Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sho(o)t at Love

I had my share of criticisms and compliments yesterday. A couple of them were obvious, but others - I am not sure if I need to take them as complements or criticisms

- I have a sweet voice.
- I am a workaholic.
- I am a good writer.
- I act smart(This was for refraining from commenting on legal status for Gays in India. More on this in my next post)
- I need to consult with a psychiatrist.

~ Confused ~


I was watching 10 PM news on one of the news channel. Guess what? Apart from El Nino effect and Monsoon delay, post budget discussions, MJ's funeral (I still cant believe that he is no more. Peace), there was one other news that was considered important enough for the country's growth, economy, for the people of India or whatever serious reasons you want to tag to.

Any wild guess? Hmm, it was about 'Rakhi Ka swayamwar". The short snippet showed Ms Rakhi spend some time with her suitors; trying to get to know them. The news reader gave an update about how each suitor impressed Rakhi. One of them wrote a poem for her(Rakhi told she didn't relate to that guy and that she doesn't know him!), another one brought a bouquet of flowers........What followed was that this respectable news channel did some snooping around on one of the contestant to figure out that he was a fake person and was not what he claimed to be on Rakhi's show. The snippet ended with the compere warning Rakhi

"Don't be hasty. Look out for false people"

It was beyond preposterous. A woman who is known for her sleazy acts and nonsensical viewpoints is hosting her own swayamwar and a news channel is reporting it on prime time!!!!

But it had to happen one day. But I am surprised that it happened too soon in India. Only that it was not 'outrageous' and kind of OK for Indian society. As soon as this Swayamwar saga was announced on TV, first thing that I recalled was an American reality dating show that was aired on MTV in the USA - "A shot at love with Tila Tequila". It was a bisexual themed show. This show premiered on October 2007 and its first season ended in early February 2008.

The contestants were 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women who lived in Tila Tequila's house competing for her attention and trying to woo her(She claimed she was bisexual)
The series was MTV's most watched telecasts of the season and every episode had a back-to-back 2 hours of continuous run and was aired twice a week.

I watched the whole of season 1 without missing a single episode. I was so curious at this bisexual theme and couldn't believe that a reality show was happening. The show had all its drama, bitching, back-biting, cheating. But what was amusing was the hostess seemed to have unconditional love that she shared with each contestant. She even visited parents and friends of the final 10 contestants, spent time with the family; as if it were all real, serious and the couple would be married anytime.

As each contestant was eliminated, there was this drama of feeling rejected, being cheated in love, depression and dejection that love of a life time was lost and all other absurd mushy emotional stuffs you can ever imagine. I still recall a male contestant when asked how he would let his family in Italy approve of a bisexual partner responded something like this - I would say them that she is very sweet and caring. She has so much of love that she wants to share it with both men and women.


Finally a guy was the winner and it seemed they never met after the final episode :-D. The show was called a sham; it had its season 2 run too. I did not have a chance to watch as I was out of USA by then.

So, I somehow feel 'Rakhi ka Swayamwar' will have season 1, 2,3......


  1. Tumne to apne blog me Rakhi ke bare me us chirkut sadakchap ko ijjat de di ho galat bat hai vaise jankari achi hai..

  2. Rakhi ki taarif tho nahi ki na...

    Thanks for visiting and dropping by Sanju :-)

  3. hehe just what i was discussing with my friend last night...rakhi kaa swayamvar will have seasons 1...2...3...

  4. Heiiya Gayathri,

    You bet!! Of course its gonna run for seasons..Hehehe

  5. Nice blog. I am not able to watch this show where I live. May be I am missing a big tamasha.

  6. heheheh! rakhi sawant apni type ki ek hi sample hai duniya mein!!

    and what a crazy name taquile! hahahaah

    nice post :D

    keep writing

  7. lol..if other actresses in Bollywood starts such a program ,it can provide opportunities for thousands of common young charmin fellas to get engaged with these girls which otherwise is very difficult...! you can think that way na.. coz my mum advised me to think positive..!heh

  8. Heiiyya Mano,

    Yup, guess you missed those shows. Read they plan to bring back 'A shot at love' again but not with Tila Tequila.

  9. Hi AS,

    Yeah and Rakhi is not a lonely species. There are more weird people than her...Tila Tequila.

    Yeah 'Tila Tequila' is not her original name. Her name is something else with a 'Nguyen' surname. 'Tequila' for sure can lighten up the spirits eh? Maybe that's why...hic..hic..


  10. Rahul,

    Welcome to B Log.

    Hahahaha. Good positive thinking. Do ya really want to go through that ordeal and finally get through the finals of such a show after intense competition and then left dangling nowhere?


  11. yup! ;D
    hic hic hic !


    hahahahaha ;D

  12. The only thing I can comment on is that I haven't watched that show (as a law) till now!

  13. Aaj kal news mein koi news nahi aati!

    Rakhi's Swayamvar is the benchmark for ..stupidity. I wish someone beats this show wid better stupid ideas ,,I want to see who has the balls to do that !!

  14. Hi Abhinav,

    Welcome to B Log :-)

    Yup, I am with you. I haven't watched Rakhi's show yet and don't have a faintest idea to do so.

    Enough of Shot at Love...not one more :-)

  15. Hey Peter,

    Yup, in India, we need to wait and watch who would raise the bar for outrageous and stupid stuff.

    American shows take the lead. But whats pathetic is this Swayamwar saga being reported on prime time news. Absurd.

  16. Who is this stupid Rakhi!? Never heard of her. Have to check this thing out.

  17. Gautam,

    Haven t heard of Rakhi yet? Yeah you've been in the woods and forests mountaineering for 2 months. Lotta things happened in this mad mad world. Rakhi Sawant is one such thingy!!

  18. Well yeah. The Tila program was the one I mentioned. I don't know whether I watched part 1 or 2 or n.

    One guy even went 'hysterical and violent' on being rejected and other guys restrained him, threw him out and locked the door behind him.

    Now that you reminded me of the name I googled it. She even has wikipedia entry! :P

    Not surprisingly, it says she started her career with playboy. Was somehow expecting something like that :P.

    And most of her other 'career ventures' are also more or less adult themed.


    Damn! Rakhi Sawant does not have that big Wikipedia entry!


  20. Hi Stupidosaur,

    One guy behaved violent and he was thrown out by others - That was Season 1 that you watched :-D

    Yeah, so you wiki'd her? Hehehehe. Its not far away when Rakhi's wiki would be large enough with lotta contents. :-)

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