Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why do people laugh?

Well, I am sane and not a zombie. I am laughing regularly; morning, noon and night. I am also laughing during mid-morning and late noon.

So why the question? I just observed a father and his teenage son on the way while commuting. My thought process kicked then. Why do people laugh? Obviously, laughter is the expression for happiness and joy.

And why do people feel happy and gay? Not GAY but gay :-D So did you laugh now? If yeah, you are perfectly normal, if you did not, please consult a psychologist.

Yeah, whoever laughed, it was because the statement was humorous. Obvious!! What a big deal?

Have you noticed how laughter comes to our rescue when you do a mistake? A blunder? You ride on the wrong side of the road, people abuse you and show fingers at you. You laugh at your foolishness.

You are almost on the verge of entering the restroom meant for opposite genders. Such a dangerous thing!! You realise your folly and then laugh about it.

Yeah, talking about the man and his teenage son, they were trying to cross the road, then stopped. They were undecided and when they walked across, vehicles came to a screeching halt. The father and the boy laughed coyly while the drivers frowned.

We do laugh when we are in deep sorrow. Yeah!! right! have you ever experienced it? You laugh, and then think if you have gone mad!!

Oh!! who can forget that open heart loud laugh which is contagious. You laugh your gut out at a joke, continue laughing for a long time, actually forgetting why you started laughing in the first place.

Ohhhhhh!!! Hmmm......when someone tickled you. you laugh...laugh until tears flow out.

We would laugh when tickled by someone known to us, but not definitely if a stranger does it. So laughter is related to personal relationships. 

And yes, your boss laughs more than you. Your wife laughs more than you. So its the dominant individuals who laugh most.

Here are few interesting facts about laughter.

1. Human beings are only species capable of laughter, and an average adult laughs about 17 times a day.
2. Laughing 100 times is equivalent to about 10 minutes of exercise on a rowing machine.
3.We use 17 muslces to smile and 43 muslces to frown, so its easier to laugh.

So to laugh now, a cute little story.

There were two brothers, aged 6 and 8. They were very naughty and inflicted damages around in the neighborhood. Everyone believed they were the reason when the windows broke, or when the cars were damaged or the potted plants pulled out or if something was lost. A priest upon knowing the problem offered to solve it. He asked these two brothers to meet him. When they went to meet him in his room, he asked the younger one to stay and the elder one to come back later. When they were alone, he asked the boy calm but stern 

"Where is God?"

The boy was silent, he again repeated strictly "Where is God?"

He waited for a while and then went close to the boy, his nose almost touching the boy's nose and shouted "Where is God?"

The kid ran away as fast as he could and searched for his elder brother. The brother was shocked to see his sibling with fear and asked "What happened? What did the priest say?"

The younger boy replied; "Something terrible has happened".

The elder one asks "What happened?"

The boy replies "God is missing and they think we are the reason behind it". 


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  2. Excellent post. We all know laughter is the best medicine. And, you have done a lot of research on this subject. Kudos to you.

    Priest and a young boy in the same room? With all the news we read about priests nowadays, I will be nervous to leave a young boy alone with a priest.

  3. interesting post..why do we laugh? I don't know about the general reason behind it; but I can lugh on anything and everything very easily (mind you; not that girlie girlie giggles; but actual loud and clear laugh)..

    loved the post and the anecdote :D

  4. Research work is on...:)
    Why do we Laugh??
    Ample reasons given by u.
    Do a PhD on this.



  5. insignipedia is back :) i liked the post but more than that i liked the new looks awesome. Please keep this one....

  6. SG,

    Thank you. No research SG, just some observations :-)
    Yeah the news about priest apart, i hope you liked the story.

  7. Neha,

    Thanks. i just hate the girly giggles. Laugh tho shaan se :-D

  8. Nipun,

    Hahahaha not research, just observations.
    PHd...hmm good idea :-D

  9. Gayathri,

    Lol!!! insigniapedia?? :-D

    Hey thanks gal, I loved the new template too..funky right? :-D

  10. Laughter Oh yes I laugh Cause I love it.. and I remember someone use to say I looked food when i laugh.. he he he he :)

    I remember my grandad we hardly saw him laugh he was strich but when he laughed BOY the whole neighbourhood knew about it ..

    Here in office we have a lady who shakes the office windows .. I dont know how the next door take it :)

    I am enjoying these past week or so because been laughing a lot and am feeling JOVIAL and SMILY ..

    And Yeah i agree that we do laugh when we are in sorrow, I have felt it a lot many times ... and oooh dangerous crossing the road and laughing in middle of road...

  11. First of all, I love this template. Super superrr cool!!!!:) :) I just came back from a holiday with 3 of my friends & guess what- we were laughing nearly 25 times a day. We drove the driver insane !!!:D :D Liked the post, the picture & the story!

  12. thanks for spreading a smile
    nice article

  13. Hey, I never think before I laugh...:) But yes, again a good question! Sometimes we laugh to hide our embarrassment...Isn't it? Nice post again!

  14. I am here again to mention- A beautiful template...I liked it!

  15. You will find me smiling usually.

    Reason or NO reason...No matters.

    I love almost all form of smiles and laugh.

    Nice post and template is indeed nicer.

    Keep smiling.

  16. Bik,

    Hahahaha thats nice. Laugh a lot :-)

  17. lostworld,

    Thanks much lady!! I loved this template's color and contrast too.
    Laughing 25 times a day...hmm thats way above average. But glad, laughing is good.

  18. Megha,

    Yup!! never think before laughing. Laughing is anyways good. Thank you.
    Glad you liked the template :-)

  19. Makk,

    Thats awesome. Smile, laugh spread joy.
    Thank you, glad you liked the template too. :-)

  20. Thnx a ton!!
    M in debt..:)
    50 up for my blog..:)



  21. Hearty laugh is all the answer to all the ills.

  22. ooooo no wonder i crave for laughter so much!!!! i can laugh like 10 mins without a joke!

  23. Dominant laugh more ? hmm ! Well, it depends on who has the last laugh !

    Most times the dominant dont last !


    Now that was a joke !

  24. Nipun,

    :-) oh wow!! congrats :-) Hit a century soon!!

  25. Kavi,

    Hehehehehe that was a good one!! The last laugh is the dominant laugh :-P

  26. My dear Insignia,

    This new template is very beautiful in B&W.

    Yes, I believe, laughter is the best medicine.

    I really like the answer given by the younger boy to his brother and the way the mischievous guy understood the priest's query:

    "God is missing and they think these two guys are the reason behind it".

    Very beautiful, keep laughing and make other to laugh whole heartedly. It keep us healthy.

  27. Naidu sir,

    Thank you. I am very glad you liked the new template. Oh yes, that story, the boy was all in innocence.

    Yeah sir, sure will try my best :-)

  28. i think we still cant recognise the animal laugh.just delude and tell that only humans

  29. soin,

    I have the same idea here. They laugh too :-) Or at least they smile. I can recognize when a dog or cat smiles :-D

  30. Awesome Template....This post made me realized what I missed when i was out of touch from this blogosphere....and I am glad I returned back on time :)
    Grt Grt Post !!

  31. Pratik,

    Welcome back. Thanks much, glad you liked the template. And its a great feeling when you can get someone to smile.



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