Saturday, February 6, 2010


Few pictures that turned up really vibrant and colorful. These are potpourri; I clicked them at various times. They are ordinary pictures, very amateurish, however I like them. It brings a smile on my face whenever I see these.

Farmer's Market-LA. Dazzling fountains; in the background is a movie hall showing Sweeny Todd and The Cheesecake Factory beside.

The color....The soft petals...Magical

Is this earth or heaven?

A colorful huge guitar in Universal Studios, LA

What say? Luscious red!! Don't you want to bite into it?

This mug has colorful dragons and other Chinese good luck motifs. I picked it up from Tibetan village near Coorg

Don't know if this berry is edible? But it was drenched in rain. I still recall watching these beautiful things while having a hot cup of coffee in my office campus

No post picture work. This was how the sky was.

A field with sunflower plants I saw on the way somewhere.

The only picture we could get from different cameras at this dark hour was the board. We could not picture ourselves :-|

I found these colorful but my friends found it an awesome food. :-) Different individuals have different views.

480 pounds Pumpkin. Won some award. Found this displayed in a winery in Napa Valley

NYSE, Wall Street. The American flag in all its glory

The ever popular Times Square.

Flamingo Casino... I was familiar with this logo as a kid, having seen in so many movies!

Fans like projections from the ceiling. Does anyone know where this is? :-P

I was loitering the streets of Palo Alto, when I came across a street market. The picture is simple but somehow beautiful

I have shared this snap earlier too. I know!! But cant stop myself!! Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. wowwwwwww...I loved each and every is difficult to decide which one was better..but still if I have to pick one; then it will surely be those berries..whether edible or not; they look yummmmm :)

  2. Awesome. Super. My pleasure is double because I have been to some of these places photographed by you.

  3. Flickr!!

    begs you to make an account on Flickr!!

    C'mmon.. RUN!!

  4. enjoyed the pictures..all are lovely except one:)...You made me miss times square so much..and farmer market..I really enjoy going there:)

  5. Thanks Neha. The berries looked really yummy but I wasn't sure

  6. Thanks SG. Yeah!! my pleasure :-)

  7. Abhi,

    OK!! OK..I shall :-) I will create one very soon and notify you. Thanks for the encouragement :-)

  8. Antarman,

    Thank you. Awww...So sorry!! But Times Square is such. You are never satisfied...
    And Farmer's market is a legacy in itself! :-)

  9. ain't exactly amateur.. no? voted for interesting :)seeing the world through the eyes of others..

  10. The sunflower's quite something!

    Great snaps buddy!

  11. Enjoyed pics and have picked up some foreign places to be. Hope to see some of them sometime.

  12. Great start to my morning!!! You click beyooootiful pictures.. And I loved the captions for each and every one of them. The last one is my favourite too..Unbelievably brilliant.

  13. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb shots! I loved each one of them. Beautifully taken!

    Color Pencil Drawing: Bunch of Roses

  14. It is quite difficult to say which one is better than the other.However,my pick is the mug with colourful dragons.
    It is very clear photograph.
    Keep it up.

  15. Hi Scattered thoughts,

    Hahaha...thanks if you dont feel its amateurish. But I sincerely feel I have lot to learn
    Thanks much

  16. Shaunak,

    Thanks much. I love the sunflower snap too. Its so vibrant!

  17. Holy Lama,

    thank you and all the best. Hope you visit these places sometime

  18. lostworld,

    I am honored that these pictures helped to start your day in a great way.
    The last one - I cant believe it myself that those were real!!

  19. Hi Megha,

    Thanks a ton :-)
    Glad you liked them

  20. Chowla Sir,

    Thanks much. The mug - yeah!! its my pick; I loved the color!

  21. Superb, all have come out well. thanks for bringing it for us.

  22. The guitar in universal studio luks awesome! The rest were also cool

  23. Hi chitra,

    Thank you. My pleasure :-)

  24. Hi Gayathri,

    :-) Its flaming awesome :-) Thank you

  25. beautiful picture.. some seem to be paintings while some are yum :-)

  26. ok i officially hate you,you ooru suthum

  27. Loved all your photographs...

    I liked the jellyfish, fans like projections from the ceiling (is it vegas?), pumpkin, sunflower, temple (is that temple murudeshwar?), heaven (the best. unbelievable place), farmer's market LA, more than the others.

    Each photo has a story to tell, and are as interesting as any...

  28. Aruna,

    Welcome to B Log. Thanks much for liking the pics :-)

  29. JD,

    thanks much. They do seem to be paintings but they all exist!! thats the beauty

  30. soin,

    Hahahahaha....Once in a while I do get to ooru suthify and you hate me for that? Awww....

  31. Nu,

    Thanks for the comments :-) It is dazzling!

  32. Kavi,

    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked them all.

  33. Gautam,

    Thanks much. You just expressed what I thought dear!! Each picture has an unforgettable awesome story behind it. :-)

    Yeah, fans like projections are from Bellagio, Las Vegas...temple is murudeshwar of course!

    Heaven - thats the best picture. It is Lake Tahoe. :-)

  34. Hmm all are so beautiful .. to pick one is difficult I am going ot pick TWO if its ok

    and in no pattern

    1. HEaven .. NATURE always surprises me and it is beautiful where is it ..

    2. is the JElly fish the last one Thats another beauty by nature .. though i would not go near it ..


  35. Katra katra waqt ka bah raha tha

    rang dar rang, mukurahat bikhera raha tha..

    samet le in lamho ko apni nigaahon mien

    jane kyun man mera kah raha tha...

    It feels good when you hare pictures of your choice.

  36. Whoaaa!!!! These are absolutely stunning! I liked the first three very much. :)

  37. The temple looks lovely. where's it?

  38. Bikram,

    You can pick as many as you wish :-)
    Your picks are awesome...These are my favorites too.

    1. The 'heaven' is Lake Tahoe, bordering California and Nevada

    2. Jelly fish, they are a beauty but dangerous :-)

  39. Makk,

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful poem. It captures the mood. It really feels good to be seeing these pictures and reliving those moments

  40. Karthik,

    Thanks much. Glad you liked them.

  41. kish,

    Thank you. The temple is murudeshwar. Shocking huh? :-)

  42. guitar pic..romba nala iruku...:D ...wud luv to visit these places...

  43. Hary,

    Yeah, thanks. Hope you visit these places soon!

  44. There's something SO WONDERFUL about pictures isn't it? They can make you sit and stare at them all day long; it does that to me :)

    I loved ALL of them especially the heaven one and the night sky (i think it is some sort of temple)

    all in all, AMAZING pics!! And I totally agree with Abhinav.. you should RUNNNNNNNN and make a flickr account asap :)

    keep it up!!

  45. Hi smitzy,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I am really glad that you liked my pictures. I will surely create a flickr account soon :-)


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