrella as it tries to fly away due to the wind.
I miss hiding my face to avoid the water bang my face.
I miss wiping my eyebrows and my cheeks with my wet hands, even though its vain.
I miss enjoying an ice cream while it rains heavily.
I miss the joy of achievement whenever I avoid being sloshed by unruly vehicles.
I miss tossing my wet hair and wetting things and folks around once I am home and seeing them get irritated and angry.
I miss drying the drenched hair and later cozy myself on the couch while feeling my chilly feet and frozen palms; sipping a hot steaming cuppa.
I miss that tranquility that I feel while watching the rains fall by from my window.

Above all, I miss the joy of walking home wearing a pure white pant, while trying hard to avoid it being soiled. Its euphoric and I have tried it many times. :-) I have set aside my white cotton Capri for just this thing but the rains are not here.

I am getting reminded of this rhyme that I learnt in kindergarten.

"Rain rain go away, Come again another day, Little Johnny wants to play, Rain rain go away"

For me, its

"Rain rain come again, come again and again, Little (err...am i little...:-P) Jill wants to play, Rain rain come again"


  1. Nice one. Rain is very important. If it comes late or never in a year, the whole agricultural industry will be destroyed, especially in India.

  2. baarish aayiiiiii !!!!

    i lovee rains yaar.....and i fully agree with mano ji :D

  3. I also like rains! :-( but we don't get that much.. and whenever we happen to get enough.. roads lose their facial identities!

  4. Hi Mano,

    True, Now with economy around agriculture and our PM looking for 8% growth, hope the rain god hears out

  5. Hi AS,

    Yeah, you got rains. Here its playing hide n seek. We got some rains yesterday :-)

  6. Hi Abhinav,

    Oh man!! I love the rains. And yeah, the roads, sigh; its pathetic. With no proper planning and partial work, commuting becomes a nightmare. But its OK for the rains :-)

  7. the rains are partial this year:-)
    hopefully, they will reach u. It may take some time..

  8. Hi JD,

    Welcome to B Log :-)

    Yeah I am still hopeful!! Pray they reach the earth soooon


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