Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday being Sunday, woke up pretty early at 7:30 AM when the alarm BUZZED. Early for a Sunday morning yeah. With tower of concretes everywhere, I no more have the luxurious wish of hearing the birds CHIRP and the cocks COO.

Sleepy eyed, I KNOCKED off the empty glass beside my table, it CLANKED as it touched the floor. I wobbled to the bathroom and SPLASHED some water on my face, as I heard the FLUSH in the toilet; BANGED on the door for my brother to get out.

As I walked out, my hair DRIPPING with water; after a bath, I heard the SIZZLE and the SPLATTER from the kitchen, along with the aroma of freshly prepared filter coffee and the WHOOT of the pressure cooker which was steaming idlies. The maid CLATTERED and CLANKED as she washed the dishes while the cat PURRED cozily on her bed.

Just then, my maid, as usual, CRASHED a porcelain cup much to the annoyance of all.

I gorged on the breakfast and went out to PAT the neighbor's dog while SLURPING the coffee; and the dog acknowledged 'WOOF!'
Planned to go out late afternoon. I ZIPPED up my bag while grabbing a tin of Coke. The drink FIZZLED as I opened and my mind changed. I didn't want to have Coke anymore. Left it on the dining table, picked up a wafer and MUNCHED it as I ZOOMED out.

The day was lovely and the leaves RUSTLED and the wind SWISHED. It seemed as if it would rain. I still wanted to venture out and thus made a move. As I walked on the road, a young man on a motorcycle sped and his tyres came to a SCREECHING halt when a kid tried crossing the road. The moment was scary and everyone froze. PHEW, nothing worse happened but the guy was hurt. He GROANED while the crowd let out a MOAN.

The guy MURMURED something and went away on his motor cycle; while the kid obviously scared WEPT. Her mother came running shocked, and let out a SIGH when she found her kid unharmed.

I went to meet a friend at her home. I was excited to meet her as we had not met for around 2 months. But she was WHISPERING as I talked to her and her home was HUSH-HUSH. HMM, it seems her sister had her exams. ARRGGHHH! wrong time - so much so that I was not able to savor the CRUNCHY potato chips offered. :-( The entire time I was there, the house was so silent that I felt the TICK TOCK of the clock so loud enough.

Managed to coax her to go shopping with me. On the way, saw a train CHUGGING along and going RUT...TUT...TUT...It was a goods train. Something made me happy. Anyways, we went to a mall and did window shopping. Its therapeutic you see. :-) The mall was decorated and had a holiday mood to beat the recession. As we walked, the bells over us TINKLED and CHIMED. As we window shopped, SHOUTS and CLAPS and the WHISTLES bemused us and we saw there was some contest being held. Participants had to blow the balloon and tie them up. Maximum number wins. As the contestant struggled, the balloons went BOOM and BANG and BUST.

We stepped out of the mall and witnessed some interesting scenes. A kid CHOMPING on a candy and rubbing her soiled hands on her clothes..... few young people posing for snaps as the camera went CLICK-CLICK....... a naughty kid SQUISHED a banana in his hands...YUCK.

We had fun for a while watching them and decided to get back home when it started raining. The rain went PITTER-PATTER and it turned heavy and water GUSHED onto the streets, over-flowing.................I thought it was not prudent to wait as it would pour more and RIPPED open my carry bag to get my umbrella out. ALAS, realized that we forgot to pick up the carry bag that we had left at one of the shop entrance!!!

HUH, frustrated, went back and got the bag and walked out. HMM, it turned out to be difficult task to get a rickshaw. Each one that was passing by was hired!!. BOO HOO, we prayed we get one.
And to top it all, as we stood waiting for the rickshaw, vehicles passing by SLOSHED dirty water all over. SOB...SOB...dresses ruined.

Just then, a saviour. an empty rickshaw. WOW! Happy happy. We got WHIRRED away to our destination.

Went home, helped mom CHOP vegetables for dinner. Watched some TV, was YAWNING away to glory by the time dinner was served.

WOOHHOOOO..what an uneventful day.

PS : These events did happen. I was really amazed by the frequent use of ONOMATOPOEIA in our language. We don't realize it :-)

All words in capitals in this post are onomatopoeic.

P.P.S : onomatopoeia are words that sound like the objects they name or the sounds those objects make. I and Gautam discussed about onomatopoeia prior to the day he went on a month long mountaineering course in Shimla. He would be WHOOSHING down the mountains :-P

NOTE : Comments with interesting usage of onomatopoeia gets a gift \:D/


  1. Super blog. I am going gaga over your writing skills.

  2. wah i whistled as i read this blog...this was indeed very creative :)

  3. oops. It should have been a (capital) GAGA.

  4. heheheeheh!

    creative posts yaar, but I am feeling hungry after reading about hot idlis ...:P

  5. Hi Mano,

    :-D Thanks. Glad you liked it.

  6. Heiiya Gayathri,

    Thanks dearie...Oh can you whistle a tune? I try it and I succeed rarely.

  7. Hi AS,

    Thank you. Yeah yeah hot idlis. Hmmmmmm.,. I want to have them too now.

  8. WOW!! Plain Awesome!!! i ZIPPED through the entire post more than 5 times before i came here!! great composing... The creativity just KNOCKED my minds over!.. Every sentence i WOW'ed at the beautiful creation and flow of the scenario!!! amazing buddy!!!

    P.S: Just tried to use the onomatopoeic words!!could be as creative as u though!!


  9. Hi raMmY,

    Hey thanks a ton buddy. Whooa? Did you really read it more than 5 times? This is very encouraging and motivating.

    Yeah, thanks for your onomatopoeic comment. :-D


  10. what gift? tell me more abt it.. i am interested now

  11. Chriz,

    Thats a surprise!
    Gotta wait :-)

  12. Isilie nai padta hu adhi English to samaj nai ati hai tumari ...

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  14. Padhkar samajh lo.. Jo bhi nahi samjhe mujhse pooch.. Main Hoon Na :-)

  15. Ha ha ha... After our discussion you said you had to write something about onomatopoeia. Yes, you were very interested and excited when you heard this concept. But, I did not expect this! What a post! Was such a fantastic read. Almost like a poem. Had so much fun reading it.Thank god you did not put the chat history like you do. PHEW! Thank you.

  16. Heiiya Gautam,

    Geeee...:-D You knew how excited I was. Glad that you loved this post. Thank you. And yeah, I thought I will spare both of us from comments on us being crazy!! so did not put the chat conversation. :-D


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