Monday, February 1, 2010

Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

I read Gayathri's latest post on "Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara". She had linked the video too. I did comment on her post, but I want to shun it more and vent out my anger some more. So this post!

That was the first time I was seeing the video. A couple of my friends told me about it, I wanted to watch the new version. But didn't find the time to tune into Zoom and wait for it. But I am glad that I didn't take that trouble, because its just not worth it!!

I recall how much I loved that song "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" on National Integration, I still tune in to DD just to watch this song. It makes you feel good, feel good about the country, the essence is purely patriotism. The actors in that song was just like a common man, who truly represents India. The simplicity of the song; its a legacy in itself. The new one doesn't stand anywhere near the old humble and sweet song.

The new one lasts for 16 odd minutes, the tune is different, the ordering of the languages are different, few languages are dropped!!. And more than that, it seems to sell Bollywood more than anything else. Its packaged to promote celebrities, their spouse and their kids. Yesudas and his son, Amjad Ali Khan and his sons, Amitabh and family, Dr L Subramaniam and his family.........

Are we not fed up of seeing Mr Amitabh and is son and daughter-in-law in almost all commercials? We see them in his video too. And the 3 Khans - out of which Salman must be mentioned. He features with a vest; thankfully he was not shirtless.

And Deepika Padukone; what was she wearing??? Was she advertising toilet soap? What did Karan Johar, Shiamak Dhavar, Ranbir Kapoor do for national unity and integration?

They wanted to sell Bollywood, why take such novel and pure thing and use it for their selfish needs? Do we have to look up to them to feel patriotic and derive inspiration? A plastic Sonu Nigam; expressionless ; expect to arouse a patriotic emotion? Shahid Kapoor as rockstar!!!

Is 21st century India only about movies and those all empty film stars? Where is the common man who truly represents India? Where is the culture we are proud of? We get to see a couple of sports personalities at the end; 1 minute or so of that 16 minutes song; otherwise its only actors and actresses!! Where are the real heroes? Where is Dr. Kalam? Where is Ratan Tata? Where is E Sreedharan? Where are the commandos who fought during 26/11? Where are the real folk artists who breathe and live art? Show Nano!! Show Chandrayaan mission!! Our achievements!! where was it all?

It was really disgusting to see talented artists like ARR and others participating in this purely commercialised venture. With all glam no substance, all jazzed up and no life!!

Reel life heroes are NOT Real life heroes!!

Its disgusting! Insult to the older legacy. MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA......they have mucked up the whole intent!!
Very very sad, doesn't deserve even a mention.


  1. A week back it came in the shabbily they redid the video with an overdose of bollywood idiots ignoring other national heroes including Kalam......didnt watch the new video still nor am planning to after reading the story in the paper...think bollywood only knows the pulse of India....did you comment on the video in youtube? It must now be overflooding with negative comments..

  2. yes , i did comment there tooo, its all bollywood.. and bollywood is not india .. what about the actual heroes they should have been brought t othe video not happy with this version at all.. you r right :)

  3. Nice post. You sound angry. It is understandable.

    Since I live in USA, I am not familiar with this video. But I watch Indian (Tamil) TV here. Everything is related to movie industry from morning to night (except a few soap operas). If there is a special occasion (like last week’s Republic Day) they interview movie industry people for about 18 hours and play couple of movies.

    I am just fed up.

  4. They have taken such a pristine concept and used it for their own need. Selfish people. The sur can have so many meanings. Music, art, sport; all of them are a form of music, aren’t they? They manifest themselves in various ways. I don't see how physical beauty is so important in this. I think I saw only a couple of sport personalities. Nikhil Chopra!! God..can you even remmeber him? At least in some parts we could see father passing his legacy to his son/daughter, which was quite interesting. It was as if a father was passing on the idea of national integration to the next generation. One of the more disgusting parts in the new version was the funny modulations by Shahid Kapoor, Shah Rukh and a few others. Disgusting. Just because Amitabh came up with this idea, he put himself first. Ha ha ha!! How pathetic! He sometimes is cool, stylish, with class. But this is just not class. OK, I agreed actors have so much influence on people. According to me, they can be allowed to come alone in the end in a group and show their gratitude to the entire community of arts and fine arts and just get the hell out of the video. There are so many South Indian Carnatic artists who host concerts across the world, propagating Indian culture and tradition across the whole world and there are so many positive vibes because of them. They show only Yesudas. Ya, he is legendary, but I expected others to be honoured. I think, one night, Amitabh sent an email to a bunch of people he knew and they shot with whoever turned up the next morning.

    There were few parts in the video which I really liked.
    Rahman, Shivmani, Anoushka, Salman Khan (I wish he was wearing a kurta) and probably some more but I cannot remember and I don’t have the patience to watch it again.

    Punch dialogue: “Pathetic and disappointing.“

  5. You can get angry too, can't you?
    Look I was so used the earier version that almost became a daily dose for a lot of us.
    Times have changed and so has the thinking.
    I would have accepted any changes the producers have tried to bring about.
    But--what I did not like is that very conveniently, they have dropped a few Indian languages.
    But I suppose,there must have been some reason--though I will accept that for whatever it may be worth.
    More so, I am so happy that the youngsters have sarted to react,

  6. Hope one of those dropped languages is not Tamil. Otherwise Karunanidhi will have riots and demonstrations organized in Tamilnadu and let more than 500 students die....Remember elections for Tamilnadu Assembly is coming in eary 2011. This will be his trump card to win the elections.

  7. Ya, the fact that so many languages were dropped is shameful. I was very happy to see Chowla Sir's comment...

  8. Quest,

    Not worth watching it. I did not comment on the video in youtube! not worth even a negative comment!
    It indeed is overflowing with negative comments.

  9. Bikram,

    Yeah!! It seems only Movies and bollywood is India!

  10. SG,

    Angry? Yes, of course I am!
    Please watch the old video on youtube. Dont miss!

  11. Gautam,

    thank you. I second each word of yours. Nothing more to add. You extended my post. :-)

  12. Chowlaji,

    :-) Yes, I did lose my cool after watching that nonsense yesterday!
    They conveniently dropped few languages to promote Bollywood! didn't they?
    Changes are inevitable, but this is not change, this is something else stupid!!

    I am so surprised that you mentioned you will accept that; but I am not able to!
    Glad!1 :-)

  13. SG,

    Not Tamil. Sindhi is dropped.
    Tamil is represented by movie stars Vikram and Surya
    I would have been happy if Mr. Karunanidhi was in the video! :-P

  14. Gautam,

    Yup! Modify according to your convenience was the mantra it seems

  15. you are right..Reel life heroes are NOT Real life heroes!!..they are rather zeroes..I couldnt even listen to this fully..its more of a bollywood drama..really we are fed up of watching the same stars allt he time everywhere.

  16. You might want to read this review --

  17. why are we blaming the film stars here? they even dance in weddings like begani shadi me abdulla diwana for money..when the original rights of this song were sold, there should have been few conditions about not changing the theme; or not to drop the languages already there; rather include a few more..

    the original video will always be special..there was no need of a re-make according to me..

  18. Yes,I said that,but don't forget more important than that was when I said that now the youngsters like yourselves have started to react.---that will bring about the change

  19. I agree with you totally. I was wondering is it because, I belong to an older generation and feeling like that. But my son and nephew were the first ones to comment about the poor quality.

    In the older version they followed Raga Brindavan Saranga and it was quite soothing . Not sure if such a thing is followed in the present version.

    There are so many singers why Yesudas and HIS son. Will others ever get any opportunity. I am a fan of Yesudas but do not understand the logic of using HIS son , when so many talented youngsters are there in Kerala.

    So many other prominent people from other fileds are left out.

    Want to add one more thing, many may disagree...
    The school in my locality plays AR Rehman's Vande Mataram every morning. I don't have any thing against this highly talented, humble person. I feel children must learn Vande Mataram the older Version , let them adopt the new versions if they like later. Now I am afraid whether our National Anthem will change or get Bollywoodised.
    Sorry for taking this much space. I also want to vent my feelings.

  20. Not seen it yet. But what i hear,
    Unki koshish sur milaane ki
    bilkul bekaar ho gayi hai.
    Hope they take it off air soon.

  21. Antarman,

    Yes. Its high time they realize how dumb it was

  22. Hi lostworld,

    thanks much for the link. The person has exhaustively commented about the song. Maybe he watched it over and over again. I am fed up with just once!! :-)

  23. Neha,

    Right!! But those bollywood stars are learned folks...those musicians are cultured. they just use it as a medium to promote themselves!! Sad

  24. Hi Chowlaji,

    :-) Thanks much. Yes, thats important. As chitra has commented, the younger generation seem to not accept it even an iota. thats positive! :-)

  25. Hi chitra,

    Thats nice to know, we wont tolerate stupidity.
    Forget following any raga, they are modulating and pushing in lingo used by individual stars
    E.g Aamir uses "Kya?" in a Mumbaiyya way as he does in the song "aati kya khandala"

    You are always welcome to share your thoughts. Thats pathetic!! The school plays ARR's Vande Mataram?
    What are they teaching the kids????

  26. Holy Lama,

    Not worth seeing. Please dont watch!

  27. Insignia

    I really dont blame Bollywood fraternity for this. They have done good job. Sold them selves.


    though Its not good too that great music maestros are involved in this.
    Shame on the creator of this piece.

  28. Good that you highlighted this in your post...I was too annoyed to even write something. The video was hopeless and so was the quality of the song. How could they play with the song. They have hurt the sentiments of many especially those who have grown up hearing the older version of the song. I hope it goes off air now

  29. Hi!!
    I completely totally agree with you on this...
    The bollywood biggys needed some way to show that they still care for india and this is the pathetic way they thought would do just that AND get them a lil publicity too at the same time PATHETIC.
    So many languages were dropped... even those who were included they were sung by the wrong ppl...
    Tamil done by Surya and Vikram??? they completely ignored Mr.Rajnikanth.. are the above to bigger than him???(that is to say if they are considering only filmstars as the pride of India!!!!)
    For once cricketers were left out!(sad though... as the likes of Sachin, Kapil dev etc have taken Indian cricket to another level)
    And the traditional dances!!!!
    only Bharatnatyam?? India has such beautiful dance forms but all they could show was shiamak dawar doing some stupid looking funny steps that are not even indian in origin!!!???
    Vishwanathan anand, our snookeer and billiards champions.. there are so many...
    our armed forces were put in towards the end of it... so sad..
    this song televised all throughout the day on zoom... wud it have been d same if so many film stars werent there in it??
    And all stars looked as if they were singing some love song.. all dopey look... no patriotism at all....
    pretty long comment but am really angry... totally spoiled the spirit of 60 yrs of republic...

  30. *Clap clap clap*
    Exactly my thoughts. I seethed with rage when I saw that video. Should thank you for writing this post.
    Everything has been said and done, so whatever I say now would just be cliche. One thing though. A song regarding 'Unity in diversity' has never been sucked liked this. Perhaps this is the only song that has ever sucked. Shame on those who made it.
    Excellent post.

  31. I was enraged , I was fuming when I saw that video. How dare they spoil such a beautiful concept? It is ironic that more than 20 years back, with limited money and even more limited technology, they achieved something so beautiful and now some weirdo from Bollywood had to spoil it for us. Where are the real stars? Our sportsmen, our dancers and singers and our artisans? Some jokers from various movie industries tried to be like rock stars and manged to make fools of themselves. Shame.

  32. Makk,

    They are so insane that they sell themselves for anything!!
    Shame on all who were part of this bunkum

  33. Gayathri,

    I wanted to vent more, but didnt want to eat up your comment space.
    I decided to write my views; so fuming I was. I sincerely hope they take it off air.

  34. Tanmaya,

    Thank you for the comments and dont mind about the length of the comment.
    I go with you; its totally nonsense and they have mucked up the old song.
    We can go on and on scolding them, but I am sure we will still seethe.
    such is the damage.

  35. Karthik,

    I couldnt stop myself from writing the post after seeing the video.
    Its mucked up big time!

    Thank you, hope they do something about it

  36. Aparna,

    Exactly!! Its a shame on them, the producers, the people who took part, the director, the composer and Zoom for flaunting it

  37. You are so very right!!!
    I watched it right after reading this post!
    It sucks n sucks big time!!
    Dunno from where this whole idea of getting the bollywood brigade bloomed and the end result is there to see...The beautiful classic has withered like yuck...!!
    Hate em all for making this...!!!

  38. I guess there is choice as well. to switch channels !


  39. Same thoughts... fed up of the BOllywood overdose.

    But I would like to add a small point which I mentioned at Gayathri's blog. We all want to see Dr. Kalam in the video, but he is a former President and is it apt asking him to act and sing on a private video album even if the idea is noble? NO.

    Still, even if God Almighty was present in the video, it still sucks...big time.

  40. Hi Jaunty,

    Oh!! why did you take the pain of watching it at all? Dont know what all those folks had on their mind when they did this?

  41. Kavi,

    :-) I didnt watch it on TV yet!! I will never watch. Just watched once on youtube and that was enough :-)

  42. Hi scorpiogenius,

    Welcome to B Log. I totally agree with your point. Just so right. We cant expect great honorable people like Dr. Kalam or any Ex-PM to be part of a song and dance. When I mentioned these people, I didnt expect them to be there singing or dancing. Their portrait was enough!! Dont you think so? In that 16 odd minutes of drama, didnt they find 30 seconds to show clips of great men and women of our country, or to show clips of our achievements like the moon mission? All they did was allocate 1 minute in the end for the Indian Defence force and sports personality.


  44. Also, I presented you a Superior Scribbler Award, but I see you already have it! :)

  45. AS,

    Yes, no writer, no scientist, no artists....waste one

  46. Hi Bhavesh,

    Most of us love the old one :-)
    Thanks much for the award. It was an honor. Yeah! I have already received it, so what? I will receive it from you also...again!!

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