Friday, April 9, 2010


Now, how many are already having those wicked smile :-P I see it!!
However angelic we claim we are, we would have done some harmless wicked stuffs. You bet!!! The happiness we get out of it...:-)


- When a lady bluntly rejects a friend request from a handsome hunk.

- When you inform your manager in the team meeting that he has not completed a task that YOU are depending on.

- Fill the remaining can of diet Coke with water before your colleague gets back to his desk.

- Send a mail from your friend's mail ID to the whole bunch that "I am getting married" when he is away leaving his system unlocked.

- Offer coffee mixed with salt to your guest who has dropped in unannounced, and then profusely apologize.

- Call up your colleague's cellphone in the midst of meeting and the phone sings "Kajraa re....Kajraa re"

- Give wrong directions to some one seeking directions on the road, instead of saying that you didn't know the place.

- Cut the strap of the footwear and ask your mom to buy a new pair.

- Wake up a soundly sleeping person and tell him/her that its late for work; when its actually dusk.

- Raise a false fire alarm at office and say "Oh, I accidentally pressed the switch".

Dont ask me what all I did. What all I did not do will be a shorter list :-P

Anymore to add to the lists :-P


  1. hahahahha..wicked things list? I can name 1000 wicked things I have done; recent one being - errrrr you know right? great list..and I can guess what all you must have done :D

  2. Nice one. I have done a lot of wicked things. Some mentionable. Some unmentionable. When I was in school, I used to eat, without his knowledge, the lunch brought by my friend and had this wicked smile when he opened his lunch box.


    Thats my naughtiest adventure.
    People are usually afraid of my wicked smile.
    I give it all the time when i know the truth and someone tries to fool me..:)
    It feels great u c..
    Do tell what u have done?



  4. You reminded me of my college days. I am curious now, can u tell me which of these you have not done :)

    I remember just 1 wicked thing that I did...I mixed soya sauce and water in coke bottle and served it to some of my friends...needless to say, they were spitting in all those areas where tukna mana tha :)

  5. Well, I don't even know that whether I have wicked smile or not! :)

  6. Call up a successful competitor to tell him that there is Bomb in his office while his overseas clients are with him.
    This one is true--it has happened in reality.

  7. well it seems i have list .... endless!

  8. Dear Insignia,

    Good post to laugh.

    Everyone really might have been experienced in one or other from your list.

    Today, I have called one of my superior over cellphone and I came to know he was in a meeting. I don't know what type of ring tone he is having and the situation over there. So, I also falls under this category.

  9. Good post.
    I too remember calling our guest Sapaturama when he asked me sapattacha?. I was a kid and didn't know Tamil at that time. Wicked me.

  10. ha ha ! Wicked indeed ! Have been party to some of what you mention !

    And there are a few on the list that are yet to be done. Yet to be !


  11. The one about giving wrong directions is the most wicked thing to do.
    And being The Holy Lama, sharing wicked anecdotes is strict no no:P

  12. Neha,

    :-D I know!! I know!! who can beat you? :-D
    I would love to give back the same way as you did recently :-P

  13. SG,

    Thanks. Oh sad!! The poor guy would continue starving everyday huh?

  14. Nipun,

    I will read the one for sure. Ohh have to take a photo of your wicked smile and share it with us :-)

    What all have I done? Everything that I have mentioned :-P
    And few more things! :-P

  15. Gayathri,

    Only college days? Dont you do such things anymore??
    I have done thats everything in that list :-D

    Ohh awww...soya sauce and water in coke!!!! Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  16. Chowla ji,

    You did this??? Oh my God!!! They would have definitely not taken it light :-)

  17. Hary,

    Compile the list soon :-)

  18. Naidu sir,

    Hahahaha. Thats why I always suggest people to not have caller tunes or ring tones of movie songs :-D

  19. Chitra,

    :-D I guess the guest did not eat at your home ever after :-P

  20. Kavi,

    Welcome to the club!! and please plan for the rest soon :-P

  21. Holy Lama,

    :-D yeah sad about them. But my wicked mind doesn't cease.

    You can shed of your 'Holy' tag once in a while. :-)

  22. I'd so love to be a wicked one (and I always thought I was) but have done none of the acts listed. Tchah. I don't want to be angelic
    ;-) If I had to take a pick, I'd opt for the last one. Evil grin!!

  23. lostworld,

    So angelic you are!!! The last one is so awesome one :-P Try it at your office

    :-) (wicked smile)

  24. wickeddddddddddddddd yeah the list is wickedddddd.. I ahve done some very wicked things.. when i was in hostel will take ages to write..

    I want to me more wicked.. yeah and please I too need the list of WHAT YOU HAVE NOT DONE..

    - have got rejected :( someone else was beign wicked then :)

    - OH i do that all that time telling the manager...

    - I filled in with VODKA...

    - have done this too, esepcially when at station someone forget to logout in a hurry yummmy it is ...

    - no not coffee with salt, though once we beat coffee with RUM and my friends maasi who is a Veg, drank it and was saying AAJ TASTE KAAFI ACHA HAI :)

    - wrong direction yes plenty of times..

    - Woken up people ..
    and YEah i also remeber going on our bikes, then as we come parallel to a girl riding a scooter or something say "Madam woh scooter ka aage wala , tyre ghoom raha hai".. PANIC.. the girl stops and starts to look he hehehe

    or call a rickshaw wala and say "BHaiya rickshaw khaali hai".. "haanji sahib".. "PATHAT BHAR LO YAAR" and plenty more.. :)

    made me smile the artile :)

  25. like pic
    about water mixing in coke just imagine the friends face after he drinks it

  26. he he... total fun... here's what i'd been up to:

    1 - replace my friend's vodka glass with water when he visited the washroom
    2 - announced "Good News" on April fool's day and later told the victims it was a abt a paycheck i recd

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  28. Bik,

    :-) Those were some nice pranks. esp the scooter wheel :-D Thats really wicked.

    Aww, You want to know what I have not done. I have done everything on the list :-P

  29. sm,

    I did it on my colleague and he was walking around asking people why Diet coke tasted different :-S

  30. ajay,

    welcome to B Log. :-) Thanks much, its sheer fun indeed!

  31. Hi anuradha,

    welcome to B Log. Those are really 2 wicked things :-) Keep going!!!

    Please feel free to visit this space again :-)

  32. Oh! My one is asking boss for his work!! :)

  33. Bhavesh,

    Welcome back. :-) Hahahaha yes you can get immense happiness when doing that :-)

  34. Enjoyed all except the giving wrong directions..thing


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