Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going overboard!!

Its basic human tendency to go overboard, or rather its our birthright to go overboard!! Why not? We get bliss out of it!! I would not want to analyze why one tends to overboard. Go figure out yourself!!! Yet, I will throw in an idea about what 'overboard' I am not talking about!!!

I am NOT talking about Over or as if over the side of a boat or ship.

Instead, I am talking about going to extreme levels; due to enthusiasm!! curiosity!! hyper-energetic!!!

See!! See!! Just like me !! I am so hyper-energetic at the moment that I want to use !!!!!! as much as possible!!!!

:-D !!!!

How many times in a day do you go overboard and do things out of your way?? Is a day too much? Well, I bet it isn't!!

Errr...did I just analyze? See!! I told ya I am hyper-energetic at the moment!!!

NO!! I have not consumed any alcohol yet!!

Well, coming to the point, I go overboard whenever I hear a new song. I keep listening to it back to back with the 'repeat' mode on; until I really start hating the song that I loved!!

I go overboard trying to help my colleagues, friends, playing agony aunt. They don't thank me!! forget thanking, they don't even realize the importance!!

No cribbing! I am happy happy!!

I go overboard most times when I safely hide my credit card in a purse and hide the purse beneath heap of clothes in the cupboard. When I want them, I search and search in vain!! After much futile attempt, I call up customer care and block the cards, and Lo!! I remember where I hid them!!!

I go overboard ordering a sizzler, beans spud, mushroom caps grilled; at my favorite restaurant. Only that, when my order arrives, I feel I can eat them for 3 days!!!

A guy goes overboard wooing the lady, in vain; because he has got everything wrong right from her choice of perfume to her hatred for onions!!

Women go overboard trying to look slim and end up being anorexic!!

A computer goes overboard, trying to multi-task and multi-process and multi-thread....(Computer jargon...mind you..All 3 are different); in vain and then hangs itself!!!

A daughter-in-law goes overboard trying to keep mom-in-law happy, only to face her wrath!!

A son-in-law goes overboard trying to keep both his newly wed wife and his mom happy!! Is it ever possible????

Hmm, Neha goes overboard trying to prove that she is CONCEITED while I go overboard trying to prove that I am HUMBLE!!!


And here is the final straw!! Whoever has the guts to GO OVERBOARD, can pick this award!!
Yeah?? ..........Yeah!!!!!


  1. hahahaha...oh yessss; I am conceited and I need that award.. :D

    watta post..mood mast kar diya re..thanks a tonne..

    we all go over the board for so many things without realizing and you mentioned all those :P

    loved the post and THANK YOU FOR THE AWARD :D

  2. ...And I go overboard in commenting. Just like this one! :P

  3. Nice one. Going overboard happens only on extremism. Either too much affection or too much hatred. Majority of the time it happens on too much affection. But it does not always bring the desired results.

  4. I don't think I've ever gone overboard with anything except food. I've eaten so much at a go that my pants have torn down the middle when I got up. My friends had to shove me into a taxi and send me home :P
    Of course, that was all for a bet...but that's different :P

  5. I m taking the award... coz i go overboard starting from sleeping to eating to blogging :P
    maybe i can even do a post on it :D

  6. Very Very nice.
    I just realised that I seem to go overboard reading such beautifully written posts.

  7. Listening song repeat mode..

    Same same!

    Many more are there. lollzzzz

    I will get a certificate of being crazzzy if i tell you all.


    Keep smiling. (you can overboard in that no harm..lolzzzzz)

  8. I loved this post...Are all girls same in being overboard (overbored)??? :)
    So much clear examples and I feel so common...:( Joking!!!!!!! :)

  9. Very nicely said about overboard. Especially, computer goes overboard and hanging is very nicely picturised.

  10. I can so relate to listening a track rather a particular piece of a track again and again.. but otherwise I guess no.. I consider myself suffering with OCD so that is the only extremism I see in my personality otherwise it takes a lot to move me from my practical senses..

    Conclusion of the story is - I will have to wait for another award :(

  11. whenever I hear a new song. I keep listening to it back to back with the 'repeat' mode on; until I really start hating the song that I loved!!

    I can completely relate with this. You are a multi facet person...i feel proud to know you, you write well, you are a techie, you are an awesome photographer and now i realized that you are a very good observer too...

    Now don't tell me that I went overboard in commenting :)

  12. I would've never guessed all this was finally going to boil down to the award!!!! You have a way with words:-))Congrats on the award. Well deserved! Now are you going overboard with the celebrations too?!

  13. Everything went overboard.. were you over-bored?

  14. antha song sure applies to me as well.. well i dunno when am not overboard!


  15. @ Shaunak: Now that makes you and your pants very interesting! :P

    Did the pants get torn down from front or the back? And did the pants get alright and rehabilitated? Such medical emergencies intrigue me! ;)

    If you do a blog post about it, do let me know, I would like to read. :)

  16. Neha,

    :-) Glad you picked the award. I knew you ARE conceited enough to leave the award :-P
    Thanks, glad the post cheered you up. My pleasure :-)

    Welcome Neha..All yours :-)

  17. Ketan,

    Hahahaha..Oops. Yeah I forgot to mention that in the post.
    Ketan goes overboard with his comments :-D

  18. SG,

    Thank you. Yes its due to extremism. But due to different reasons.
    You mentioned love and hatred just like terrorists out there

  19. Shaunak,

    Thats interesting!! Care to write a post about your torn pants?

  20. Rajlakshmi,

    Please :-) Congrats on the award. Yeah!! do write about it sometime

  21. Chowla Sir,

    Thanks a lot. Its a great feeling to be appreciated; its so encouraging.
    Glad you liked the post

  22. Holy Lama,

    Did you just go overboard?

  23. Makk,

    Oh!! you too? Hmm then I am absolutely normal :-D
    Aaah, dont worry. you can share. No one's gonna call you crazy

    Yeah smile, going overboard is healthier there

  24. Megha,

    Thanks a lot. Hehehehe yeah girls tend to be extremes in everything.
    :-) Hahahaha...we are all normal. dont you worry!!

  25. Naidu sir,

    Thanks a lot. I got that picture of computer hanging online. It was funny, so put it here

  26. Hi Scattered Thoughts, do that too? Maybe the music is so nice that we keep hearing on and on.
    Oops, I seem to have OCD too, or thats what I thought. But I have changed my habits now.


  27. Hi Gayathri,

    Oh my God!! Thank you for the appreciation.Your comment was not overboard but it is overwhelming :-)

    I am jack of all trades and master of none kinda person. Tough!!

  28. Lostworld,

    Oh you know what? The award was totally unexpected too.
    I wanted to write about going overboard in order to cheer up a friend of mine.
    Later, when I was done with the posts. I wanted to add some funny pictures
    Incidentally, I saw this "Going overboard" award, I thought why not put the award for people to pick as it went well with my topic

    Thank you. but NO, no one gave me this award. In fact, its part of some university program. I just picked the picture.
    Hope I am spared for that

  29. Abhi,

    Thank you. No I wasnt over-bored in fact I was over excited. Dont ask me why!! It happens with me..Err...I am normal!!

  30. Hary,

    Hmm...You are always hyper excited huh?? Nice!!!

  31. Ketan,

    Hope Shaunak answers this. Now I am curious too :-P

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  33. Felt so good to see you so bubbly... :-) Very cheerful post.

  34. sm,

    Thanks, I am glad you liked it

  35. soin,

    Ummmpppphhh!!! I bet you are jobless. But not me Sir... I wrote this post after 11 PM :-)

  36. Thanks Gautam. :-) Got super excited all of a sudden!!

  37. All i can say is WOW!!
    an awesome post..:)
    A very nicely written post.
    over board....hehe



  38. A daughter-in-law goes overboard trying to keep mom-in-law happy, only to face her wrath!! i wish i had a DIL like that:)

    Yes in so manyt hings we go overboard and then realise the futiity of our actions:)

  39. High five on so many things! :D
    Whatever I do, I do it to the extreme. (Oh, I'm an extremist!) :P
    Sometimes it becomes a weakness, in stead of strength. But still it's ok, for it works wonders when the task is good.
    Aaaawweeesome post, Insignia! :)

  40. I am going to go overboard by just ASKING for that AWARD ..

    mere ko do .. mere ko do ... :)

    he he he .. this was hilarious in the good way.. nice thoughts..

    A funny thing happened yesterday, We are writing End of year submissions for inland revenue, I have spent 4 months in getting everything right... On thrusday I did a test on LIVE data.. and all went super dooper.. My boss gave me a high five

    BUT IN MY STUPIdITY for some odd reason .. Friday morning I thought lets try it ONE MORE TIME and guess what i did .. In my OVERBOARDNESS.. I forgot to take off the LIVE FLAG off and did a test run.. which actually was not a Test But a LIVE RUN.. all hell broke loose.. WHY did I do it ...

    True story hai Ab to award mere ko :)
    ha ha ha ha ha

  41. Hi Nuts,

    Thank you...Glad you liked it

  42. Samvedna,

    Yeah!! We go overboard most times, Few times it works out, sometime it backfires!!
    Yet we dont stop!!

  43. Hi Karthik,

    Thank you. High Five!!
    You ARE an extremist!! :-P
    Thanks much, glad you liked the post

  44. Biks,

    Please...le lijiye....le lijiye!! :-D

    Thank you. And your act, oh my!! I can relate to it!! I do end up going overboard at work.
    Thankfully we dont work on any LIVE data, my work is all R&D, so even if I do any blunder, I get away saying that I was 'experimenting'


    Hmm, your story deserves the award. What are you waiting for??? TAKE IT!!


  45. I also go overboard many times but most of the time others fail to understand it . But I am happy I am trying and giving my best.

  46. the comments numbers are going overboard indeed ! LOL !

    Had a good read !


  47. Hi Chitra,

    It happens and its ok. :-)

  48. Kavi,

    Oh! the numbers dont matter. Half of the comments are mine in response to the readers :-)

    I am glad you enjoyed reading the post. :-)

  49. I think I go overboard in just abt ANYTHING I do.. usually it happens when I'm supposed to be talking to my bf.. no wonder he is forever pissed off by me :D

    this was a funtoosh post :) two thumbs up!

  50. Hi smitzy,

    Oh going overboard - it happens most time with me. Thats OK. Hahahahaa!! I get it!! You do tend to go overboard with your loved ones as well. Thanks a lot, im so glad you liked the post. :-)

  51. My pick - The Credit Card one!! Its hilarious and such a price for being overboard...luckily i am suffering from energy repulsive disorder where any kind of energy refuse to flow in my body and therefore hyper-energetic stage is way out of question....

    Damn! I have to leave the award :(

  52. Hi Pratik,

    Yup!! At the end of it all, I feel really really stupid for going overboard.

    Awww...but thats good enough not to be hyper-energetic, thus conking up things around you :-)

    Its ok, some other award some other time :-)

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  54. How beautiful that your desire is so great to be HUMBLE that you go OVERBOARD.

  55. kitty,

    Hahaha yeah going overboard to go humble :P


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