Thursday, February 25, 2010

Indian Movies, Masti and Emotions

I assume most of you know Hindi. So far, there has been no 'videshi' reader yet!! :-P

Before you jump into any conclusion, NO I am not writing a post in Hindi.

My ever-lasting source of fun and a good laughter is watching old Indian movies. You know, those kind of movie where the hero and the heroine were bulky and shapeless and with paunch. I am not saying its a crime, they represented common man. Not everyone has a 6 pack or a size zero or flat abs!!

Those movies where the actor wore green pant, yellow shirt and red shoes...Govinda types. Those type of movies where dances were like exercises taught at schools.

1 - raise your right hand, 2 - raise your left hand, 3 - right foot forward, 4 - left foot forward...types.

Those type of movies where hero is poor, has a sick mom, a sister yet to be married, who is financially weak and falls in love with a rich chick kinds....

More than any of these, those movies where dialogues just give you a high!! yeah a high or is it low??? Certainly it makes me laugh.....

Ajee sunte ho, munna ke pitaji............

This is a wife seeking husband's attention. Do we find this in movies nowadays? Now its " son is no more"

Pithaji, maaf kardijiye.....

Those formal mouthing of dialogues!! Did everyone speak so formally in those days? It seems very made up and rehearsed. They are full of emotions, overdose of emotions. Were people over-emotional then?

Swaami, main dhanya hun

Vats, is baaliko ko andhar le chalo

Taj unke kareeb nahin hota jinke kareeb khauf hota hain - one of the dialogue from Mugal-e-azam

Yeh aap kya keh rahe hain bhai saab?

Unki aatma batak rahi hai.....The ghost!!

Yeh kya anyaay hai bhagwan!!

Bhagwan, maine aaj tak tumse kuch nahin manga, aaj pahli baar kuch maang raha hun

Once again, I know its redundant to mention it, but I nudged Gautam to utter few dialogues he could recall. I was sure he will come up with never thought about dialogues. Thats why I encourage him to participate in discussions with me!!

Here are his lines......

hamari iccha yeh hai ki, ye duniya itna zaalim na ho...

kitna sundar upaay balika

He even recalled a Britannia 50-50 advertisement that went on the lines of old movies

premalatha, ye duniya kitna zaalim hain...
kyun na hum kahi jaakar atma hatya kar le
kyun na hum britannia 50 50 khaakar zindagi ka aanand lein

There are few classic dialogues; I bet these are universal to India and that they are available in all languages. The names never change, the tones never change, the style never change....

Mein tumhari bachche ki ma banne wali hoon......(the helpless pregnant lover)

Bhaiyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!.................(the all protecting elder brother)

Ramu kaka...(omni present bawarchi)

Ek baar mujhe ma kehkar pukaaro beta....(with an earnest look)

Doodh pi lijiye....(On the first night, a shy wife telling her newly wed husband)

Bhabhi, tumhare haath ki chai peene ko man kar raha hai ...........(Love oozing out...a loving brother-in-law yearning for bhabhi's haath ki banayi hi chai!!!)


Maa, mein first class pass hogaya maa!!

Driver!! gaadi roko...

Yeh behcaari begunah hai...Thats all your honor.

This can go on and on....

Just fast forward and think about the dialogues in movies now. Its all "Yo!" , "Dude", "Saala", "Kaminaey"......

The world is a global village, so our communication is also inspired...mix of this and that!!

Sample this....

thok dega tere ko saale
kya samjha apun ko
mamu nahi
boley toh apun ko bhi kuh kuch
holey raha ha biddu

oye..milli...milli....sun na...kya hai munna? hum sochraela ke apun ko settle hone ka

All said and done, its our staple diet in entertainment!

And yes, please mention your favorite dialogue from old movies while commenting :-)

Main ja rahi hoon.....main ja rahi hoon.............Alvida.



  1. nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Tum nahin jaaanaaa..........

    and the tearing of the tee from dharmender.. GABBAR SINGH AA RAHA HOON MAIN...

    Bahar nikal agar maa ka doodh piya hai to...

    Chal Dhano.. aaj teri basanti ki ijjat ka sawaan hai... and the Poor dhano runs and runs and runs ...

    and also Tumahre paas kya hai .. Mere paas MA hai :)

    brought back memories, and the

    KU__ KAMINEY... main tera khoon pi jaunga..

    Swaami main tumhare charano ki daasi hoon...

    Excellent Insignia, i am having a fit of laughter here now ... and my collegue jane is asking me why am i laughing this mad.. she read your article but cant make head or tail of it .. FIRANGI what will she know ...

  2. Babuji! Usse maaf kar dijiye babuji!

    Baahar aake ek mard hi tarah ladh mujhse!

    Maa, main aa gaya!

    Saat janmo tak main tumhaare saath hi rahunga...
    (and then he promptly dies)
    (and is miraculously reborn, that too close by)

    Jaa bhai jaa! Usne teri mardaangi ko lalkaara hai! Dikha de usko!

    Complete ROFL post Insignia. Old ones are the best entertainment ever!

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  5. "Yeh duniya, yeh mehfil tere kaam ki nahin" ... [dhishkaaon]


    "Tere liye bandook nahin, mere haath hi kaafi hain, machhar"! [dhishum] oops... [fataaak] - splattered erstwhile human, but now mosquito blood on the wall.


    "Main tumhaare bachche ki maan banane waali hoon is baar; dobara mat puchhana, mera number kab aayega!"


    "I love you, Anita. I love you, too, Sunita. Pyaar baantane se badhataa hai!"


    "Yeh sab uparwaale ki daen hai; haan, par kuchh-kuchh bachche baajuwaale ki bhi daen hain."


    Tortured lady: "Tumhare saamane haath jodakar main dayaa ki bheekh maangati hoon"

    Confused tyrant: "Dayaa ki kyon, khud ki bheekh maango na!"


    Sister: "Bhaiyya mere, raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhaaaaanaa!"

    Brother: "Jaa, tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi, tu bhi Rahul ke bandhan ko nibhaa" :P


    NRI MIL: "(1)Janamjali, kalmuhi, (2)kulta, (2)kulakshani. Teri maan ne tere paida hote hi tera galaa kyon nahin ghot diya!"

    DIL (in American accent): "Yo, mom! You rock! Thanks for calling me as sweet as (1)jam-n-nelly and (2)kewl!"


    Doctor upon merely examining pulse: "Badhaai ho Mrs. Sharma, aapki bahu maan banane waali hai."

    Mrs. Sharma: "Sirf isake baal lambe hain toh kya huaa? Yeh meri bahu nahin, mera betaa hai!" :P :P :P


    Excavator: "Anarth ho gaya!"

    Archeologist: "Is mein nayee baat kya hai, tumhaaraa kaam hi toh hai unearth karanaa!"


    Jiska is duniya mein koi nahin hota, usakaa facebook hota hai.


    Demon: "Is ghalati ki sazaa moth hai, moth"

    "Thank you!" - Starved lizard.


    Bindass girl: "Tere ghar mein maan-behen nahin hai kya?"

    Stupid boy: "Hain par, aap jitani khubsoorat nahin hain"

    Bindass girl: "Toh yeh le fair-n-lovely; goraa-pun laaye, sirf do hafton mein!"


    Senti mom: "Tumhein maine apna pet kaat-kaat kar badaa kiya hai"

    Even more senti son: "Boohoo! Aapne apne Tommy oops... Tummy ko kaat diya?"


    Freshly disturbed 'abalaa naari': "Yeh sunane se pehale main andhee kyon nahin ho gayee. Yeh dekhane se pehale mere kaan phat kyon nahin gaye! Hey Dharti maan, mujhe apni god mein samaa lo!"

    Dharti maan (in a mechanical voice): "Aap qataar mein khadi hain!"


    Now, don't ask me which movies these lines are from! Suffice to say that, that these lines were ever spoken proves the concept of parallel universes, some of which you do not have VIP-passes for! :P ;)

  6. hahahaha lolzzzz :D
    kiya mast post likha hai re :P
    indeed... those bechari maa's and insaaf k pujari pitajis is fun watching...

  7. hahahaha lolzzzz :D
    kiya mast post likha hai re :P
    indeed... those bechari maa's and insaaf k pujari pitajis is fun watching...

  8. Nice post, I guess. Do not understand a word you wrote in Hindi. But I have pretty good idea of Indian movies, by watching almost all Tamil movies. Here are some of my favorite dialogues:

    The villain tells her daughter at the time of his death: Idhu ellaam unkkagathan seidhane.

    Suppressed mother finally tells her son: Poruthadhu podhum pongi ezhu maganay.

    Old school teacher tell his ex-student who is very successful now: nee periya aalaa varavenu enakku munnadiyay theriyum .

  9. What a wonderful post! It made my day...Even I remember few dialogues, one of them is "Nahiiiiiiiiiii......Yeh nahi ho sakta!"..............:) Keep posting such lovely posts!

  10. Those were the best movies.. weren't they?

  11. I am amused.
    One which has not changed all these years is "main tumhare bachche ki ma....
    You could also add
    "Mera mara hua muhn dekhega"

    "Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chod do"

    "Desh ke liye jaan de doonga"

    "Hindustani aurat apne pati ke sivay doosre ka haath nahin pakarti"

  12. Haath muh Do le khana kha le...

    Tumahare bina jee nahin sakthi
    Good post. enjoyed

  13. ROFL post.
    What would have we done without those movies.

  14. :D Totally hilarious!
    You made my day....hahaha :D
    A couple of months ago I was watching Darr and I went rofl at this emotional scene between Sunny Deol and Juhi where Sunny Paji says, 'Kiran...Yeh haath dekho. Kya inme dam nahi hai?'

  15. LOLOL.............great post :D

    once again - you and Gautam.. hmmmm :P

    btw, these were some dialogues..

    I can recall many; but you will read them in my next tag post; where you will be tagged too; so be ready to churn out few more famous dialogues then..

    my favourite dialogue with the background story:

    there is one famous sms doing rounds about this - no matter whop rapes trhe girl; in the end bhagwan is held responsible as the mother yells after looking at her daughter who was raped "hey bhagwan, ye tune kya kiya?"


  16. Arre maa kasam...thanks for posting this...i have become super enthu...aaj tere comment section mein ramayan likh kar rahungi :)

    Some of my fav dialogues:

    Mere Paas maa hain

    Maa main aa gaya maaaaaaaaa

    Basanti in kutton k saamne mat naachna

    itna sannata kyun hain bhai

    Phata poster nikhala hero

    yeh haath mujhe de de thakur

    And my all-time favorites:

    Naam:Vijay deenanath chauhan..Poora naam, baap ka naam:deena nath chauhan, maa ka naam, suhasini chauhan

    babuji na kahan gaon chod do, sab ne kaha ke paro ko chod do, paro ne kahan sharab chod do, ab tum kehe rahin ho ki is haweli ko chod do, ek din ayega jab sub kahengi ki bus yeh duniya hi chod do.

  17. hahhahaah!

    good! there is one more " thehro! ye shadi nahi ho sakti"

  18. Haha:) There's a tag doing the rounds these days which is a lot like your post(quotable quotes from famous movies) - May I Hebb your attention pliss.

    Nicely done Insignia:)

  19. Nice posting.
    You made us to recall all old hindi film dialogues.
    Here are few:
    ...Poora talash lo (police wala)
    ...Main tuje bahut saahtaa hoo.
    ...Tene binaa jee nahin sakta.
    ...Ariho saamba.... kitne aadhmee thai. (sholay)
    ... thuje jindaa nahin choodungaaaaaaaaa (dharmendar usual dialogue)
    ... mujeh aur ek mouka dho.
    ... Dharmesh ki maa sunteh hoo (husband calls her wife)

    We can keep on writing many like this. However, no one can forget the old hindi film dialogues. Thanks for reminding those filmy days.

    All the Best.

  20. Biks,

    Hahahahaaha...main wapas aa gayi!!!

    Those were some unforgettable lines from Sholay. Who could forget them.
    Its so funny!! Poor dhano runs and runs and!!

    Thanks much Bikram, glad you loved it and laughed out. Hope it made your further pleasurable.

    Oye!! Your colleague Jane is not firangi, but you are firangi in their country :-D

    But I am very pleased your laughter made her to read my post!! Convey that my posts would be in English most times :-D

  21. Shaunak,

    Thank you for those lines. The MA lines are famous isnt it?
    Yup!! Old movies are the best source of entertainment. They never cease to amaze you.

  22. Ketan,

    I have already commented on your post.
    Those were some famous lines with twist!!

    I loved them all; esp the sister and brother conversation. :-)

  23. Thanks a lot Rajlakshmi.
    :-) Indeed they are fun watching, those poor and earnest looks.
    Those helpless dialogues!! hahahaha

  24. SG,

    Yes, its exactly what you understood. And yeah those Tamil movie dialogues, are further hilarious!!

    I would want to put them here, but not everyone would follow it.

  25. Hi Megha,

    Thanks a lot. I am really really glad that it made your day.

  26. Abhi,

    Oh yes!! No doubt. Those were gems. Can we ever get such movies back?

  27. Chowla Sir,

    hahahaha...Yes, thats the strongest sentimental grenade. main tumhare bachche ki ma....

    Thanks for the lines. These Hindustani aaurat dialogues are no more relevant today :-D

  28. Chitra,

    Oh yes, those 2 lines. Found in most movies. Thanks. glad you liked it.

  29. Holy Lama,

    :-D Thank you. Yes, what would we have done without them? We are lucky to be having them

  30. Hi Destiny's child,

    Thank you :-D
    Glad, glad...that your day is made.
    Oh Darr!! I have forgotten, should watch it.
    "Kya inme dam nahi hai?" ....hahahahahaha

  31. Thanks a lot Neha.

    Actually I forced Gautam into this, Poor guy was working on his project.
    I get nice lines from him, thats why.

    Next time, you can join us too :D

    Oh yes, you had mentioned about the tag, I completely forgot about it.
    I have been thinking to write about those old movie dialogue for a long time and it materialized today

    anyways, we would have more dialogues to laugh at.

    Hahahahaha...poor bhagwan has to bear the brunt!!

  32. Gayathri,

    Hehehehehe, thank you. My pleasure. Likhiye...ramayan!! Most welcome.
    OOh, these are my favorites too...


  33. Hi AS,

    Thank you!! Yes, thats a very famous line :-D

  34. Lostworld,

    Oh yes!! I came to know about the tag from Neha. Anyways, I hope we get to read more such dialogues from that tag. :-)

  35. Dear Naidu sir,

    Thank you for those dialogues. Yes, as you say, we can go on and on.
    Its good reminder of those days :-)

  36. Kannada movies are worse. Watch Tiger Prabhakar in Action:) If you manage to, you're really something:P

  37. This is my favorite.

    Kitane aadmi the?

    doh sardar.

    doh. aur tum teen. sewer ke bachon!
    arre o Saambha... kitna inaam rakkhe hai re sarkaar ham par?

    oore pachaas hazaar sarkar.

    poore pachas hajaar.. aur yeh inaam isliye hai ke yaha se pachas pachas kilometer door ke gaanw me jab ek bacha rota hai tab uski maa kahti hai bacha soja ..soja nahi to gabbar singh aa jaayega. Aur tum teenon ne milkar is gabbar singh kaa naam poora mitti mein mila diya. pura mitti mein mila diya

    kitni goli hai re isme?

    che sardaar

    chhe goli aur tum teen... bahot naa insaafi hai
    bahot hi naa insaafi hai...

    ab theek hai.
    ab ham issko ghumaege. (just for people to understand back then. LOL!)
    ab kaha goli hai kaha nahi? hamko nahi pata. hamko kuchh nahi pataa.
    bach gaya saala ..
    yeh bhi bach gaya..
    teraa kya hoga kaaliyaa?

    sardar. maine aapkaa namak khaayaa hai sardaar.

    ab goli kha.Teeno bachh gaye. teeno ke teeno bachh gaye! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! sinister guffaw!
    diskyaon dishkiyaon
    jo dar gayaa. samajho mar gayaa.

  38. excellent
    Gajar ka Halwa

    good masala for making of new hindi movie
    all idiots

  39. Dont you think that movies exaggerate everything..earlier they were too artificial, but sometime natural the language is totally crude....mujhe to lagta ha hindi ka sarvnaash ho raha ha:)

  40. Gautam,

    Hahahahaha. Excellent. You brought back those scenes

  41. Hi sm,

    Thank you. Yes, all idiots.

  42. Hi Samvedna,

    Yes, yes each point of time, the movies made have some pros and cons. Times are changing :-)

  43. naan hindi movies la sema weak... sry matey:)

  44. Thank you Rajlakshmi, shall visit your blog.

  45. @ Gautam, your dialogue reminded me of a joke very often mentioned by a friend of mine:

    Its 1975… Spiderman, Superman and Batman decide to take a break from crime fighting and go on a world tour. Superman kindly allows the other 2 to hitch a ride with him (or may be u can say on him… but that sounds so… so… you know what I mean) While passing over India… suddenly all of them fall down.. DEAD… WHY??

    Cuz in 1975, Gabbar Singh said, “Aadmi teen aur goli chhe... bahut na-insaafi hai” Dichkyaon… Dichkyaon… Dichkyaon (fired 3 shots in the air)

    Teeno marr gaye... ha ha ha ha ha ha

  46. @ neha,

    "(or may be u can say on him… but that sounds so… so… you know what I mean)". ha ha ha. i was laughing so hard when seeing this.
    ha ha.
    the joke was funny too.

  47. Neha,

    Lol at your joke!! It really makes sense about those 3 missing golis. :-D

  48. Hey nice.. but all the more nice is ketan's comment.. it actually made me ROFL :)

  49. thanks Scattered thoughts. Yes, Ketan's comments were just out of the world!!

  50. kish,

    Dont tell me!! I have seen so many kananda movies and have laughed out!!

  51. hahahahaa.. this was AWESOME!!! I love those OLD movies, black and white and where everyone talks with a NASAL twang.. oh oh and their sad tragic expressions hahahaa

    LOL @Ketan's comments too :D :D and Neha's joke hahaha agar gabbar ko pata chalta usne teen superheros ok maar diya, woh bahut khush hota.. R.I.P Gabbar :P

  52. oh btw.. not to b confused.. this is smitzy here :)

  53. Thanks Smita/smitzy :-)

    Yeah old movies are fun to watch for their expressions and dialogue recitation. :-)

  54. My all time favourite: ghadi ghadi dram karta hai saala... :)
    Awesome collection!!

  55. Thanks Pratik. Glad you liked them all :-)


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