Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is this Summer or Spring?

Summers coming along well. The days are hot, longer and sweaty. The breeze blows hot, the sun seems to show no mercy. Any amount of liquid doesnt satisfy the thirst, beads of sweat falling on the dry hot earth......

 But there's something that brings a smile on your face and wish the summers prolong. Yeah, really!!! Thats why they say "A silver lining in the cloud".

The colorful lively flowers, the trees have shed their leaves, all barren, but the flowers give so much of life to them.
Is this why they say NOTHING IS LOST. You could learn so very much just by seeing them.

I see these beautiful views while commuting to my office everyday. It makes me happy, and wish the summers stay just for these.


  1. Excellent post. Nice pictures. And, the way you describe will make all of us to enjoy summer. You have a way of describing. I like that.

  2. I love these pink/yellow/purple flowers blooming in Bangalore nowadays. Makes my day!!!:-) Thanks for sharing. I wanted to click pictures & never got around to doing it.

  3. do I again need to say I loved the clicks?

    the last one - you know my views about that already; don't you? and I loved the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and of course the last - the most closely followed by 4th, 5th and 7th.. :P

  4. Beautiful Pics....Summer will be staying Insignia.

    Happy Hot Days!...oops ..;)..and nights as well.


  5. SG,

    Thanks a ton. Glad you liked the pictures, they are so refreshing. And yeah, glad you liked my description as well. Take everything lightly, summer is blazing here, but thats what I am doing, taking it in a positive manner

  6. lostworld,

    you forgot the white and the orange and the red :-D I really enjoy them too. I will feel sad when they go away. Try clicking some pictures and share with us :-)

  7. Neha,

    thanks dear. :-) you are generous :-P
    Oh yeah, I know how much you liked the last one. My first attempt at some effects.

    Errrr...what sort of ordering is that Neha? :-D

  8. Makk,

    Yes, they are here to stay for a couple more months. Thank you...wishing you the same :-)

  9. Hey Insignia, first of all, I have to ask you that in which city do you live? Because they are the scenes which I see here in my city too...Are the summers same everywhere? :)
    Nice post and wonderful shots again!

  10. A set of beautiful pictures.
    Very interesting

  11. Megha,

    I live in Bangalore. Seems summers are same everywhere :-P

    Thank you, glad you liked it

  12. Dear Insignia,

    Though it is hot, summer is beautiful any where. It is also called as "VASANTA KALAM" the season for blooming.

    I loved the last photograph.

    Enjoy the nature.

  13. Oh..Insignia!!

    silver lining in the cloud..!!!
    These summers are going to be terrible...the way heat is catching up...but these pictures really lend me a sigh of relief..that things will still be beautiful no matter what!!:)

    Lovely post!

  14. Nice pics...as SG it would make us love summer...but honestly I am so disgusted with this heat that I am singing the song atithi tum kab jaoge...summer tum kab jaoge :)

  15. clicks la ungala pathi solanuma? neenga kalakal.... nice njoying summer...so is here :)

  16. Beautiful pics.. make sure u send some this way tooo... we need that weather here sooon... You are becoming a professional i see :)

  17. Naidu sir,

    Very true. Glad you liked the picture. Thank you.

  18. Jaunty,

    Exactly!! They bring a smile on your face even though the sun is blazing!!

  19. Gayathri,

    Hahahahaha..It will go at the right time :-P

  20. Hary,

    Roamba thanks pa. :-) enjoy summer :-)

  21. Bikram,

    Sure will courier them to your place. And yeah professional you said?? Loooong way to go

  22. Beautiful shots Insignia. I am sure your trips to office are colourful

  23. temme if u would like to hate summer.. the place to visit shd be raipur..
    nice pics btw..

  24. Chitra,

    welcome back :-) Thanks, you bet!!! my trips are really colorful, not only to office but everywhere around Bangalore

  25. Vishnu,

    Heheehehehe, I dont want to hate anything!!! paavam summer.. Adhu paatukku irunthuttu pohattumaey...

    Thanks, glad you liked the pics

  26. THose big trees with blooms all over, giving shade and a respite to the eye- how longer do we see cities like this. Overnight they are chopped to make way for wider roads, metro rail and what not. They cut the branches, humiliate the tree, wrap it with silver foil to show festive mood or decide it blocks the view for a swanky mall and down it goes.

  27. Holy Lama,

    I agree with you. Until then, let us enjoy whatever is left out!!

  28. Hello Insigna...enjoyed your post completely,your pictures and your description compliment each other.Thanks for sharing this silver-lining with us.

  29. Kavitha,

    Welcome to B Log. Thanks much, I am so glad you liked the post and the pictures. My pleasure. keep visiting.

  30. Thanks kish :-) glad you liked them :-)

  31. Photography..
    U are so good at it.
    Lovely pics..
    I think its both..:)



  32. Nipun,

    :-D Thank you. Hope you liked all the pictures. I am learning actually. I want to be better. :-)

  33. Nice pictures. If you wish to see Spring in my part of the world


    Few spring pictures I have on Home.

  34. Thanks A. I did visit this post of yours and have left a comment. Gorgeous street you have :-)


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