Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The King Arrives

I traveled to Kerala last weekend. Will write about it in my next post. That morning when we started our drive to Kerala, we decided to have breakfast at a restaurant on the outskirts of Bangalore. That place has varieties of birds as pets, hens, turkeys, parrots.....

I decided to take few pictures of the turkeys and other birds. They are amazing birds, resilient and prolific. The Tom Turkey(male) has a bright red fleshy wattle which protrudes from its forehead.

I took few pictures when one of them was roaming around and later went near the cage where parrots were kept to take few pictures. I turned around to see a Tom Turkey in FULL PLUMAGE DISPLAY. It was strutting proudly, magnificent walk, in all glory with fanned tail and fluffed feathers. It was as if The King Arrived.

I was astonished and fascinated and immediately started clicking few pictures. But as I was clicking, I was constantly walking backwards as this bird was strutting towards me. It was a majestic sight. After a couple of minutes, I got really scared when it came close by. I thought its a strategy to scare foreign bodies and decided to leave it alone.

Just sometime back, i wanted to confirm if they were in full display to scare or was there some other reason. The real reason is this - The display is a MATING display. :-S They strut proudly for the hens, and the wattle turns a bright red during this mating display. Observe the picture again.

So did this creature think I WAS A HEN? And was he trying to seduce me??? :-S

Dear me!!


  1. what she telling kadhai.. unrelated-loved that ao track by this name..gethu bgm for the movie..free

  2. That was super. You must be a beautiful and charming lady. That turkey immediately realized that when he saw you. Therefore, probably he thought he could get lucky with you. I am sure he must have been disappointed when he learnt you were not interested. (If you were interested, you would not have written this post. ha ha ha.)

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  4. i thought ayarathil oruvan padam mathiri... yapa... konjam effect too much analum enjoyable!

  5. Mating?
    This is the first time I am seeing a Turkey live.Till now, I seen them only on the dinner table ,especially during X'mas.

  6. I think you love the turkey too..no wonder you clicked him this way :P and they are kinda nice right? the king kinda looks will at least give you a queen status :D

  7. Heyy by only looking on them (in this pic)..its evident they are in mating positing. ;)

    and making he was teaching you ,,or reminding you some thing,,,lolzzzz

    I hope you got your omen...:)

    Keep Mat...err I mean meeting :)

  8. soin,

    Kadhai alla nijam :-)
    Not unrelated at all. I could think of the BGM from AO seeing this turkey strut!! Magnificent, proud and prolific. Adhaan this title.

  9. The males always got to showoff to get the FEMALE...
    it should be other way round :)

    BUt turkeys make good Food too on christmas yummy...... :)

    he he he

    Well that you got to tell Did he try to seduce you .. :)

  10. SG,

    Thanks kind of you. But I feel that Tom turkey was really desperate :-S or maybe the skirt I wore...was maroon and flowing. It got confused :-)

    Interested??? I was scared!!

  11. Hary,

    You wont really understand the magnitude unless you witnessed it.

    That creature was in full glory and all proud. Have you seen a bird being proud? I witnessed it. It was flaunting itself.

    I have underplayed describing it actually :-)

  12. Chowla sir,

    :-) Oh oh!! unlucky you. See it live someday.

  13. Neha,

    What do you mean??? :-P
    How on earth would I know its gesture!!!!

    Yeah, if it was really trying me, then I was the queen :-D

  14. Makk,

    You are smart!! just by looking at the picture, you got it.
    I did not understand until I googled it.


  15. Bik,

    Its always that way in the animal kingdom :-) Males must try hard. :-)
    I do not know if they make good food, but if you say so.

    What do you think? I think yes, he was trying to. :-)

  16. My God! Sounds scary alright! Kudos for standing there and clicking those pics..i would have fled! ;)

  17. Obviously!!! The turkey knew it would not only get photographed by you, but also merit a worthy mention in your blog!

  18. Destiny's Child,

    :-) Hehehehehe yeah i did get scared. But worth it. I was so close to the turkey at one point :-)

  19. lostworld,

    If that was all the intention of the turkey, well and good. :-)

  20. the original one with parthiban was gethu.after a long time a range scene in tamizh cinema. poty loop holes in that film.more period dramas please..free

  21. Lovely Kind Turkey.

    Beautiful combination of black, red and purple. Majestic in live and tasty on dining table.

    Peacock male also having the same nature of exhibiting the beauty of its tail while attracting the partner.

  22. Royal walk towards the charming princess :)

  23. soin,

    yes, it was and I too observed lot of loopholes and there was no continuity in some scenes.

    But worth watching once :-)

  24. Naidu sir,

    Thanks. Exactly, the behavior was similar to peacock

  25. chitra,

    :-D Thanks much for calling me "charming princess"... Yeah i dont know if I were a princess but the walk of the turkey was definitely royal :-)

  26. will be great if you manage to post more pics.
    thanks for sharing

  27. Hi sm,

    Thank you. Will put more pictures from my trip in my next post

  28. From this post the indirect conclusion should be that you are a chick-en? :D

  29. hahaha...imagining what it must be thinking...arre meri hen aa gayi...naa jaane mujhe ajeeb nighaon se kyun dekh rahi hain :)

    The pic was awesome...waiting for your description now :)

  30. Quest,

    Thanks much for your compliment :-D

  31. Gayathri,

    Whooa I suppose it was just thinking that. I got excited seeing the creature that close and in full display..Maybe it misinterpreted me :-P

  32. Hahaha...your seductive powers extend to the skies as well! :D

  33. wow what kind of hen it is looks very huge,
    yeah it is totally different from other hens

    enjoy life

    take care see you soon

  34. O, the Turkey seems to have a scientific bent of mind. He is willing to try the cross of species. And our hen dazed him with the flashbulbs ,eh?

  35. O, the Turkey seems to have a scientific bent of mind. He is willing to try the cross of species. And our hen dazed him with the flashbulbs ,eh?

  36. Shaunak,

    Not fair!! I had the noble intention of clicking a picture, HE was trying to seduce!!

  37. knk,

    Its not hen, its a turkey :-)

  38. Holy Lama,

    Hahahaha, yeah right!!! And I was the culprit!

  39. Kerala is a real feast to the eyes:P

  40. Ah I guess i skipped the 'outskirts of bangalore' phrase. Nevertheless, im sure kerala was amazing:)

  41. Oh thats ok..I think you read between the lines :-P

  42. Somewhere I read you are an excellent blogger. Now I know why he said it.

    LOL. Nice one :)

  43. A,

    Thats flattering. Thank you. Glad you liked the post.


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