Friday, April 16, 2010

Taxes and Tax Breaks

This post was supposed to be on my trip to Kerala. But I got an email from a friend which had a link to an article where American Mustache Institute wants tax break. for mustached people.

Funny and weird. Here is the link - Click

The longer the mustache, the more you save money!! Oh yeah!! why not? Think of its maintenance!! Now now!! this idea is great..Even Mona Lisa would grow one....:-)

But it was just the other way during the reign of Peter the Great, the Tsar of Russia. Known to tax beehives and drinking water, he levied taxes on men who grew beard in 1705. It was an attempt to ramp up his people with modernized Europe. 

There are few weird taxes and tax breaks all over the world. I read them in a leading newspaper during our Budget. Here are few wackiest ones.

 Tax on possession of illegal drugs in the state of Tennessee.

Tax for prostitution in few countries.

Training in the fine art of WITCHCRAFT in Netherlands gives you a tax-break!!. Now who wants to be a witch!! Brooms are also tax-free!!

Swedish Tax authority has the right to decide if the names parents chose for their children is acceptable or not. Its not taxable, but they have the final say!! Weird and offensive names are NO-NO

Until recently, Germany allowed tax breaks on bribes for businesses.

Taxes on cow burps and farts in countries like Denmark because these emit more methane than car!! What if this tax were implied to human beings as well?

Tax breaks to relocate your pet...Happens in America!! :-)

Tax breaks for business meetings held in the Bermudas and the Caribbean Islands!! Exotically business!!

Swimming pool for medical purposes!! YES!!!!

Tax breaks on cat food, they kept out rodents, why not!!

Foreign nationals gambling in the US are exempt from 30% of tax on their earnings in the USA.
I didnt know this when i went to Vegas!! :-( if I would win!!

Tax breaks for sex toys in Australia....hmmmmmm..........

Decks of playing cards in Alabama gets taxed. Play and Get Taxed!!

Here are some of strangest tax laws in America

Now I have some ideas for tax breaks in India.

- Men must get tax breaks for not urinating on the road. Now how to track it??? I dont know.

- Tax breaks for not spitting on the road. Definitely.

- Tax breaks for not jostling.

- Tax breaks for using the dustbins.

- Tax breaks for following traffic rules.

- Tax breaks for following the queue.

- Tax breaks for not prompting "Adjust Please"

- Tax breaks for not groping at women in public transport.

Awwww.......I can go on and on......

Any more?


  1. first time in my life - I am speechless..and that's saying makers are indeed crazy...and about you - a pat on your back for this post..loved it :D damn hilarious it is :P

  2. Nice hilarious post. Your friend must be a weird person for having a keen interest in these important matters.

    I have a tax break for Indians. How about a tax break for not accepting money for voting.

  3. Actually; I would prefer a tax break on a few know, the separate parts of their body like brain - as they use it even when not required; their fingers as they type stuff and give opinion about stuff we don't need advise on; their hypocrite attitude and such..the list goes on and on!

  4. Haha...nice one! I'd heard of weird laws but taxes??!! These definitely took the cake!

  5. Awesome research..
    amazing facts on taxes..:)
    What if humans are charged for their emissions..hehe
    That was ROFL.



  6. Good analysis and hilarious too.

  7. There no words for such a lovely post.
    Tax break for Arnab, Sradesai, P roy for not screaming.
    Tax breaks to whistle blowers.
    Tax breaks for media to be unbiased.

  8. Neha,

    Thanks much. i am glad you liked the post a lot...You and speechless...please..your USP is talking!!!

  9. SG,

    Thank you. Thats a nice idea!!

  10. Neha,

    Lol!!!! hahahahaha...thats superb!
    Really...good idea!

  11. Shaunak,

    Thanks. these are just few..there are lot more :-)

  12. Nipun,

    Thanks much buddy!
    :-P Human beings will lose their earnings in paying the taxes then :-P

  13. Chitra,

    Thanks. Glad you liked it

  14. Chowla Sir,

    Thanks a lot. Its encouraging to get such lovely words.
    Lol!!! Exactly...Arnab started the trend. he thinks shouting means he is right.

    CNN was decent, now even they have started it!

    I have one more point. Tax breaks for the media to stop calling Breaking News when Aishwarya Rai sneezes!

  15. 1. Tax breaks for Not honking the HORN

    2. Tax breaks for Driving In lanes.

    3. Tax breaks for Following law
    4. Tax breaks for Not taking Bribes
    5. Tax break for Paying the TAX on time
    6. tax break for giving true picture of wealth

    and SO ONnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    and MANY MOREeeee...

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  17. LoL..You come up with the most whackiest of topics!! I love your blog specially for this:) Hahaha.. I hate moutaches on men. I hope men don't start thinking on those lines. Eeeeeks!!

  18. tax breaks for this post
    good post

  19. I rememeber the chap in my earlier organisation who grew a mouchtache all of a sudden !

    When quizzed by his boss, replied.. 'I had to show some growth' !


  20. lostworld,

    Thanks a ton, readers like you encourage me further :-) I dont like mustaches too....But tax breaks!!! Wacky

  21. sm,

    :-) Lol!!! Tax breaks for this post!!!! Hope thats a compliment :-)

    Thank you

  22. Kavi,

    Hahahahaha...Smart guy he was!!!

  23. Your posts are always fun to read. I come here and feel lightened up. Nice and funny anecdotes and trivia. I wish your suggestions for tax break in India would be implemented by the govt. Only then people would learn social manners and etiquette. And heavy tax should be levied on rogues harassing women in public instead of giving tax relief for not doing that.

  24. lolzzz at the weird taxes...
    the tax break proposed by you seems very much applicable :P now lets prompt them to pass a bill :D

  25. Smiles are tax free.

    Keep smiling...!

  26. This post is super-cool; I will never cut my mustache if that's the case!

    There's an award waiting for you on my post named Beautiful Blogger Award, because your blog is wonderful!

  27. Very good posting on tax breaks.

    I recommend tax breaks for Insignia for her lovely blog posts and for receiving number of blogger awards.

    Best of luck.

  28. Hi ajay,

    Thanks a lot, this is encouraging. I am glad that the posts lightens you up :-)

    Oh yeah hope at least few things are implemented

  29. Rajlakshmi,

    Thank you. Yeah hope they pass few bills :-)

  30. Makk,

    wow!!! thats awesome.. Hope they bring that into implementation, then there would be no sorrows.

  31. Bhavesh,

    Hahahahaha, its proposed in USA, hope they come up with that idea here...

    Thanks very much for the award. Its an honor :-) Will sure pick it up

  32. Naidu sir,

    Thank you and hope your recommendation works. :-) Tax breaks for me!!! I will keep writing and writing then

  33. apadi partha nama country ku infinite breaks required.. leav alone the urinating! .... weird!


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